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    S9: Chasing Cosby: The Downfall of America's Dad
    Tonight, my special guest is Nicole Weisensee Egan who is an award-winning journalist, former senior writer for People Magazine and Bill Cosby's worst nightmare. Get her book Chasing Cosby to read what she uncovered about American's pudding pop hero.   Bill Cosby's decades-long career as a sweater-wearing, wholesome TV dad came to a swift and stunning end on April 26, 2018, when he was convicted of drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand. The mounting allegations against Bill Cosby - more than 60 women have come forward to accuse him of similar crimes - and his ultimate conviction were a shock to Americans, who wanted to cleave to their image of Cosby as a pudding-pop hero.  Award-winning journalist and former People Magazine senior writer Nicki Weisensee Egan was the first reporter to dig into the story when Constand went to the police in 2005. Other news organizations looked away, but Egan doggedly investigated the case, developing ties with entrenched sources and discovering incriminating details that would ultimately come to influence the prosecution.  In her debut audiobook, Chasing Cosby, Egan shares her firsthand account of Cosby's 13-year run from justice. She tells us how Cosby planned and executed his crimes and how Hollywood alliances and law enforcement knew what Cosby was doing but did nothing to stop him. A veteran crime reporter, Egan also explores the cultural and social issues that influenced the case, delving into the psychological calculations of a serial predator and into the psyche of a nation that fervently wanted to put their faith in the innocence of "American's Dad".  Visit her website Check Out Mysterious Radio! (copy the link to share with your friends and family via text)   Follow us on Instagram @mysteriousradio Follow us on TikTok mysteriousradioTikTok Follow us on Twitter @mysteriousradio Follow us on Pinterest Like us on Facebook Visit our website:
    12 June 2024, 2:40 am
  • 1 hour 13 minutes
    S9: Human Inferno: Spontaneous Combustion
    Tonight, my special guest is author and researcher Larry Arnold who's here to discuss his book called Ablaze. The book details his research into astonishing cases surrounding people who literally ignited and burned to ashes. Get his book now on Amazon. In this amazing book are hundreds of unbelievable examples of The Fire Within, culled from long-forgotten obscure medical journals and never-before-published interviews with witnesses to the impossible. What is the evidence? How do firemen react to mounds of human ashes found inside unburned buildings, even inside unscorched clothing? Are these merely "smoking mishaps" as coroners claim, or deaths far less easily explained away? Why do facts crying out for answers meet with suppression of evidence; denial; debunking? If no other explanation can resolve these human fireballs, then SHC must be added to the growing catalog of mystery ailments that plague mankind. Thus more questions are raised. Can the human body cremate itself biochemically? Or by its own electrical energy within? Is there a new form of energy (energies) being revealed that may herald limitless non-polluting power? What is the role of geography, quantum physics, and - indeed - human consciousness in outbreaks of SHC Show Us Some Love! Copy and Paste our link in a text message to a friend or family member:   Follow us on Instagram @mysteriousradio Follow us on TikTok mysteriousradioTikTok Follow us on Twitter @mysteriousradio Follow us on Pinterest Like us on Facebook   Want All Paranormal Episodes? Follow Our Podcast Paranormal Fears! Follow Paranormal Fears on Apple Podcasts Follow Paranormal Fears on Amazon Follow Paranormal Fears on Podcast Addict Follow Paranormal Fears on TuneIn Radio or in your favorite podcast app!
    12 June 2024, 2:27 am
  • 51 minutes 7 seconds
    S9: Ghosthunting Illinois (America's Haunted Road Trip)
    My special guest tonight is author John Kachuba here to discuss his book Haunted Illinois. Get the book Visit his website Lock the doors, draw the curtains, and light a candle as you join author John Kachuba on a guided tour of Illinois's most terrifyingly haunted places. Your hair-raising journey will take you to: • Old State Capital, Springfield -- Lincoln lay in state here before his burial in Oak Ridge Cemetery. Could his ghost haunt the spot where his body lay? • Harpo Studios, Chicago -- When the Eastland steamer capsized in 1915, the building served as a temporary morgue. Oprah's employees have encountered the ghosts of the victims, including the "Gray Lady" who floats through the halls. • And many more scary sites. Maps and travel information are provided to every haunted location for those brave enough to make the journey in person.
    10 June 2024, 7:55 pm
  • 55 minutes 25 seconds
    S9: Confessions of the Dead
    Tonight, my special guest is Barry Strohm returning to the show to discuss how he channeled famous people in history and what they revealed. Get his book.     Throughout history, individuals have planned events that have harmed others and some of these actions have become conspiracy theories and mysteries. Through spirit board communications with the other side, explore the details of 26 of the world’s most famous cases. Learn what President John Kennedy has to say about his own assassination and murder. Consider the words of General George Custer as he tells what happened at the Battle of the Little Big Horn—and who killed him. Find out about the murder of Abraham Lincoln and trace the strange events surrounding John Wilkes Booth. Discover secrets of Billy the Kid, Butch Cassidy, General George Patton, manipulation of the weather, the alien conspiracy, and much more. As you will soon see, the spirits on the other side know all and are willing to talk about it.   MEXICAN SPIRITUALISM    Beyond Death: Transition and the Afterlife Dr. Roger J. Woolger ‘He who dies before he dies, does not die when he dies’. Abraham of Santa Clara. ‘Zen has no other secrets than seriously thinking about birth and death’ Takeda Shingen ‘We are not dealing here with irreality. The mundus imaginalis is a world of autonomous forms and images...It is a perfectly real world preserving all the richness and diversity of the sensible world but in a spiritual state’. Henry Corbin By way of introduction I should say that I am a psychotherapist trained in Jungian psychoanalysis and various other modalities and that my current practice uses what is called ‘regression’ to early childhood, past life, inter-life and other transpersonal or ‘spiritual’ experiences. (In other contexts - see below - the word ‘regression’ can equally refer to what shamans call ‘journeying’) But I also hold degrees in the comparative phenomenology of religion, a subject that greatly illuminates the kind of areas that we are here today calling ‘beyond death’. Our starting point today has been the, by now, quite extensive documentation of so-called Near Death Experience (NDE); you have heard the detailed reports discussed by Dr. Fenwick’s and Dr. Powell’s reflections on similar experiences. It will already seem apparent that the scientific paradigm that seeks fully to explain such phenomena in materialistic terms is stretched beyond its limits. Not long ago, I saw a tape of a major British television program where a woman suffered a clinical NDE during an operation and reported, while ‘out of her body’ seeing an instrument in the operating room she could not possibly have seen while in her body and alive. Interesting and provocative as the discussion was, it was entirely limited to interviewing medical staff; no informed authorities on parapsychology (except a materialist sceptic), spiritualism, religious phenomena or metaphysics, specialists in thanatology, or experts from religious traditions were interviewed. Later I was told this is a policy decision of the television company! It is like a political discussion where only one party is invited to participate. What I want to show is that there is a vast amount of information about the phenomena of death, transition and ‘other worlds’ available to us that is much more sophisticated that most people realize, not just the widely known studies of Kenneth Ring and Raymond Moody on actual NDEs but also detailed cross-cultural comparisons of how different cultures experience and envision the afterlife, reports from shamans of ‘journeys’ to the spirit realms or realms of the dead, elaborate accounts of the soul’s port-mortem encounters, and movements from the Tibetan Buddhist and Indian traditions, as well as from my own field of past life regression, where thousands of accounts of death transition phenomena have been recorded.
    10 June 2024, 7:04 pm
  • 49 minutes 41 seconds
    S9: We Are Not Alone: The Extraordinary History of UFOs and Aliens Invading Our Hopes, Fears, and Fantasies
    My special guest tonight is author Mark Hartzman who's here to discuss his new book We Are Not Alone - The Extraordinary History of UFOs and Aliens Invading Our Hopes, Fears, and Fantasies. Pick up your copy now from Amazon! --- Do you want to believe? Explore our fascination with UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence through exclusive interviews, archival photos, and strange but true stories from history. After decades of cover-ups and denials, in a June 2021 report, the US government finally admitted what many people already knew: yes, UFOs are real, and no, we don’t know what (or who) they are. Writer and historian Marc Hartzman separates fact from fiction and provides a comprehensive tour through the skies, including: UFO sightings, from the famous to the obscure Alien abductions, including the Betty and Barney Hill abduction and the Pascagoula abduction Ancient aliens, from Biblical astronauts to the alien architects behind the pyramids Scientific evidence, including the “Wow!” radio signal and the interstellar ‘Oumuamua object Cover-ups and conspiracies, including the Roswell Incident and Area 51 Governmental and military findings, from Project Blue Book to reports of UFOs at nuclear weapons sites Deeply researched and highly entertaining, We Are Not Alone will inform and entertain anyone who’s ever doubted that we are really alone in the universe.
    10 June 2024, 5:40 am
  • 1 hour 9 minutes
    Mind Control and Hypnotic Suggestion
    Tonight, my special guest is Jonathan Royal who's here to discuss how mass hypnosis, social engineering and mind control tactics are being used on the entire world population.    
    8 June 2024, 5:40 pm
  • 48 minutes 30 seconds
    S9: Hauntings in Japan
    My special guest tonight is Thomas Bauerle who's here to discuss his book about hauntings in Japan. Buy the book.   Kanashibari: A ghost that comes to people in their sleep and holds them down so they can’t move. Often, besides being held immobile, the victim of a kanashibari will also hear voices, and be approached by various spiritual entities. Discover the seriously scary side of one of the oldest cultures in the world in this brand new spectral-packed paranormal release from author Thomas Bauerle! Kanashibari- True Encounters with the supernatural In Japan. If you are curious about the afterlife, you will find this book intriguing. You’ve read about poltergeists? You know about the Enfield Haunting? You know about Amityville? But what do you know about the ghosts of Japan? Thomas Bauerle provides us with story after terrifying story of true encounters with Japanese ghosts, spirits, poltergeist, and other scary phenomena including his own creepy experiences with the supernatural in his adopted home - Japan. Some of the events described in this book are so terrifying that they may live with you for several days. But if you are serious about educating yourself about the paranormal—this book has to be on your list. Let me ask you this. Do you want to experience real chills rolling down your spine? Yes? Then download your copy of Kanashibari – True Encounters With the Supernatural of Japan right now. And remember… only the strong survive…Includes Chapters on Gaijin and ghosts, Kanashibari, Japanese Seers, Japanese Ghostbusters, Family ghost encounters, haunted places in Japan, Kokkurisan, and ghostly footprints……Excerpts - We began to hear the sound of someone moving around upstairs when there was no one there. The sound of walking and furniture being moved. My body, arms, and legs couldn't move! And I couldn't breathe! And I had no voice to speak! A Zahiki-Warashi is a ghost that looks like a young child and inhabits your house. If you treat it kindly, it will bring good fortune to you and your household.
    7 June 2024, 11:31 pm
  • 43 minutes 38 seconds
    S9: Dark Matter Monsters: Cryptids, Ball Lightning, and the Science of Secret Lifeforms
    My special guest is Simeon Hein here to discuss his book called Dark Matter Monsters. You can add it to your collection now from Amazon from your local book store! - f Bigfoot is an Ancient Primate or an Undiscovered Human, why is the Creature Seen Around Balls of Light and Other Paranormal Phenomena? Thousands of people have witnessed bigfoot and other strange creatures for decades in North America and worldwide. In many cases, these encounters have been followed up and documented, including physical evidence by trained investigators. Is bigfoot an undiscovered primate, a relic hominid, or an alien species? And why are so many encounters also filled with unusual and extraordinary phenomena like luminosities, time slips, and telepathic interactions? Dark Matter Monsters examines critical, new scientific findings in coherent energy-matter and how these ideas help explain seemingly paranormal phenomena, like space-time anomalies and orbs, seen around creatures such as bigfoot and other mysterious cryptids. Are cryptids related to ball lightning and orbs? Coherent matter was a subject of interest to inventor Nicola Tesla over one hundred years ago and many researchers, such as Fleischmann and Pons, who did cold fusion experiments at the University of Utah in the late 1980s. Japanese, American and Russian scientists like Takaaki Matsumoto, Kenneth Shoulders, and Alexander Parkhomov have seen similar results. Discover: What often happens right before a bigfoot encounter and why How bigfoot creatures can morph or become invisible How social stigma prevents us from talking about these phenomena Sudden temperature changes around bigfoot, orbs, and UFOs The connection between the Fifth State of Matter and ball lightning Strange space-time anomalies experienced around bigfoot creatures How a Midwestern town in the US mysteriously suffered a short-term total electromagnetic collapse How weird gravitational effects are caused by ball lightning Unexplained camera and battery failure around cryptids and crop circles Why a Pentagon Program called AAWSAP researched cryptids at Skinwalker Ranch The book begins with a look at cosmological dark matter, which has yet to be identified but appears to occupy some 34 percent of the universe as a source of cryptids' strange and remarkable abilities. One candidate for explaining dark matter is relic neutrinos produced in huge quantities during the Big Bang. Relic neutrinos interact with biological organisms on Earth and might explain why creatures like bigfoot seem to possess remarkable abilities such as extraordinary speed, strength, cloaking, and can generate orbs and ball lightning. The author also delves into how coherent matter relates to fractals, the Pentagon's AAWSAP Program, research at Skinwalker Ranch, and sudden battery and technology malfunctions around cryptids, cold fusion/LENR experiments, and crop circles. Other subjects covered include how social stigma is attached to these and related topics like Unexplained Aerial Phenomena (UAP) encountered by the US Navy and why that makes it harder for witnesses to report such encounters. It contains new witness accounts of cryptid encounters, never shared before.
    7 June 2024, 5:48 am
  • 42 minutes 55 seconds
    S9: Secrets of Coral Castle
    Tonight, I am honored to host author Rusty McClure as our special guest. Rusty will delve into the intriguing mystery surrounding Edward Leedskalnin and shed light on the fascinating possibility of him utilizing ancient knowledge to levitate massive stones for the construction of Coral Castle.
    7 June 2024, 5:31 am
  • 53 minutes 47 seconds
    S9: Hidden History: Ancient Aliens and the Suppressed Origins of Civilization
    Tonight, we have the pleasure of welcoming Jim Willis to the show. Jim will be delving into his groundbreaking research on the true origins of humankind. His new book delves into this fascinating subject and is now available on Amazon. Do we, the human species, really know who we are or where we came from or how we originated or our place in the cosmos? Or is much of what we have been taught wrong or misguided or possibly even blatant lies intended to keep people in power and everyone else in line?  Exploring alternative theories on the establishment of society and civilization, Hidden History: Ancient Aliens and the Suppressed Origins of Civilization looks at a variety of dissenting, suppressed, and forbidden accounts of history and the origins of humanity. It takes a broad and inclusive survey of historical documents, various theories, and a wide array of perspectives to explore what conventional wisdom might have gotten right and wrong.  The book serves as a useful introduction into the suppressed accounts of the origins of modern civilization. It combines cutting-edge science with metaphysical, spiritual, and even paranormal views, daring to ask whether there might be a better explanation for humanity’s existence and the origins of civilization than the current scientific consensus.  Hidden History looks at the multiverse and parallel dimensions, the ancient alien theory, metaphysics, and hypotheses beyond physical perception, the eleven dimensions of string theory, radio telescopes that penetrate to the event horizon of our universe, mathematical equations that take us where no one has gone before, and the world-wide sharing of experiences old and new that speak of long forgotten ancient mythologies that reveal historical truths.  With more than 120 photos and graphics, this tome is richly illustrated. Its helpful bibliography provides sources for further exploration, and an extensive index adds to its usefulness. This fascinating book is a thorough investigation and examination of the mysteries surrounding early civilizations, their myths, legends, histories, monuments—and lasting legacies.
    7 June 2024, 5:11 am
  • 52 minutes 50 seconds
    S9: Road To Strange: UFO's, Aliens & High Strangeness
    Tonight, my special guest is Michael Brein returning to discuss his book The Road To Strange: UFO's, Aliens and High Strangeness.   Are aliens among us?   In this collection, “The Road to Strange” takes you straight into the heart of one of humanity’s biggest mysteries: the alien presence on Earth.   Open the pages to more than 40 compelling eyewitness accounts, many never-before published, attesting to personal encounters with alien beings and their craft. The stories come from all over the world and from witnesses in all walks of life – people just like you. Every story is followed by an insightful commentary that explores our involvement with alien beings – and why.   Read about: •Close encounters with craft that defy explanations •Face-to-face experiences with aliens, including abductions •The hybrid human-alien presence on Earth •Men In Black, missing time, time slips and crop circles   Co-authors Michael Brein, “The Travel Psychologist,” and Rosemary Ellen Guiley, author of more than 65 books on the mysterious and strange, combine their expertise to break new ground in extraordinary experiences. They are co-authors of "The Road to Strange: Travel Tales of the Paranormal and Beyond."
    5 June 2024, 6:51 pm
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