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  • 1 hour 16 minutes
    The Folly of Progressivism with Nellie Bowles

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    00:00 Introduction and Nelly Bowles' Background

    11:07 The Reality of Homelessness and Drug Addiction

    32:59 The Idealism and Limitations of Progressive Movements

    39:02 Human Nature and Failed Systems

    46:06 Origins and Evolution of Antifa in Seattle and Portland

    57:47 Corruption and Lack of Scrutiny in the Black Lives Matter Movement

    01:09:32 Decline of Left-Wing Political Comedy and Rise of New Comedians


    20 June 2024, 12:00 pm
  • 1 hour 9 minutes
    From Foster Care to Cambridge with Rob Henderson

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    00:00 Introduction and Background

    03:19 The Importance of Early Life Experiences

    07:07 The Overemphasis on Education

    09:48 The Flawed Measurement of Success

    12:03 The Narrative of Overcoming Trauma

    15:15 The Limitations of Post-Traumatic Growth

    26:58 Gender Differences in Foster Care

    29:23 Addressing Single Parent Homes

    30:33 Cultural Shifts and Behavior Change

    35:07 The Importance of Two-Parent Homes in the Neighborhood

    39:37 The Influence of Background on Work on Luxury Beliefs

    42:24 Using Race as a Proxy for Disadvantage

    52:06 The Hypocrisy of Luxury Beliefs

    58:46 The Effectiveness of Therapy

    01:03:01 Ethics and Legality of Surrogacy


    3 June 2024, 12:00 pm
  • 1 hour 8 minutes
    Is Therapy Bad for You? with Abigail Shrier

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    1 March 2024, 1:00 pm
  • 56 minutes 36 seconds
    Feminism Under The Microscope with Mary Harrington

    My guest today is Mary Harrington. Mary is a writer and contributing editor at UnHerd. She's the author of a great book called Feminism Against Progress. In this episode, we talk about her general critique of feminism, we talk about what she calls progress theology, we talk about the changing social status of motherhood, we talk about the Barbie movie, gender dysphoria, and much more

    Mary's Book - Feminism against Progress 

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    23 December 2023, 7:02 pm
  • 1 hour 7 minutes
    Why? The Purpose of the Universe with Philip Goff

    My guest today is Philip Goff. Philip is a philosophy professor at Durham University. He's the author of Galileo's Error and Why the Purpose of the Universe.

    Philip believes that science gives us objective reasons to believe that there's value in the universe and he comes at this from a very different angle than say Sam Harris, who reaches the same conclusion for different reasons in his book, The Moral Landscape. Philip relies heavily on the so-called fine tuning argument. So we talk a lot about that in this podcast. We also talk about Philip's theory of panagentialism and much more.


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    20 December 2023, 9:00 pm
  • 44 minutes 59 seconds
    All Things China with Cindy Yu

    My guest today is Cindy Yu. Cindy Yu is an assistant editor at the Spectator Magazine, and she's the host of the "Chinese Whispers" podcast, which is actually one of my favorite podcasts.

    We talk about whether China will invade Taiwan. We talk about whether the West should adopt a Cold War-like mentality towards China. We discuss the phenomenon of Chinese espionage in the West. We talk about the wave of immigration from Hong Kong into the UK. We discuss the nosedive in China's birthrate over the past 10 years. We talk about the so-called century of humiliation. We talk about the legacy of Xi Jinping. We also talk about the apparent futility of the democracy movement in China and much more.

    13 December 2023, 9:00 pm
  • 1 hour 27 minutes
    Psychedelic Libertarianism with Nick Gillespie

    My guest today is Nick Gillespie. Nick is a prominent libertarian journalist and commentator best known for his work at Reason Magazine, where he's been for around 30 years.

    In this episode, we discuss Nick's experience getting engaged at the recent Burning Man. We talk about psychedelic drugs, the promise they hold, as well as the dangers they contain. We talk about the evolution of the libertarian movement in America. We talk about how we should message about drugs to kids. We talk about the differences between MDMA, psilocybin, and LSD. We talk about why trust in government has declined, and much more. 

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    "The End of Race Politics: Arguments for a Colorblind America" -

    25 November 2023, 9:00 pm
  • 1 hour 10 minutes
    Race, Brexit, and Islamism with Munira Mirza

    My guest today is Munira Mirza. Munira Mirza is a British public policy analyst and cultural commentator. She served as the Deputy Mayor for Education and Culture of London under Boris Johnson when he was mayor, and later served as director of The Number 10 Policy Unit under Johnson when he was prime minister.

    In this episode, we talk about Munira's early days as a Marxist, her interest in art and museums, her views on Brexit, her views on multiculturalism in the UK, the Israel-Hamas war and Jihadism in general, and much more.

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    "The End of Race Politics: Arguments for a Colorblind America" -

    21 November 2023, 9:00 pm
  • 52 minutes 55 seconds
    Lessons from Afghanistan with Rory Stewart

    My guest today is Rory Stewart. Rory Stewart is a British politician, diplomat, and author who served as a member of parliament from 2010 to 2019. He held several governmental positions, notably as a Secretary of State for International Development in 2019, and was known for his extensive work in Afghanistan and Iraq. Rory has authored several books, such as "The Places In Between", about his solo walk across Afghanistan, and his new book, "Politics on the Edge", a memoir from within.

    Rory and I talk about what he learned by walking across Afghanistan. We talk about the war in Afghanistan and what lessons Israel might take from it. We talk about Brexit. We talk about why the Scandinavian model is not appropriate for Britain. We talk about the culture of the world of politics. And finally, we talk about why Rory is so passionate about GiveDirectly, which allows people to give cash directly to the people in the developing world.


    Haaretz article -

    Noam Dworman's tweet-


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    "The End of Race Politics: Arguments for a Colorblind America" -

    9 November 2023, 8:00 pm
  • 1 hour 12 minutes
    Debating the Israel-Palestine Conflict with Yousef Munayyer

    So I've gotten criticism lately that I've created an echo chamber of pro-Israel guests, Benny Morris and Andrew Gold being the two examples. So I went on Twitter and asked who I should get to deliver the Palestinian perspective. and many people suggested my guest today, who is Yousef Munayyer. Yousef is a Palestinian-American writer and political analyst based in Washington, D.C. He was the executive director of the US campaign for Palestinian rights, and previously he directed the Jerusalem Fund for Education and Community Development.

    As you'll hear, this whole conversation was pretty contentious. It seemed like we disagreed about almost everything. However, Yousef was a very respectful conversation partner and those are the kinds of guests that I look for. Before you listen to this episode, I would encourage you to go back to my episode with the Israeli historian, Dr. Benny Morris, if you haven't already listened to it. It's called "The History and Ethics of the Israel-Palestine Conflict". I recommend that because at the beginning of this podcast, Yousef wanted to dive deep into the history of the conflict and our debate there won't make much sense to you if you aren't already familiar with the basics. I hope you enjoy this conversation.


    Ground News: You can use my link to get 30% off an unlimited access subscription before Nov 4, 2023. I’m excited to partner with Ground News at this time because it is one of the best ways to read news about politically charged issues like the Israel-Palestine conflict in a balanced way.

    28 October 2023, 8:00 pm
  • 12 minutes 47 seconds
    My Last Word on TED

    Here is my final response to Chris Anderson and Adam Grant on the TED debacle.

    21 October 2023, 8:00 pm
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