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Juanique and Tristin Roney

In the Gutsy Health podcast, Tristin and Juanique Roney cover the topics involved in alternative health, holistic health, nutrition, diets, and medicine. They have transformed their own lives and their patient's lives by researching the best health practices and translating them into an applicable lifestyle. Their goal is to share their knowledge and help empower individuals in taking their health back into their own hands and living a better, healthier life.

  • 1 hour 1 second
    These Clinical Findings Might Uncover the Root Cause of Your Health Issues with Ashley Church

    "When seeking advice on your health journey, always check in with yourself: Does this feel true and right for your body? Don't take something just because an expert recommends it if it doesn't resonate. You know your body better than anyone."

    Are you constantly feeling "off" and exhausted, like your body isn't functioning at its best?

    Struggling to pinpoint the root cause behind your nagging symptoms that never seem to go away? 

    It’s incredibly frustrating, but this episode might help!

    We sat down with Ashley Church, one of our dedicated health coaches at Provo Health. She shed light on the most common underlying patterns we often uncover during client consultations and offered recommendations for whether you might be dealing with the same health issues.

    So if you're ready to get to the root of what's really going on and claim back your power over your health, tune in to Season 3, Episode 14 of the Gutsy Health Podcast!

    Show Highlights: 

    00:00 - Episode start

    01:15 - Ashley’s personal journey overcoming Lyme disease and mold illness

    03:39 -The importance of becoming an expert on your own health issues

    06:10 - Low protein intake as the number one most frequent issue

    12:32 - Signs that you need to optimize your digestion

    13:38 - Why so many moms have depleted amino acids postpartum

    14:50 - The negative impacts of coffee on adrenal fatigue

    17:37 - Why soda should be eliminated from the diet

    19:46 - Slowing down and deep breathing to improve carbon dioxide levels

    26:10 - Sensitivities to often overlooked/invisible disruptions like WiFi and EMFs 

    31:49 - Using a Chinese medicine approach known as the "organ clock" 

    34:18 - Signs of an underlying parasitic infection

    34:34 - The sinister, undetected impacts of mold exposure on mental health, hormones, energy

    37:25 - How COVID may increase mold sensitivities

    40:48 - The presence of mitochondrial damage from mold and long-haul COVID

    43:27 - The importance of spinal alignment and chiropractic care

    51:55 - The pitfalls of supplementing without testing first

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    14 May 2024, 8:00 am
  • 46 minutes 46 seconds
    Discover the Anti-Aging Potential of Human Growth Hormone with Dustin Baker

    "Human growth hormone is the overlooked master hormone governing metabolism, recovery, skin health, sexual function, and more. Yet low levels of its direct metabolite insulin-like factor-1 (IGF-1) are linked to diseases like Parkinson's, diabetes, and erectile dysfunction.

    Science is constantly searching for ways to age gracefully.

    While bioidentical hormones like estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone receive considerable attention, there is one that is much lesser known: Human Growth Hormone (HGH).

    In this episode, Juanique Grover speaks with Dustin Baker, President of BioProtein Technology and BioPro+. They explore the science behind HGH, why it's only gaining traction now, and how it might offer a solution with fewer side effects than traditional hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

    Find out if this hormone can improve the quality of life for women going through perimenopause or menopause and for older men too! 

    Could HGH contain the fountain of youth? Tune in to Season 3, Episode 13 of the Gutsy Health Podcast!

    Show Highlights: 

    00:00 - Episode start
    00:27 - A brief introduction on Dustin Baker and how he got into the medical space
    05:18 - What is human growth hormone, and why is it important?
    07:27 - Its main difference from peptides and why that distinction matters 
    13:46 - Issues with manipulating hormone function and the need for a safer approach
    16:41 -  The growth factor responsible for cell differentiation and multiplication
    17:13 - We have this growth factor to thank for keeping our skin plump and youthful
    18:23 - Explore other key factors for improving physical performance and overall health
    21:54 - Testing Insulin-Like Factor-1 (IGF-1) for hormone imbalance and disease risks
    24:19 - Weighing the pros and cons of different IGF-1 options 
    31:01 - A non-synthetic alternative to traditional hormone replacement therapy injections
    39:30 - Who might not be suitable for the BioPro+ approach?
    40:57 - Potential benefits like improved sexual function and energy levels in both men and women

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    7 May 2024, 9:00 am
  • 46 minutes 4 seconds
    Can Blood Sugar Management Impact Autoimmunity, PCOS, and Metabolic Dysfunction? with Emily Johnson of Veri

    Show Summary: 

    “Up to 75% of women with PCOS also struggle with insulin resistance. This undeniable link suggests that managing blood sugar through diet, stress reduction, and potentially with a CGM can significantly improve symptoms like irregular periods and pain.”

    If you're an avid Gutsy Health Podcast listener, you know we often discuss how healing starts in the gut.

    But there's one pervasive issue that can sabotage even the healthiest gut - blood sugar dysregulation. 

    It can lead to insulin resistance, diabetes, and a whole host of imbalances.

    That's why we’re thrilled to welcome Emily Johnson, a Registered Dietitian specializing in blood sugar and metabolic health, to the show today! As the Research Lead at Veri, Emily has seen how continuous blood glucose monitoring can help those struggling with PCOS, unexplained infertility, autoimmune diseases like Hashimoto's, and other chronic issues driven by metabolic dysfunction.

    In this episode, we're exploring the connection between autoimmunity, blood sugar, and hormonal imbalances and how they all work together. 

    Ready to take control of your health? Tune in to Season 3, Episode 11 of the Gutsy Health Podcast!

    Show Highlights: 

    00:00 - Episode start

    00:45 - How Emily’s passion for clinical nutrition research led her to Veri

    03:58 - The five key markers of metabolic health

    08:34 - Why you may be insulin resistant without even knowing it

    11:58 - Who should consider using a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM)? 

    19:36 - How metabolic issues can lead to cortisol spikes, inflammation, and autoimmune conditions

    20:46 - The shocking way stress hijacks your blood sugar levels

    26:13 - How a sedentary lifestyle may be damaging the body from the inside out

    27:48 - The critical role of movement and physical activity in improving insulin sensitivity

    28:59 - Decoding your body's unique response to diet and lifestyle using CGM data

    31:03 - The unexpected way blood sugar impacts your hormones

    34:04 - The leading causes of death in the U.S. and how monitoring biomarkers allows taking control of health

    36:42 - Why CGMs so are valuable for those with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)

    40:32 - Is PCOS just about blood sugar, or are there other lifestyle factors?

    42:49 - How Veri is more than just a CGM; it also unlocks personalized metabolic insights 

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    Find out more about Veri on:

    Use discount code if you’re interested in j

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    30 April 2024, 11:00 am
  • 53 minutes 43 seconds
    Understanding Thyroid Problems Beyond Blood Tests and Unlocking Optimal Thyroid Function

    The thyroid is an all-day energy source that acts like a dimmer switch turning your body's power up or down. So if something feels off despite "normal" results, it's important to question that. Remember that thyroid disease is about symptoms rather than just blood tests.”

    Have you been told your thyroid levels are "normal" but still feel lousy?

    Wondering why so many people struggle with undiagnosed thyroid issues today?

    Curious about the hidden thyroid disruptors you should be aware of?

    Join us for an eye-opening episode where we delve into the world of thyroid health! Dr. Jeff Wright shares insightful information and reveal the often-overlooked reasons behind the current thyroid crisis. From the immune system to stress and sex hormones, Dr. Wright connects the dots and guides you on optimizing your thyroid function beyond surface-level symptom treatment.

    Whether you're seeking solutions for ongoing thyroid struggles or simply want a better understanding of this vital gland, this episode is a must-listen!

    Stay tuned until the end for a special treat - learn how to sign up for Dr. Wright's free Thyroid Class. Tune in now to Season 3, Episode 11.

    Show Highlights: 

    00:00 - Episode Start

    01:52 - Introducing Dr. Wright’s upcoming in-depth master's program in the Gutsy Academy

    05:37 - Find out why a thyroid crisis exists in our world today

    08:47 - The hidden dangers in your iodized salt that could be sabotaging your thyroid

    09:49 - Why subclinical thyroid issues are often missed 

    11:10 - How bromine, fluorine, and chlorine block thyroid hormone production

    12:41 - How to know if you have a thyroid problem

    14:29 - Why the standard TSH test may be misleading you about your thyroid health

    17:14 - Is it really a thyroid issue or secretly an immune system connection?

    19:02 - Can you really reverse Hashimoto's and Graves' disease? 

    20:35 - The unseen thyroid disruptors lurking in our water and food from childhood

    22:37 - How the standard American diet could be worsening thyroid issues

    23:46 - Is it fact or myth that a mother's thyroid disorder impacts the baby?

    24:35 - The three critical steps for healing autoimmune conditions

    27:02 - Tasty gluten-free substitutes that make going gluten-free a breeze

    28:10 - Living in an artificial world and the need to nurture our bodies

    29:28 - Decoding your thyroid bloodwork - TSH, T3, T4, and reverse T3 explained

    32:28 - The significance of reverse T3 levels

    35:05 - Stress as a major factor in worsening Graves' disease

    37:17 - The impact of modern, fast-paced lifestyles on our nervous systems

    42:18 - Why fixing your cortisol has to come before healing your thyroid condition

    45:04 - The connection between sex hormones and the thyroid

    51:37 - Blood tests not being the best marker for B12 levels and cellular absorption

    54:34 - Dr. Wright’s final advice for those struggling with thyroid issues

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    23 April 2024, 11:00 am
  • 53 minutes 52 seconds
    Accessing the Deeper Spiritual Layers of Healing with Kristi Worful

    “Our soul is with us in every moment, seeing our ups and downs, holding love and compassion. And when we courageously tap into this part of ourselves, an entire world of possibilities, connection, and fulfillment opens up.”

    Tired of trying various treatments, diets, and medications but still not getting complete relief from your symptoms? 

    Wondering if there's an unseen energetic component to illness that modern medicine ignores?

    Could addressing past issues or unresolved trauma be the key to finding the underlying cause of your condition?

    If these questions resonate, then you’re in the right place. 

    Join us this week as we speak with Kristi Worful, founder of The SANGA School of Transformational Arts and Sciences. Kristi shares why it can be challenging to unlock the soul piece in our healing journey, and the obstacles that may be preventing us from making progress. She also guides us toward understanding the root cause of our issues and how to access our higher selves to initiate true, inside-out healing. 

    We believe in bridging science and soul to offer a more holistic mind-body-spirit perspective to healing. Tune in now to listen to the episode and learn more!

    Show Highlights: 

    00:00 - Episode start

    03:55 - Why healing the soul feels like a struggle

    06:21 - Signs that our body is trying to communicate with us when it’s disconnected from the soul

    12:15 - Why deep healing can bring up painful emotions and physical sensations

    13:43 - How ingrained patterns can block us from connecting with our authentic selves

    18:49 - True creation can only come from a place of peace

    21:57 - The different stages of self-awareness and awakening

    25:42 - Moving from survival to questioning our limiting beliefs and conditioning

    28:01 - Exploring our authentic selves without fear of judgment

    29:49 - Why doing things that don't spark joy can lead to low emotional states

    34:36 - Expressing our higher self and using our gifts to serve the world 

    37:36 - The importance of community and collaboration 

    38:25 - The stage of true alignment with yourself, your purpose, and humanity

    41:09 - Why facing our true selves can be uncomfortable but empowering

    42:59 - Seeing illness as a teacher and a catalyst for personal growth 

    45:22 - Practical steps to get you started on your healing journey

    53:29 - Finding your unique path to healing 

    58:58 - The deepest form of love and connection you can experience

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    17 April 2024, 9:00 am
  • 1 hour 2 minutes
    Navigate the Fertility, Pregnancy, and Postpartum Journey With Confidence with Lily Nichols

    “Crucial minerals like iron, copper, zinc, and iodine are needed during fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum breastfeeding. They play vital roles in red blood cell production, thyroid function, breast milk quality, and overall maternal and fetal health.”

    Are you feeling confused by all the conflicting pregnancy diet advice out there?

    Unsure which nutrients are truly vital for boosting your fertility? Or perhaps feeling anxious about postpartum recovery?

    Take a deep breath. This episode might provide the answers you need!

    Joining us on the Gutsy Health Podcast is Lily Nichols, a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, Certified Diabetes Educator, researcher, and author. Together, we discuss nutrition strategies that can help aspiring moms conceive, expectant mothers nurture a healthy pregnancy, and new moms regain strength and energy postpartum.

    Discover which specific foods and supplements can boost fertility, alleviate unpleasant pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness, and provide nourishing support for yourself and your baby. Lily also shares empowering lifestyle strategies for a smoother overall pregnancy experience from conception to childbirth.

    Tune in now for a refreshingly honest conversation packed with practical wisdom for embracing every stage of your motherhood journey with more ease and nourishment.

    Show Highlights: 

    00:00 - Episode start

    01:36 - What led Lily Nichols down the path of helping women discover real food nutrition

    09:22 - Crucial dietary and supplement considerations for women trying to conceive

    11:43 - How to prepare your body for pregnancy by monitoring your menstrual cycle

    14:37 - Can being healthier before pregnancy lead to less severe morning sickness?

    16:46 - Specific foods and supplements pregnant women should focus on eating 

    18:15 - The ideal protein intake for women that could make or break fertility

    20:24 - Top prenatal vitamins and when to start taking them for best results

    22:30 - Why methylated B vitamins are a must-have in prenatal vitamins

    25:00 - Is consuming organ meats safe to consume during pregnancy despite vitamin A toxicity concerns?

    31:28 - Important minerals for fertility, pregnancy, and breastfeeding

    36:28 - Electrolytes play a bigger role in pregnancy than you might think

    39:57 - Combat nausea and food aversions with these nourishing pregnancy meal tips

    43:12 - Critical lifestyle factors that impact fertility and pregnancy success

    43:27 - Simple swaps to reduce toxin exposure at home and why movement is necessary

    50:38 - What women should focus on after giving birth

    54:54 - The importance of rest and support for new mothers

    57:56 - Increasing protein intake substantially postpartum can support breastfeeding and energy levels

    1:00:00 - Should you consider placenta encapsulation?

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    9 April 2024, 10:00 am
  • 51 minutes
    A Deeper Dive Into Mineral Balance and Heavy Metal Detoxification with Dr. Jeff Wright

    “For safe detoxification, first replenish your body with good minerals and then focus on opening elimination pathways (bowels, sweat, breath) to remove the mobilized toxins.”

    Are your mineral levels falling short, despite taking large amounts of supplements?

    What if getting enough minerals held the key to overcoming heavy metal absorption?

    You might think organic foods are safer, but could they still expose you to heavy metals?

    And is it truly possible to purge every last heavy metal from your body?

    Find out real answers in this episode! 

    Today, Dr. Jeff Wright joins us again to discuss the complex but crucial world of minerals. This topic is incredibly relevant because our modern lifestyles have led to widespread mineral deficiencies and heavy metal exposure. We'll explore why minerals are so vital for our bodies, how to ensure you're getting the minerals you need, and how to reduce your heavy metal burden.

    If you suspect you're mineral deficient or simply want to boost your mineral intake for better nourishment, you won't want to miss this! Tune in to Episode 8 of Season 3 today! 

    Show Highlights: 

    00:00 - Episode Start

    02:15 - Discover why minerals are absolutely crucial cofactors that power your body's most vital functions

    03:56 - Get an insider peek at an upcoming must-attend class on a key hormone influencer

    04:24 -Could this surprising mineral be boosting your iron absorption?

    05:27 - Weigh the importance of balanced mineral antagonists like zinc and copper 

    06:52 - Dive into the major mineral pairs that need to be balanced, like sodium/potassium, copper/zinc, magnesium/calcium

    09:41 - Is your typical diet out of balance? Learn how to optimize these minerals

    11:38 - Uncover why widespread mineral deficiencies have become so common in modern times 

    13:41 - Learn about the misguided push to restrict salt (sodium) intake for everyone

    18:57 -  Find out why Dr. Wright prefers getting potassium from food sources like bananas and coconut water over supplements

    25:20 - Distinguish trace minerals from major minerals and their crucial roles

    26:32 - Did you know the body tries to compensate for mineral deficiencies by substituting toxic heavy metals? Find out why here

    28:42 - The safe, step-by-step approach to gently detoxifying heavy metals

    31:57 - Why going straight for heavy metal detox could be a critical mistake

    38:03 - How to best test for heavy metal burden

    41:22 - Discover the advanced spectrophotometry technology (OligoScan) for rapidly measuring mineral/metal levels and why this mineral test deserves more spotlight

    46:45 - How often should you re-check your mineral and metal levels during detox

    47:39 - Get the complete picture of your mineral status with complementary tests 

    48:33 - Signs and symptoms to tell if someone is mineral-deficient or has heavy metal issues

    50:23 - Weighing the pros and cons of gentle “low and slow” approach vs aggressive approaches like chelation for detoxing heavy metals

    53:09 - Top heavy metal binders for mineral balance

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    2 April 2024, 10:00 am
  • 1 hour 10 minutes
    Reclaim Your Healing and Overcome Lyme Disease: Gutsy Health Academy Member Avery Shares Her Story

    “You can't heal from a fearful space, you can only heal from hope, self-love, and self-forgiveness. Go slow, go gentle, and respect your body, that’s when healing happens.”

    Feeling like your mysterious symptoms are being dismissed as "just anxiety" by doctors?

    Spent thousands on treatments that leave you still stuck in suffering - with no clear path forward?

    If you're tired of being passed from specialist to specialist with no real solutions, this episode is for you.

    Today's guest, Avery, takes us through her remarkable journey from enduring multiple health issues since childhood to experiencing a full-blown Lyme disease nightmare. You'll follow her transition from a confused patient to an empowered healing advocate.

    Discover how she escaped the endless, draining medical merry-go-round by tuning into her intuition about her body's needs. You'll also discover the resources, treatments, and supportive community that helped Avery finally heal.

    If you're drowning in unanswered questions about your health crisis, this conversation will reignite your hope for healing.

    Show Highlights: 

    00:00 - Episode Start

    01:51 - Avery's health journey from childhood up to her college life

    07:51 - Suffering symptoms including skin issues, anxiety, depression, and fatigue

    09:30 - How birth control for acne potentially masked deeper health issues

    10:42 - Why symptom treatment alone often fails to achieve true healing

    14:05 - Doctors dismissing potentially serious issues like Lyme disease just because they are “difficult to diagnose”

    15:06 - The link between mental health, poor diet, and inflammation

    18:02 - The turning point for Avery when she suddenly experienced severe physical pain limiting her mobility

    20:25 - The isolating nature of invisible chronic illness

    24:22 - Differentiating a stressed vs pathologically "sick" brain

    25:27 - Importance of doctor-patient collaboration and listening

    26:38 - Soft vs. hard shell hyperbaric chambers and their differing impacts

    28:13 - Advocating for yourself by trusting intuition over dismissive doctors

    32:36 - Frustration with symptom-focused medical care

    35:32 - Experiencing the benefits of hyperbaric therapy

    41:29 - Finally, a practitioner identifying key issues like Lyme and thyroid dysfunction

    43:37 - Benefiting from the support and education of the Gutsy Health membership

    57:27 - Coming up with a new treatment plan with a Lyme-literate doctor at ProvoHealth clinic

    1:01:50 - Using neurofeedback for nervous system regulation and better sleep

    1:04:23 - Neurofeedback's impact on parasite cleanse tolerance

    1:09:20 - Mindfulness practices for emotional management

    1:14:49 - Encouragement for those battling chronic illness

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    26 March 2024, 12:00 pm
  • 1 hour 42 seconds
    Become Your Own Health Advocate by Understanding the Order of Healing with Juanique Grover and Gina Worful

    “Health is easy, disease is complicated. And if you learn how to heal your body, you'll learn how to prevent disease.”

    Juggling multiple supplements and protocols for gut, hormone, and skin issues—but still not seeing the results you want?

    Feeling lost in an endless cycle of doctors leaving you more confused than when you started?

    If chronic health struggles have you wondering, "Where do I even begin?" then this episode is just what you need.

    Today, we're breaking down the scientific order of healing that has helped so many finally achieve real, remarkable health improvements after years of frustration.

    Forget chasing symptoms! This step-by-step roadmap targets the root issues in a strategic sequence that builds momentum - like a line of dominoes.

    By following this plan, you'll understand the right order and pace for your body to heal naturally. No more one-size-fits-all protocols that ignore your unique needs.

    Plus, listen until the end as Juanique and Gina offer an exclusive sneak peek and enrollment discount to the Gutsy Health Academy!

    Show Highlights: 

    00:00 - Episode Start

    01:09 - Find out Juanique's revelation that proves you don't need a fancy degree to become your own healing expert

    03:47 - Understand the science and roadmap to healing 

    08:22 - Discover how a positive mindset can boost your body's ability to heal

    10:51 - Uncover negative thought patterns that can sabotage your healing journey and identify ways to overcome them

    13:35 - Learn how to optimize your mitochondria for peak performance

    18:14 - Why incorporating colorful fruits and vegetables into your diet can fuel your cells

    19:53 - Learn how to work on your gut health for better digestion, a stronger immune system, and overall well-being

    25:24 - Explore the many functions of your liver and discover how to support optimal liver health

    29:53 - Avoid these detox mistakes and identify the signs that may require you to address gut and mitochondrial issues first

    32:12 - Discover how keeping your adrenals balanced can promote energy and prevent premature aging

    38:26 - Learn why hormones are the key to feeling your best and how to address the root cause of hormonal imbalances for lasting results

    41:39 - Uncover the hidden steps you need to take before hormone therapy can truly work its magic

    45:46 - Understand why you need to start caring about brain health much earlier than you think and discover how to keep your brain sharp and functioning optimally throughout your life

    55:14 - Get a sneak peek into the upcoming enrollment for the Gutsy Health Academy

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    19 March 2024, 10:00 am
  • 1 hour 13 minutes
    How to Utilize Essential Oils to Boost Your Immunity This Winter with Cecilia Salvesen

    “Use essential oils at the first sign of winter sickness by applying diluted oils to the neck, feet, and chest while inhaling frequently through the nostrils. Repeat three times daily to potentially stop illness in its tracks.”

    Curious about what makes essential oils so potent and effective? 

    Are they safe to use around children? 

    Perhaps you're unsure how to dilute and apply them correctly for the best results. 

    If so, get ready to learn about aromatherapy and essential oils!

    Our guest this week is Cecilia Salvesen, founder of Honestly Essentials and an essential oil expert. She'll share her knowledge on aromatherapy tools to help combat viral seasons. We'll cover the essential oil varieties that boost immunity, smart ways to blend and dilute them effectively, and tips for using them safely with your little ones.

    Listen to this episode to learn how to fight off the flu and soothe coughs and congestion during these cold months. Tune in to Episode 5 of Season 3 today!

    Show Highlights: 

    00:00 - Episode Start

    00:42 - Learn Cecilia’s close brush with death twice after childbirth, which became the catalyst for her practice in complementary medicine

    15:57 - Get tips for using essential oils to combat aggressive viral illnesses during winter

    18:19 - Understand what makes these botanical extracts so potent and effective

    23:17 - Find out which plant oils should be medicine cabinet staples for winter.

    24:50 - Learn the best application methods: oral, topical, or diffusing essential oils

    34:27 - Get the top 3-5 essential oil blends for fighting bacterial, viral and fungal threats

    37:31 - Remedies using essential oils to relieve fever, fatigue, and body aches in adults and kids

    41:39 - Discover the go-to botanical blend for treating coughs

    43:08 - Tips for safely using essential oils on infants and the ideal age to start

    46:00 - Recommendations for high-quality, pre-blended winter wellness essential oil products

    48:50 - Learn the steam inhalation technique using essential oils to clear congestion

    54:41 - Weighing the effectiveness of ingesting vs topical essential oil application

    56:46 - Guidance on using essential oils preventatively vs only when sick

    1:05:08 - Overview of a comprehensive aromatherapy course covering safety, blending, and more

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    12 March 2024, 10:00 am
  • 1 hour 13 minutes
    Raising Our Sons to Become Divine Masculine Men with Dr. Elia Gourgouris and Ryan Grover

    “The best way to raise resilient children is to be the safe space where they can express every emotion freely, knowing they are loved no matter what.”

    Do you dread the day your bubbly boy stops expressing his feelings?

    Unfortunately, society often pressures boys to adhere to rigid rules of masculinity - suppress emotions and avoid sensitivity. This promotes anger, anxiety, and isolation instead of authentic self-expression.

    Our children deserve the chance to develop into their most wholehearted selves, don't they?

    What if we parented to encourage ongoing emotional openness? What if sensitivity became their superpower rather than weakness?

    Joining us is Dr. Elia Gourgouris, “The Happiness Doctor” and father figure to Juanique, plus her husband Ryan Grover – two stellar models of strong yet sensitive men leading by example. In this episode, they discuss "divine masculinity" – transforming harmful norms around manliness into empathy and emotional intelligence instead. Explore practical tools to nurture healthy self-expression in our kids while modeling openness ourselves.

    Let’s equip the next generation with the emotional awareness and skills they need to thrive. Tune in to Episode 4 of Season 3 today!

    Show Highlights: 

    00:00 - Episode Start
    04:45 - The hidden costs of teaching our kids to suppress their emotions 
    08:10 - Can men be strong leaders and emotionally expressive?
    10:00 - An undervalued quality that is just as crucial as a winner’s mindset 
    11:05 - The reason behind why most men struggle to connect emotionally 
    17:05 - A case for men being protectors of women instead of a source of threat
    18:34 - How "divine masculinity" supports and celebrates female empowerment
    19:49 - Learn how emotional awareness creates true masculine power
    22:58 - How firm, loving parenting can modify emotionally reactive behaviors
    26:59 - Helping "big-feeling" kids through "borrowed regulation”
    32:45 - The secret to calming kids' meltdowns (it’s not through punishment!)
    34:36 - Explore the link between toxic masculinity and violence
    38:49 - Why labeling emotions as "good" or "bad" can harm our children’s self-esteem
    41:09 - Navigating challenges without resorting to victim mode, blame, or fear
    49:41 - The difference between true confidence and arrogance
    54:47 - The journey to divine masculinity or femininity has to start with you 
    55:41 - Why praising your child's character is equally as important as saying “I love you”
    1:01:21 - How to raise boys to be emotionally intelligent, caring, and strong leaders
    1:06:27 - How play can help kids get in touch with their wise side
    1:11:48 - The healing power of apologizing to your child 

    Important Links: 

    Check out recent episodes with Dr. Elia Gourgouris on the Gutsy Health Podcast:

    • Dr. Elia Gourgouris | How to Navigate A Crisis With The Happiness Doctor -

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    5 March 2024, 8:00 am
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