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Welcome to the "To all the People Podcast," A podcast that covers surviving adversity, being the first gen, overcoming work obstacles, and stepping into your calling. This season is dedicated to being an "F.O.D." First only and Different, and It's about navigating a white world, overcoming generational trauma, and finding joy when things don't seem very joyful. With a wide range of special guests, we'll discuss topics such as Roe V Wade, tokenization, navigating PCOS, and asking for your worth. Life is hard; it can be comical, sad, overwhelming, and then happy again. However, Janell (your virtual big sister) and #1 best-selling author and content creator is here to make you feel safe and understood. Follow Janell on her Socials: -Instagram: @Janell_roberts -TikTok: @Janell.roberts -YouTube: @JanellRoberts

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    Failure has to be apart of you achieving your DREAMS; How I found the courage to keep going + My journey of becoming a business owner

    How to find the courage to keep going when you find yourself failing at your dreams. Today your host Janell discusses her journey of starting her own. This episode is raw, foreboding and unexpected.

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    17 June 2024, 10:00 am
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    Vent Less and Pray More; How to Recenter yourself after being derailed from your dreams

    Vent less and Pray more. Today your host goes over the importance of reentering yourself after being derailed from your dreams.

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    10 June 2024, 10:00 am
  • 36 minutes 35 seconds
    How to forgive yourself, after Friend Betrayal Trauma

    God, I'm losing all of my friends, while my life continues to elevate. Today we dive deep into what it means to experience betrayal trauma. Often it is easier for people to project their own insecurities onto you, instead of looking inward. Unfortunately, most of us become an easy scapegoat for peoples internalized insecurities. In this episode we dive deep on the importance of learning to forgive yourself after betrayal.

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    3 June 2024, 10:01 am
  • 47 minutes 18 seconds
    Your identity has to crumble in order to find yourself, Says Somalian Influencer Bahja; he discusses standing in your truth but staying grounded within your faith

    Sometimes your Identity has to crumble in order to find yourself; Today we have none other than Bahja Abdi who uses her platform to help others unlock their full potential. Bahja discusses the not so pretty awakening that comes with losing your identity in order to unlock your own unique voice.

    Identity Loss can feel challenging, and abrupt; but here are so key steps, of combating these life changes.

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    27 May 2024, 10:01 am
  • 27 minutes 21 seconds
    How to reset your mind, in order to connect to yourself.

    This year is already kicking most of our behinds! It seems as though so many of are mourning a past version of who we are and who we've been. Today, your host goes in depth about the importance of connecting back to yourself, by doing manual work, yes manual work. This is a great restart for anyone struggle to get back on track!

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    29 April 2024, 10:01 am
  • 21 minutes 34 seconds
    I've been making people upset most of my life because I know how to Stand my GROUND! People will hate you, because when they see you, they see what they lack in.

    People will hate you because when they see you, they see what they lack in. So in order to be close they will befriend you in order to surveillance you. Give them grace, because they will never see their own greatness. I’ve always been a good scapegoat for people, I’ve always been easy to blame for people. So if you're going through a similar issue, this episode is for you <3

    22 April 2024, 10:00 am
  • 27 minutes 26 seconds
    Its time for a Mental Detox; Step 1 to focusing on things that actually matter

    You deserve a mental detox from all of the nuances that are pushing you further and further away from your goals. Today is different from our usual Podcast, This is conversation centered around self awareness and letting go. Today we push you to ask yourself the question, "am I distracted from my goals?" "am I allowing things to distract me?" Today we cover all of the social programming that oftentimes make it difficult for us to see ourselves.

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    8 April 2024, 10:00 am
  • 59 minutes 52 seconds
    Bravo’s Summer House Martha’s Vineyard Bria Fleming; People will hate the confident Black Woman who knows her worth;

    There is an unfortunate challenge that comes with being a Black Woman who knows her worth! This week we're joined by none other than the queen of Black Girl Luxury herself, Bria Fleming. Bria is notably known for her role on Bravo's hit show Martha's Vineyard; Where she shares her journey of learning how to overcome self doubt. Most of you have probably seen her on your FYP living her best life at Cannes Film Festival, or Paris. Bria is the perfect depiction of what it means to be Black, bold and beautiful. This episode is filled with so many gems, where she discusses the importance of protesting for your own self and stepping into your calling. Most importantly, this episode is for the little girl who may feel like her dreams are too big.

    25 March 2024, 5:01 am
  • 29 minutes 51 seconds
    YOU are so POWERFUL that your “Enemies” will come together just to FEEL CLOSE to YOU, This is what happens when you hurt other peoples ego; Let go of Ego and focus on Dignity

    They will lie on your name. They will make up stories. They will rally up troops, but most importantly they will do everything in their power to try to destroy you. Their ego wounds is not YOUR responsibility, but sometimes your enemies will come to come together just to FEEL CLOSE TO YOU. The victory of letting go of people pleasing tendencies, often comes with challenges of doubt from outsiders. Life without challenges, isn't a life at all - just know that you are powerful enough to get through it <3

    18 March 2024, 2:12 pm
  • 27 minutes 54 seconds
    You are worthy of achieving your dreams; But Be Weary of people who will try to Life Swap With you.

    Be Weary of people who will try to Life Swap With you; who will try to make your dreams their own. Sometimes, when we sent clear boundaries we experience backlash. Here are signs that someone is life swapping with you

    11 March 2024, 5:01 am
  • 53 minutes 46 seconds
    You miss the shots you don't take! I went from being broke to making a Million a Year; Becoming Alina Benun and owning one of the Top Influencing Agencies in the Country.

    From Real estate, to being broke, to starting her own company V1sion Ventures; Alina Benun discusses her journey of overcoming depression, moving with intention and stepping into her calling.

    From representing talent, like Keith Lee, Ronnie Lee (Myself) and so Many others. I am so honored and blessed to have none other than my bestie/ manager on our podcast today to discuss how to overcome doubt and loss. She also discusses the importance of acting on your dreams, living in the now and letting go of any uncertainty. This one is for anyone who is struggling to take that leap of faith when it comes to starting that business or chasing that dream.

    So turn the volume up and lets get into this weeks episode.

    4 March 2024, 1:30 pm
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