Innovating with Scott Amyx

Scott Amyx

Innovating with Scott Amyx

  • 32 minutes
    Interview with Dr. Rebecca Homkes, Faculty at London Business School & Duke

    Today I am joined by Dr. Rebecca Homkes, a high-growth strategy specialist and CEO and executive advisor. She is a Lecturer at the London Business School, Faculty at Duke Corporate Executive Education, Advisor and Core Faculty for Boston Consulting Group University, and a former fellow at the London School of Economics Centre for Economic Performance.

    11 June 2024, 4:00 am
  • 34 minutes 57 seconds
    Interview with Ted Moser, Senior Partner at Prophet

    Ted Moser is the co-author of Winning Through Platforms and a Senior Partner at Prophet, a growth and transformation consultancy.

    4 June 2024, 4:00 am
  • 33 minutes 15 seconds
    Interview with Jeff Wetzler, Co-CEO of Transcend

    Today I am joined by Jeff Wetzler, Co-CEO of Transcend, and the author of ASK: Tap Into the Hidden Wisdom of People Around You for Unexpected Breakthroughs in Leadership and Life.


    14 May 2024, 4:00 am
  • 26 minutes 37 seconds
    Interview with Marit Rødevand, CEO of Strise

    Strise offers an end-to-end AML Automation Cloud that addresses both the data and workflow problems, and by doing so, Strise contributes to a more streamlined, effective, and error-free AML process for regulated companies.

    7 May 2024, 4:00 am
  • 37 minutes 44 seconds
    Interview with Dan Harden, CEO of Whipsaw

    A product design and experience innovation company.

    6 May 2024, 4:00 am
  • 34 minutes 14 seconds
    Interview with Barry Lunn, CEO of Provizio

    Provizio is a provider of low-cost advanced perception imaging radar that is reliable in all-weather conditions, delivering solutions for safe, cost-effective and scalable L3+ autonomy.

    23 April 2024, 4:00 am
  • 30 minutes 36 seconds
    Interview with Dr. Jan Carney, Associate Dean for Public Health and Health Policy, University of Vermont

    Interview with Dr. Jan Carney, Associate Dean for Public Health and Health Policy, University of Vermont. 

    Dr. Carney is active in public health practice, research, education, and service. She served as Vermont’s Commissioner of Health under three gubernatorial administrations, championing improvements in children’s health insurance, preventing teen smoking, and improving cancer screening. She received the Vermont Public Health Association “Public Health Champion” Award in 2018 and was recently awarded the UVM President’s Distinguished University Citizenship and Service Award for her innovative teaching, creative leadership, and service to the UVM community. 


    9 April 2024, 4:00 am
  • 35 minutes 9 seconds
    Interview with Jay Persaud, EY Global Emerging Technology Ecosystem Leader

    Interview with Jay Persaud, EY Global Emerging Technology Ecosystem Leader

    2 April 2024, 4:00 am
  • 35 minutes 34 seconds
    Freddie Sarhan, CEO of Sapphire Technologies

    Sapphire Technologies’ Turboexpander solution harnesses the power of gas expansion for clean energy recovery. 

    26 March 2024, 4:00 am
  • 21 minutes 51 seconds
    Interview with Nicholas Svensson, CEO of SMART Technologies

    SMART Technologies is a provider of smart interactive whiteboards for classrooms and boardrooms around the world.

    19 March 2024, 4:00 am
  • 31 minutes 55 seconds
    Interview with Paul Stonick, Vice President at SCADpro

    SCADpro—Savannah College of Art and Design’s in-house design, research, and innovation studio—generates innovative designs and products for the world's most influential brands, including Google, Amazon, Apple, NASA, David Yurman, Deloitte, Delta, BMW, Volvo, Uber and Mayo Clinic. 

    12 March 2024, 5:00 am
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