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  • 31 minutes 20 seconds
    Shawna Brooks: Coaching and Training Model: How Internalizing Scripts Increased Her Confidence & Coaching Grew Her Income by $350,000

    The guidance we receive from coaching can feel like homework if we don’t feel a connection and purpose from the actions. How do we connect the actions to our subconscious? Why is it so important to internalize our scripts? Why is it so powerful to write down our goals for the next day the night before? On this episode, Shawna Brooks, a real estate agent from Greenwood, IN, shares how she’s grown her business despite multiple setbacks and increased her confidence and income with the help of coaching.


     It’s eye opening to look at your fear, face it, and do it anyway. -Shawna Brooks


    Three Things We Learned From This Episode


    Why Shawna left her previous company

    When Shawna started selling more than her broker at her previous company, she knew that she had to make a change. She wanted to surround herself with the right people performing at a higher level.  


    Getting through the fear of calling expireds and FSBOs

    The stories we tell ourselves about FSBOs and expireds being difficult are not always true. However, they can sense in your voice if you are coming from and place of contribution, and that determines their response to you.


    How Shawna got through a breast cancer diagnosis

    When Shawna was diagnosed with breast cancer, it challenged her business, but also made her feel blessed. People were there for her, and her coach had her back. She never felt alone, she never pitied herself, and the experience made her stronger.


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    One of Shawna’s favorite quotes from her coach is, “A coach can see your tree because they aren’t standing in your forest.” Through coaching, she’s been able to grow her business and see opportunities for growth or improvement that she would not have seen otherwise. It’s given her confidence and has allowed her to be intentional with coaching, rather than seeing her business activities as chores to please the coach. More than anything, it has made her more resilient. She pushes through challenges, and she’s no longer intimidated by what it takes to build a strong real estate business.  

    9 January 2019, 8:23 pm
  • 29 minutes 8 seconds
    Corey Parrott: Career Growth Initiative: How to Shift from Good to Great and Achieve Your Goals

    There are times when we realize the path we’re on is good, but won’t lead us to be our best. How did our guest realize this and make a switch? As a buyer’s agent, how do you avoid ending up with too many home viewings? How can you use Career Growth Initiative to set your goals for the year ahead? On this episode, Corey Parrott, a real estate agent with the Parrott Realty Group in Nashua, NH, shares how his family team has used coaching and the models to reach their goals and build a great life.


    One of the reasons I made the change to real estate is that I didn’t want to settle for just “good”. -Corey Parrott


    Three Things We Learned From This Episode


    How to get people to come into the office for an appointment

    As a buyer’s agent, Corey tells his clients that he is most successful as an agent when they come into the office. They can have a conversation about their needs, the service he provides, and the expectations.


    Why the Parrott Realty Group uses CGI

    The Career Growth Initiative helps Corey determine his business goals and how many appointments he needs to reach his income goal. It also keeps him going when he faces rejection because he knows how many calls he needs to get a good result.


    How to fight through a ceiling

    We’ve all experienced a ceiling in our business. Corey believes it’s crucial to get ideas that come from outside the team, and his coach has been a key part of this.


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    There’s nothing wrong with choosing to reject good in order to reach for greatness. Sometimes we can hit ceilings in that journey, and we won’t always feel like doing what we need to do to get results. That’s when we need someone to give us guidance and a kick when we hit roadblocks. It’s also important to learn from mistakes and see failures as opportunities.

    3 January 2019, 10:13 pm
  • 34 minutes 39 seconds
    Adam Hergenrother: Career Visioning: How Adam Built a Mega Business with 215 Agents


    Success is hard to achieve without building our life around mindsets, systems, and actions to create it. What are the key factors that lead to success, and how do we intentionally put them into our lives? How can you use Career Visioning to attract, hire, and lead people to collective and individual success? How do we engineer our success psychology? On this episode, Adam Hergenrother, the Founder and CEO of Adam Hergenrother Companies and the OP of a KW Market Centre in Burlington, VT, shares how he turned the trajectory of his life around, and how he runs his successful real estate business.



    I approach this as a sport and an opportunity to gain as much as I can from the experiences that are out there. -Adam Hergenrother 


    Three Things We Learned From This Episode


    The valuable life lesson Adam learned as a teenager

    When Adam was younger, he realized he wasn’t living the life he wanted. In that moment, he came to understand that when we don’t like something in our lives, we can either accept it or do something to change it. The same applies in a shifting market. We can either give up and expect ourselves to fail, or we can prepare our business to actually grow through the shift.


    How Adam defines wisdom

    Adam describes wisdom as applying an idea or concept before you’ve had the “conscious contact and visceral feeling of it”. Once you’ve got experience, it’s no longer wisdom— it’s just doing what works. If we’re wise, we have the ability to take someone else’s model or system and apply it in our lives, even before we’ve had proven success with it.


    The model that can help a new agent get predictable results

    Follow the “one appointment a day” model. If you want predictability of cash flow in your life, you have to get predictability of appointments first. If you focus on the intention of one appointment a day, you won’t experience the ups and downs so many new agents go through.


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    Business is nothing but our conduit for personal growth. The more we improve ourselves, the more we increase the potential for our business. Success isn't something that just shows up or lands in our lap. We have to actively pursue it by following the models that work, and attract it by becoming the versions of ourselves who can achieve our dreams.

    27 December 2018, 11:16 pm
  • 27 minutes 52 seconds
    Kate Conroy: 411 Model: How Coaching Helped Increase Her Volume by Nearly 300% in One Year

    Our real estate careers can help us to define our purpose and serve as a vehicle for our legacy. Having the right guidance brings us closer to that. How does coaching help us stay focused and on target, and how does it boost the tools and routines we already have in place? Why is it so important to do work that energizes us mentally and emotionally? On this episode, Kate Conroy, a real estate agent in Tampa, FL, shares the role that coaching played in her journey from $4.8 million to $17.7 million in volume.  


    The real estate world has hundreds of directions, but I want to live a life by design and use systems that I know have been proven. -Kate Conroy


    Three Things We Learned From This Episode


    How Career Visioning revealed Kate's potential

    When Kate initially applied for a real estate job, she wasn’t able to move forward without a real estate license. The good leadership at her team that she was on could sense her potential, and Career Visioning allowed them to see something in her that she hadn’t seen in herself yet. As a result, she moved forward with setting her journey into motion.


    How Kate systematized inspiration

    At the beginning of each week, Kate uses the Kelle app for inspiration through the coming days. She selects a BOLD law and a quote, and then she puts that into an email to her coach and rainmaker. She lives that quote each week, and it makes an impact on her actions.  


    Why coaching saves us from shiny object syndrome

    There are so many tools, tactics and toys we can easily get distracted by. Kate’s coach takes the systems she chooses to implement and guides her so that she doesn’t lose her focus.


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    Every system and model represents a proven path many people have walked on and found success with. That means we’re being guided to our goals, and not left to figure it out on our own. The benefit of coaching is that it adds more light to that path, and allows us to have accountability, which helps us get there faster. As an agent, ask yourself, “What is my promise to my clients?” and make sure you’re fulfilling that promise at all times.  

    19 December 2018, 6:45 pm
  • 28 minutes 19 seconds
    Morgan Neill: Scripts & Affirmations: Playing All In & Being “People Smart”

    To become a successful agent, we have to be intentional about cultivating positivity and confidence— but this doesn’t always come easily. What can we do to overcome our negative self-talk and replace it with the right way of talking to ourselves? Why do we struggle with scripts in the beginning, and how can we make them feel like second nature? How did our guest change her life by playing all-in? On this episode, Morgan Neill, a real estate agent in Amarillo, TX, shares the lessons she’s learned and how to engage with personal development to make sure it sticks.


    Focus on who you surround yourself with and being and giving your best everyday. -Morgan Neill


    Three Things We Learned From This Episode


    How to make scripts feel more natural In the beginning, a script won’t sound like “you” because it hasn’t had time to become “you” yet. It needs time to sink in. Once you practice a script and start to see success with it, it will feel much more natural. What Morgan does to stay positive and confidentIn our industry, it’s really easy to go down a path of negativity because you have to deal with so much rejection. Morgan keeps reminders of Dianna’s BOLD Laws when she wants to focus at any given time. She takes them everywhere. She puts sticky notes on her mirrors and desks, reminders on her phone screensaver, and she says them over and over. How to grow from challenges and mistakesWhen Morgan has appointments that she feels she could have done better on, she works on it immediately. She learns from the recent experience while it’s fresh and uses that to get better.  


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    It’s not easy to navigate all the challenges that come with building and running a business. The success starts in our minds, with what we say to ourselves and the actions we take from there. We must believe that our clients need us and that we are the best person for them. Once we have that conviction, we become unstoppable. The first 3 years of business are the hardest, but we just have to grind and put the work in. After that, we get the chance to have a business and personal life that most people can only dream about.  

    12 December 2018, 11:47 pm
  • 30 minutes 50 seconds
    Jen Davis: Time Blocking: Running Her Business From “Blood & Guts” to “Ease & Elegance”

    Getting 223 closings as a buyer’s agent with two showing assistants is an amazing feat, and it takes a lot of hard work to get there. How did our guest go from “stressed-out and spread thin”, to leveraged and in-control? Why is she so driven to help other people succeed? Why does she believe in Dianna’s BOLD and the models she’s used to get where she is? On this episode, Jen Davis, a real estate agent in Springfield, MO, talks about how she’s transformed as a business owner and shares the tools she used to get where she is.


    It’s understanding where other people come from and how they win and making your organization big enough for everyone’s goals. -Jen Davis


    Three Things We Learned From This Episode


    The model that helped Jen the most in the beginning

    The business plan helped her know her numbers, and it gave her daily accountability. By sending her calendar to her coach every week, Jen got her schedule under control. It helped her shine a light on inefficiencies and come up with a plan to improve them. Jen said it finally felt like she had control of her business instead of the business controlling her.


    How to win through others

    We all have a drive to win, but the real magic happens when we focus on helping other people win. Jen learned that by focusing on helping other people achieve their goals, her success happens organically.


    Why Jen keeps going to Dianna’s BOLD

    Different shifts in your business hit you at different times in your journey. Each time Jen takes Dianna’s BOLD she sees, hears, and learns things differently. She always finds something relevant to what she’s going through at that time.  


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    There’s always going to be a glass ceiling in our business, but there’s also a way to break through it. It could be through a model, a system, coaching, or talking to people who have walked that path before. It’s about plugging into what we need in order to push through the challenges. The models that Jen invested in changed how she shows up everyday and how she handles new challenges. She’s become a true business owner, shifting from being overwhelmed to being intentional— and this is something we can all achieve.

    5 December 2018, 8:22 pm
  • 37 minutes 12 seconds
    David McEachern: Leverage: The Power of Coaching & Collaborative Thinking

    When it comes to investing in our education, the attitude we carry makes all the difference. What is the right mindset to have towards coaching? How do we break through the fear and overcome the things that hold us back? How do we dial-in our finances during a market shift? On this episode, David McEachern, a real estate agent in Atlanta, GA, talks about coming into the industry during a shift, how he utilized his community, and the tools that helped him grow his business.


    The CGI Pipeline is a great mental tool to keep me accountable to where I need the business to be. -David McEachern


    Three Things We Learned From This Episode


    How to run your business during a shift

    During a market shift, you have to go back to your financials. David keeps an eye on the recurring charges and subscriptions that add up. He believes it’s important to periodically check all those services and clear out what you don’t need anymore.


    How David uses the Pipeline Tool

    Looking at the CGI Pipeline every 48 hours helps David track what's moving through it— and whether he’s on track to meet the unit number objective. It helps him stay clear on what he needs to do if he’s not meeting the target.


    Why we shouldn’t get too focused on “getting it right” all the time

    When you’re building your real estate practice, you have to think of it as layering “pebbles” of experience. You will have failures, but you have to build on your success and know you can do it again and again.


    Speak with a Business Growth Advisor about the next step in your business. Click here to schedule your free Business Consultation.


    When it comes to education, many people are passive about learning and coaching.The most powerful thing we can do is actively succumb to it and open our hearts and minds to absorb it fully. The number of doors that will open up for us are unlimited. If we put in the effort and refrain from spending so much time worrying about the small stuff, we will reach our goals and surpass them.

    28 November 2018, 8:15 pm
  • 45 minutes 27 seconds
    Jake Dreyfuss: Leverage: Building an Interdependent Organization, Engineering Adversity & Growing as a Leader

    Good leadership is knowing that emotion is just as important as logic. What is the connection between confidence, competence and vulnerability? How do we make sure our organization actually gets better from mistakes? Why is engineering adversity into our lives so powerful? On this episode, Jake Dreyfuss, a real estate agent & CEO in Philadelphia, PA explains how he went from 225 to 568 units in two years, and shares his leadership secrets that keep his team moving and working together.



    In order to become the leader people will want to follow, I need to work on personal growth. -Jake Dreyfuss


    Three Things We Learned From This Episode

    Don’t gloss over mistakes and setbacks

    A lot of us make mistakes in our business, but we don’t give ourselves the time to reflect. This makes it much harder to actually learn anything. The key is putting breaks in our schedules to realize when a mistake has been made so we don’t gloss over it.


    No team member left behind

    If there’s someone who isn’t hitting the team’s transaction standard, Jake wants the senior members of the team or the people who are performing well to be fully aware of those who are not reaching their goals. The high-performers should want to help those people succeed. It means there will always be a culture of reaching back to help the next person.


    Emotion and logic go hand in hand if we want to achieve our goals

    In order to really get people invested in the goal, it can’t just be about the numbers. There has to be an emotional driver behind it for someone to push through the challenges that will arise. For Jake’s team, one of their drivers is a dedication to helping homeless people in their local market. This results in a tangible benefit with emotional value, and serves as one of the motivators for the team to achieve their goals.


    Speak with a Business Growth Advisor about the next step in your business. Click here to schedule your free Business Consultation.


    When it comes to building our organizations and setting up our goals, one huge mistake agents often make is looking at things through an aspirational lens and not the actual truth. Is your team really interdependent, or is that more of what you want in the future? This distinction is important because it affects how we recruit and the values we instill. It’s also important to co-create goals with our people because it will make them more likely to buy into them. Finally, when we make mistakes, we will get the true value out of them by taking a moment to pause and evaluate, instead of rushing to get things back to the norm immediately.

    7 November 2018, 9:23 pm
  • 40 minutes 28 seconds
    Sheri Pettus: Lead Generation: From $3M to Almost $10M Without Working Nights and Weekends

    Many of us have what today's guest calls a “drunk monkey”— that voice in our head that holds us back from trying and pushing through obstacles, especially when it comes to lead generating. What mindset models can help us ignore this voice? What models and systems did our guest use to catapult her real estate business forward? How did having a coach help her through a challenging time? On this episode, Sheri Pettus, a real estate agent in Atlanta, GA, joins us to share her inspirational story of growth, faith, and prioritizing lead generation.



    Three Things We Learned From This Episode


    The epiphany that led Sheri to get into coaching 

    Before coaching, Sheri thought she’d never be willing to pay someone $1,000 to talk to for 30 minutes once a week. Then she looked around and saw that the people who were selling more homes and making more money were the people getting coaching.


    The power of putting lead generation into your daily life

    Sheri’s policy is that she lead generates outside of the office by starting conversations intentionally and finding a way to connect to people. On one occasion, she decided to push through all her doubts and went up to a couple to talk with them. That couple ended up closing on a house— cash— in 3 weeks!


    The opportunities Sheri sees ahead

    Sheri’s aunt was the one who inspired her to get into real estate. When the market crashed, her aunt went back into teaching. She was worried about how Sheri would be able to survive, but Sheri explained to her aunt that Keller Williams is a company that offers so many opportunities beyond selling houses. She can be a team leader, an ALC, and even a coach. The possibilities are endless.



    Speak with a Business Growth Advisor about the next step in your business. Click here to schedule your free Business Consultation.


    Sheri's story is really about how she grew her self-confidence and strength as she continues to develop as an entrepreneur. The journey hasn’t always been easy. After years of wanting out of her marriage, it was only after coaching and progress in her business that she had the mental strength and financial stability to separate. It was a harrowing time, and having a coach was powerful in helping her get through it. It’s a strong reminder that having the right support structures around us can help us get through hard times, and set ourselves up for a successful future.

    2 November 2018, 10:00 pm
  • 28 minutes 54 seconds
    Dennis Jones: Leverage: Building Relationships and Improving Lead Generation
    Sometimes the gap between where we are and where we want to be comes down to accountability. What business struggles did our guest have before investing in coaching? What systems did he use to solve the issues in his business? How has he grown as a person through this process? On this episode, Dennis Jones, a real estate agent in Lafayette, LA, shares how he went from working by chance to working by systems, leverage, and intention.      

    I realized that I could only do so much with my natural ability before I hit a ceiling. I needed someone to help me take it to the next level through accountability. -Dennis Jones


    Three Things We Learned From This Episode

    A strong business isn’t just strong in one area

    Before coaching, all Dennis had going in his business was lead generation. He lacked systems, and everything else in his business happened by chance. This meant he hit a ceiling quickly.


    The big mindset shift Dennis experienced

    When Dennis first considered coaching he asked himself “Why would anyone pay a coach a $1,000 a month?” After seeing the benefits of coaching and the return on investment, that question shifted to, “Why would anyone not pay a coach $1,000 a month?”


    The transformation brought about by systems

    Being able to leverage has been the most powerful shift in Dennis’s business. It has allowed him to work “on” his business and not just “in” his business. He has already closed 13 more deals than last year, and he has even managed to travel more than he’s ever been able to before.


    Speak with a Business Growth Advisor about the next step in your business. Click here to schedule your free Business Consultation.


    The biggest change we can make in our lives is our mindset. When we have limiting beliefs, like Dennis did about coaching, it’s hard for the systems and tools to really take hold and work. Considering that every successful person has invested in systems, models and coaching, it’s clear how powerful they can be in taking us to the next level. A successful business isn’t just about leads; it’s about leverage and systems.

    11 October 2018, 9:10 pm
  • 39 minutes 25 seconds
    Kacie Kinney: 36 Touch: How Growing Her Vision Increased Her Business by More than 50% Year After Year

    Growing our vision is a big part of what allows us to grow our business. How did coaching expand the vision of our guest? What are the systems she implemented in her business? What can she do now that she couldn’t do before? On this episode Kacie Kinney, a real estate agent in Oklahoma City, OK, talks about her mission, her journey, and how her vision and goal went from an iPad to a Range Rover!



    My mission is to be the connector between where people are and where they want to be. -Kacie Kinney


    Three Things We Learned From This Episode


    How Kacie got over the fear of the financial investment of coachingKacie saved up the money for the first couple of months of coaching. By the time the first two months were up, she added so much improvement in her business and its trajectory that she had the income to continue committing to coaching.


    The most powerful system Kacie implemented in her business85% of Kacie’s business comes from her database, and she developed a system to nurture this database more effectively. She was able to devise a 36-touch that was systematic, easy to implement, and helped service the clients in the database. Now with unique client appreciation events, and even a food blog that services the community, her business from her database has grown even more.


    What brought Kacie back to coaching after she left When Kacie had her son, she decided to step away from coaching. She found that the absence of that support and accountability affected her mindset and leadership of her team. She believes if she had stayed out of coaching longer, that her business would not be what it is today.


    Speak with a Business Growth Advisor about the next step in your business. Click here to schedule your free Business Consultation.


    Without the right structures and accountability in place, it’s easy to find ourselves in rabbit holes that don’t bring us closer to our goals. In order for us to stay on the right path, even when things don’t go well, our mindset is the most important thing. Ultimately, mindset affects who we are as business owners and leaders, which affects our results. Real estate is a vehicle that can take us where we want to go. The systems are the fuel, and coaches help keep our hands on the steering wheel so that we're driving in the right direction.

    3 October 2018, 9:48 pm
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