Cheer Incorporated


This news outlet is launching a new format dedicated to amplifying our ongoing coverage of the Rockstar Cheer revulsion - a scandal of escalating proportion which has its point of origin in the socially conservative Upstate region of South Carolina.This is one of the most important stories our news outlet is ever going to cover ... and like the 'Murdaugh Murders’ crime and corruption saga, I want to make sure we are covering it right.The new format to which I am referring is called Cheer Incorporated - a podcast written and produced by myself, research director Jenn Wood and director of special projects Dylan Nolan.Narrated by Wood and directed by Nolan, Cheer Incorporated takes listeners inside the alleged "factory of abuse” functioning just under the surface of the cheerleading industry in the United States."As a mom, this story is more personal to me than most,” Wood said. "Our primary role as parents is to protect our kids and we often rely on organizations like Varsity, U.S. All Star Federation and USA Cheer to help us ensure our kids are safe doing something they love. To see the glaring failures of these organizations when it comes to the safety and wellbeing of millions of kids is one of the most frightening revelations I’ve ever had as a mother.”"Speaking with survivors who are the same age as my daughter is truly heartbreaking,” Wood continued. "Then to learn that the individuals in charge seemingly prioritized profit over the safety of millions of children - I was disgusted.”For most people - including this author - the Cheer Incorporated scandal began on August 22, 2022 when 49-year-old Scott Foster died by suicide in his vehicle at Paris Mountain state park just north of Greenville. At the time of his death, Foster was the focus of a criminal investigation into multiple allegations of alleged sexual misconduct. That inquiry is ongoing – and is being led by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS)’s special investigations unit (HSI) with support fr

  • 12 January 2023, 9:00 am

    Cheer Sexual Abuse Survivor Interview - Victoria Shares Her Story

    52 minutes 47 seconds
  • 5 January 2023, 10:00 pm

    Carolina to California - More Allegations of Abuse

    23 minutes 27 seconds
  • 22 December 2022, 9:00 pm

    Legal Drama Escalates - Cheer Attorney Amy Gaffney Interview

    19 minutes 21 seconds
  • 15 December 2022, 9:00 am

    A Path Forward: Twins’ Mom Kristen Gives Cheer Abuse Victims Advice

    56 minutes 52 seconds
  • 8 December 2022, 8:00 pm

    "Our Hands Are Tied"

    51 minutes 2 seconds
  • 1 December 2022, 6:00 pm

    Army of Enablers

    26 minutes 26 seconds
  • 24 November 2022, 9:00 am

    The Why

    40 minutes 40 seconds
  • 17 November 2022, 9:00 am

    The Village

    21 minutes 39 seconds
  • 10 November 2022, 9:00 am

    Bye Week

    3 minutes 16 seconds
  • 3 November 2022, 8:00 am


    21 minutes 33 seconds
  • 27 October 2022, 8:00 am

    Standing Up Alone - Twins' Mom Kristen Shares Her Story

    1 hour 2 minutes
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