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Tommy McCubbin

Serving up the future in small, tasty bytes.

  • 23 minutes 10 seconds
    Play To Earn
    The Blockchain has promised a lot, and continues to, but in day-to-day life, hasn't permeating culture yet. Play To Earn is the first example of the open, free and fair promise of the platform - where people are playing mobile games to earn real money, for them and their investors in a circular economy.
    7 June 2022, 1:10 am
  • 18 minutes 58 seconds
    29. The Art Of The Hack
    This episode, we reframe the definition of 'Hacker' as not someone who steals your credit card online, but someone who defines culture through creativity. We meet with Artists (and Hackers) Simon Weckert and Evan Roth.
    26 April 2022, 6:50 am
  • 18 minutes 21 seconds
    Revenge Of The Winklevii
    The first chapter of The Social Network set off insane growth for Mark Zuckerberg and left the twins in his dust. After a $64m payout, they dusted themselves off and started building the future of money. As Meta takes blow after blow, is there a chance the twins can make a Crypto-powered comeback for the ages?
    11 February 2022, 4:04 am
  • 35 minutes 8 seconds
    Space Business
    This episode I catch up with renowned Professor of Astrophysics at Swinburne University, and get a look inside his lab in Melbourne that powers some of the most powerful telescopes on Earth. We discuss the ways the solar system is being unlocked with exponential technology advancements and investment. Find out more about Swinburne University Accelerator Applications here: https://www.swinburne.edu.au/research/centres-groups-clinics/innovation-precinct/accelerator-program/
    12 April 2021, 1:45 am
  • 21 minutes 38 seconds
    Artificial Workforce
    This episode we look at how AI is making our jobs, businesses and careers better, and how to move that along faster, we need to blow business models up and start again. Featuring; Erik Brynjolfsson (Source: Lex Friedman Podcast), Steve Sammartino and James Johnson. Join me on April 1st for Salesforce Live Retail and Consumer Goods, where I meet with trailblazers of the retail industry and unpack the secrets to how they have accelerated out of 2020. Register now at salesforce.com/liveanz Find out more at futuresandwich.com
    28 March 2021, 9:23 pm
  • 19 minutes 7 seconds
    Episode 24: Brainware
    Explore the world of Brain Computer Interfaces, where healing physical and mental diseases, mental telepathy, and even immortality becomes possible. Featuring Elon Musk and Alex Pinkerton. Visit www.futuresandwich.com for more
    10 February 2021, 8:56 am
  • 19 minutes 8 seconds
    Future Of Fashion
    The future of fashion is getting so fast, it can barely keep up with itself. We meet with companies setting the pace, and how soon, we might have a clothing factory in our home.
    2 October 2019, 8:59 am
  • 24 minutes 21 seconds
    Future of The Truth
    In this episode, we look at how the internet and tech companies are scaling the ability for anyone to spin lies, and how that threatens everything.
    19 May 2019, 9:47 am
  • 24 minutes 26 seconds
    Blockchain Beyond Bitcoin
    This episode we look at all the possibilities of the Blockchain, beyond it's famed breakthrough - Bitcoin.
    29 April 2019, 3:39 am
  • 21 minutes 4 seconds
    Living Forever
    In this episode, we look at how some Billionaire's obsession with staying healthy and active for centuries is pushing the boundaries on the life expectancy of people.
    10 June 2018, 5:44 pm
  • 19 minutes 31 seconds
    The Future of Food
    We discuss the future of food with Author, Nathan Runkle, and look at how the world is slowing eating itself into extinction. And farming is in massive decline, and so Kimbal Musk is bring crops to the cities.
    28 March 2018, 11:24 pm
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