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  • 1 hour 34 minutes
    Episode 90 - Unfogging the Future
    Hello dear friends. It's a special episode of MMP because the gang's all here! Aaand we also announce that we're going on another hiatus. Thanks for joining us for Season 2! We're sorry to leave you but we'll see you again. It's not all bad, we also share listener emails about POC HP fans experience with the series. Then we move on to our Meet your Messrs question, "If you could only read only Harry Potter book for the rest of your life, which one would you pick?" Craig and Katie have a friendship hour, Kate goes for a classic, and Laura's is magnifique. For our topic, we talk about where the Harry Potter universe could go from here. We chat about our wish list of tv shows, books, plays, and beyond! After we are done with our imagination, we move on to an out-of-place quizzle, a beauty of a Ravenclaw, and a Marry/Boff/Kill that is very Harry. WoOoOoW. Love MMP
    7 August 2020, 4:19 am
  • 2 hours 28 minutes
    Episode 89 - Competitious Definition Make Them Boys Go Crazy
    Welcome back to another episode of Mischief Managed while the world is a trash heap. Kate's joining us for this episode but Laura couldn't make it. Mischief Managed giveth and Mischief Managed taketh away. We start off with the heavy stuff first so we can get to some classic escapism. We talk through our feelings about JK's latest crap and catch up on Quarantine times. Then, Kate hits us with some heartwarming HP readings and we do a Pet Update (TM). Next we move on to a tricky Meet your Messrs question: What would you like to be Lockhart famous for? Katie's is ambitious but then super shallow, Kate's is ambitious and stays that way, and Craig's... is classic Craig. After that we move on to our topic, competition culture and how it relates to Harry Potter. We discuss sports, pros and cons, quidditch, and House points. Then it's on to a quidditch quizzle, a yet-to-be-named Craig segment (Craigment), a Super Hufflepuff, and a Marry/Boff/Kill that's actually a Marry/Boff/Kill! Hope you are all healthy and well. Love MMP
    10 July 2020, 2:08 am
  • 2 hours 14 minutes
    Episode 88 - The Cho-sen One
    Check out #WizardTeam podcast, The Gayly Prophet podcast, and The House of Black podcast to support amazing Black Potterheads. This episode we start with a little intro to show our support for the Black Lives Matter movement and protests in America and worldwide. POC listeners write in to [email protected] for our Meet Our Listeners question next episode. Hope you're all safe! Welcome back to Mischief Managed! We check in with each other and how we're coping with the quarantine. Then we go on to talk about the latest JK twitter fuckery and go on to our Meet your Messrs question. In this one we decide which we would like to grow in our garden, bubotubers, venomous tentacula, or devils snare. I forget most of our answers but I'm pretty sure Laura is a villan. Next it's on to our topic where we do a character spotlight on Cho Chang. We discuss her highs and lows, what we like about her, how she's perceived in the fandom, and Asian representation in Harry Potter. Afterwards, we move on to a confounding quizzle, a fandom fight, a spellbound Gryffindor, and a BBB variant that is hard to describe. Love MMP
    5 June 2020, 3:32 am
  • 2 hours 11 minutes
    Episode 87 - Let's get Lit
    It's an across the pond-cast! Our pals Ed and Roisin join us for today's episode. We chat about their intro to Potter and Roisin's award winning performance. Then it's on to our Meet Your Messrs question, where we pick who we'd write a fanfic about. Laura gets catty, Katie is obvious, Roisin goes incognito, Ed chooses an underused badass, and Craig cheats. Next we are on to our topic: J.K. as a writer. We talk about her writing style, what's unique about the Harry Potter books, and her other works. Then it's a super easy quizzle, a Peaky Slytherin, a new segment, and a location version of Be/Banish/Befriend. Stay safe, my dears. Love MMP
    8 May 2020, 4:17 am
  • 1 hour 13 minutes
    Minisode 1 - In these unprecedented times... (unedited)
    Oh hey, nice to see you! Here's a wee minisode with our beloved Kate. We catch up on quarantine lives and shoot the shit. There's even a few Marry/Boff/Kills near the end to add SOME Potter content. Other than that it's just friends hanging out and you're welcome to join. Sorry for the delay in release and the audio quality, we hit some snags along the way. A full regular episode is coming out next week!
    1 May 2020, 8:31 pm
  • 1 hour 5 minutes
    Act Four - Cursed Child Parody Reading
    Part 4! It's almost done. Thanks for joining us for our live parody readings of the cursed child. If you did like the cursed child, I hope we haven't ruined it for you! Thanks for tuning in to our lil' quarantine treat. Will you ever forgive us? Love MMP
    12 April 2020, 7:30 pm
  • 1 hour 14 minutes
    Act Three - Cursed Child Parody Reading
    Part 3! Time travel and Delphi. What a mess. Here's our 3rd instalment of our parody live readings of the cursed child, live at the Lockhart. Here to brighten our spirits and such. Enjoy? Love MMP
    12 April 2020, 7:25 pm
  • 1 hour 16 minutes
    Act Two - Cursed Child Parody Reading
    Part 2! Shit's starting to get weirder. Enjoy our parody readings of the cursed child, live at the Lockhart. Here for a probably limited time while we're all cooped up and going crazy. Love MMP
    12 April 2020, 7:19 pm
  • 1 hour 19 minutes
    Act One - Cursed Child Parody Reading
    No one asked for this but here it is anyway! Part 1! To help with Covid-19 quarantine sadness, here are our parody live readings of the cursed child book that we recorded in 2016. Get ready for some insane character choices by Craig, insane plot choices by the writers, and homoerotic subtext that is not sub at all. Love MMP ps - If D1sney comes at us we'll probably have to take this down, so get it while it's available!
    12 April 2020, 7:13 pm
  • 2 hours 5 minutes
    Episode 86 - The Prisoner of Quarantine
    If Quarantine goes well, we will be able to save more than one podcaster tonight. Hi, sweet listeners. Here is our first real episode of the quarantine, but it won't be our last! We all say hi. Our Meet your Messrs question asks us who we would like to be quarantined with. Laura sticks to her guns, Katie is somehow intimidated, and Craig's heard it all before. Next it's on to our topic, which is all about Time Turners. We discuss how time turners stack up against other time travel devices, how they are used, and paradoxes. Next it's a visual quizzle, a wild Ravenclaw, and a Be/Banish/Befriend that is mischievous. Love MMP
    3 April 2020, 4:53 am
  • 1 hour 38 minutes
    Episode 85 - Imposter? I barely know her!
    We're all frauds! Hi dear listeners! This episode we are down a Kate but up two classic guests, Tess and Thom. We chat through the intro: Craig spills the beans about his new job, Laura gets older, another book is released, you get it. For our Meet your Messrs question today, we try to figure out who we would impersonate GoF-style to get close to Harry. Laura plays the odds, Thom doubles down, Tess looks for ease of imprisonment, Katie plays an eccentric, and Craig goes big. Next it's on to our topic: Imposter syndrome (and Harry Potter). We chat about what it is, Diane Kruger, Harry's insecurities, and hashtagmillennial things. Then we move on to our Quizzle, an out of place Marry/Boff/Kill, a Little Castaway, a Good Old Hufflepuff, and a new segment called Owl Post. Thanks for listening! We don't deserve you <3 Love MMP
    6 March 2020, 5:42 am
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