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  • 1 hour 9 minutes
    Episode #22: Food sensitivities: Causes, prevention, and solutions
    Download this podcast Dr. Aristo Vojdani is back to explain some fascinating basics about food sensitivities and oral tolerance. For instance, did you know dental cavities and gum disease can increase your risk of food sensitivities and autoimmunity? Or that eating the same food too often can weaken your immunity? You’ll learn about "nature’s vaccine" — secretory IgA (SIgA) — that will make you want to become an SIgA warrior so you can stay healthier, enjoy a more diverse diet, and maintain healthy immunity. Dr. Vojdani explains Cyrex Labs’ Array 14 screen of mucosal immunity (SIgA) and how to make sure your SIgA levels are healthy prior to testing. Dr. Vojdani's bio: Aristo Vojdani, PhD, MSc, CLS, obtained his MSc and PhD in the fields of microbiology and clincal immunology from Bar-Ilan University in Israel with postdoctoral studies in comparative immunology at UCLA and tumor immunology at Charles Drew/UCLA School of Medicine and Science. He is an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Dept. of Preventive Medicine at Loma Linda University in California, and an Adjunct Professor at the Lincoln College of Professional, Graduate and Continuing Education at the National University of Health Sciences. His ongoing research focuses on the role of environmental triggers in complex diseases. Dr. Vojdani's research has resulted in the development of more than 300 antibody assays for the detection of autoimmune disorders and other diseases. He holds fifteen US patents for laboratory assessments of immune disorders associated with the brain and gut, has published more than 170 articles in magazines and scientific journals, and has just published the book "Neuroimmunity and the Brain-Gut Connection" with Nova Science Publishers. He is the CEO and Technical Director of Immunosciences Lab in Los Angeles, California, and is also the Chief Scientific Advisor for Cyrex Labs in Phoenix, Arizona. Dr. Vojdani sits on the editorial board of five scientific journals. Over the years he has received the Herbert J. Rinkel Award, the Linus Pauling, PhD Award, and the F. R. Carrick Research Institute’s Lifetime Achievement Award.
    5 February 2018, 8:29 am
  • 52 minutes 54 seconds
    Episode #21: Functional neurology for rheumatoid arthritis and gut problems
    Download this podcast A patient with painful symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) went to doctor after doctor but her tests kept coming back negative, which is common in the early stages of RA. When she went to see Dr. Geronimo, he saw in her obvious signs of autoimmunity. Although functional medicine protocols helped, it was functional neurology to address cerebellar decline that really turned this patient around — her gut function was restored in less than a week. Dr. Geronimo explains how you can tell if your brain plays a role in your gut problems, and how Zumba, Tai Chi,  and core exercises can serve as profound neurological rehabilitation in some cases. Dr. Rommel Geronimo is a functional medicine and functional neurology practitioner in the San Diego area.
    17 January 2018, 11:58 pm
  • 1 hour 4 minutes
    Episode #20: Brain injury recovery with functional neurology and functional medicine
    Download this podcast Cavin Balaster was able to significantly recover after a severe brain injury once he began incorporating functional medicine and functional neurology therapies. Inspired, he went on to become a self-educated functional medicine advocate for brain injury survivors. He is author of Feed a Brain, hosts the Adventures in Brain Injury podcast, and created the Feed a Brain Interview Series, in which he interviews experts, including Dr. Kharrazian, on achieving optimal brain health.
    17 January 2018, 11:53 pm
  • 56 minutes 28 seconds
    Episode #19: Where intuition intersects with functional neurology
    Download this podcast This episode goes outside of the box to discuss the importance of including intuition into functional neurology and functional medicine. Benoit Lapierre of Montreal works using spiritual kinesiology and intuition to unblock old traumas in people. He helps functional medicine and functional neurology doctors patients who are stuck and not improving using principles of intuition and energy medicine. Though educated in functional neurology and medicine, Lapierre has stepped out of the box and tapped into his intuitive powers to help others. He also talks about ways to ensure your newborn’s brain gets off on the right track.
    17 January 2018, 11:08 pm
  • 1 hour 24 seconds
    Episode #18: Posture and the brain: What your posture says about your brain and how neurology exercises can improve posture, pain, brain disorders, and well being

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    Posturologist Annette Verpillot from Montreal, Quebec presents a fascination explanation on how your posture reflects your neurology, and how neurological rehabilitation can improve your posture. Your feet, your eyes, and even your jaw play a profound role in your posture. She also talks about how when people improve their posture through brain-based exercises they not only relieve pain and improve brain function, but also boost mood, well being, and overall quality of life. With host Elaine Marshall.

    29 November 2017, 6:31 am
  • 1 hour 6 minutes
    Episode #17: Got anxiety? How tremoring can relieve stress, speed recovery, and help heal trauma and PTSD

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    Australian physiotherapist Paul Michael explains how learning how to tremor —  an involuntary full-body shaking — is a miracle balm to the central nervous system that relieves stress, remedies anxiety, improves sleep, speeds recovery, and can help heal trauma and PTSD. Michael explains how a person can learn how to trigger tremors on their own and theorizes what it’s doing to the brain that is rehabilitative. A great way to chill out and improve overall brain and body health. With host Elaine Marshall. (Please excuse my mild cold.)

    29 November 2017, 6:19 am
  • 48 minutes 56 seconds
    Episode #16: Healing the gut-brain connection after head injury (even old ones)

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    Dr. Ryan Cedermark describes a fascinating case in which a 25-year-old woman was reduced to a liquid diet due to gut dysfunction caused by concussions in her past. Very soon after starting a functional neurology brain rehabilitation protocol, she was able to go back to eating regular food again. Dr. Cedermark is a fun interview subject who is great at explaining the basics of how brain function affects gut function and how brain rehab can restore gut health. With host Elaine Marshall.

    29 November 2017, 6:02 am
  • 38 minutes 57 seconds
    Episode #15: How low dopamine hijacks your ability to get shit done and what to do about it
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    In this episode, Dr. Chad Larson talks about dopamine, the neurotransmitter that may be responsible for the evolution of life itself. You’ll learn about the role of dopamine in motivation, feelings of pleasure and reward, and self-worth, and the connection between dopamine and addiction. You’ll also learn symptoms of low dopamine, such as lack of motivation, bouts of rage, and general lethargy. You may think the obvious solution is to take a dopamine supplement, but Dr. Larson offers a surprising and sustainable approach that can start improving your dopamine activity in the right parts of the brain today.  This is a very useful and enlightening talk.

    Dr. Chad Larson practices in Solana Beach, California and his speech topic at the IAFNR 2017 functional neurology conference is The Great Motivator: How Dopamine Deficiency Hijacks Your Ability to Get Shit Done.

    With host Elaine Marshall.

    7 October 2017, 5:11 pm
  • 1 hour 3 minutes
    Episode #14: How cold laser treatment can radically boost your brain health and performance
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    In this enlightening conversation, Dr. Kirk Gair explains the many benefits of using low-level cold laser treatments to lower inflammation, tame autoimmunity, boost energy, improve circulation, and increase glutathione production — all of which are profoundly beneficial for the brain. He explains how cold laser works exactly to help the brain, what conditions it can be used for, which laser treatments to be cautious of, and what to look for in a laser and in laser therapy. Dr. Gair’s enthusiasm is infectious!

    Dr. Gair will speak at the IAFNR 2017 functional neurology conference on Low-Level Laser Therapy for Brain Injuries.

    With host Elaine Marshall.

    5 October 2017, 8:09 am
  • 45 minutes 51 seconds
    Episode #13: Migraines! How a functional medicine and functional neurology approach can alleviate or banish your migraines
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    Dr. Shane Steadman is a functional neurology practitioner in Denver, Colorado who treats and teaches about a variety of neurological conditions, including migraines. In this discussion, he reveals one of the most common, and easiest to treat, migraine causes he sees in his office. He also goes over some lesser known causes, and talks about how the complexity of the female hormonal system often plays a role in migraines and what do do about it.

    Dr. Steadman will be speaking at the IAFNR 2017 functional neurology conference on Renewing the Aging Brain.

    With host Elaine Marshall.

    5 October 2017, 8:04 am
  • 45 minutes 3 seconds
    Episode #12: Diseases of captivity, sitting disease, and being a sedentary athlete: How to reboot your brain through movement
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    David Gallina is a naturopathic student who studies the connection between movement and neurology. In this fascinating discussion, he explains how sitting all day and loss of flexibility severely impacts brain function, even if you work out regularly. The human brain is advanced as it because it developed to perform complex physical movements, yet few of us do them regularly. You’ll learn how you can radically boost brain health through simple movements throughout the day, even if a chronic autoimmune condition has you feeling run down. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself sitting in a rejuvenating squat by the end of the episode.   

    Gallina is the founder of Hybrid Movement Practice in Seattle. He will be speaking at the IAFNR 2017 functional neurology conference on the Importance of the General Movement Paradigm and Novelty in Functional Neurology.

    With host Elaine Marshall.

    5 October 2017, 8:01 am
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