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You can change your life and Mel Robbins will show you how. Mel is in a category all her own. As one of the most widely booked and followed podcast hosts and authors in the world, she’s sought after by the world’s leading brands and medical professionals for her research-backed tools and motivation. And, at the same time, Mel has amassed millions of followers online, with her advice going viral online almost daily. Her female-led media company produces provocative, life-changing content, with millions of books sold, billions of video views, six #1 audiobooks, and the #1 podcast on Audible. Her work has been translated into 41 languages and has changed the lives of millions of people worldwide. And despite all that, Mel is one of the most down to earth and relatable people you’ll ever know. Probably because she learned everything she teaches the hard way: by first screwing up her own life, and out of necessity, discovering the tools and research that transformed her life and got her to where she is today. In the Mel Robbins Podcast, Mel gets more personal than ever, welcoming you into her life and taking you behind the scenes in real time. Every episode is packed with deeply relatable topics, tactical advice, hilarious screwups, compelling conversations, and the tools and inspiration you need to create a better life. Tune in and buckle up – your life is about to change. New episodes of The Mel Robbins Podcast drop every Monday and Thursday. To learn more about Mel, go deeper into every episode, find the resources and research she mentions, or submit a topic or question, check out

  • 29 May 2023, 4:05 am

    The “Let Them Theory”: A Life Changing Mindset Hack That 15 Million People Can’t Stop Talking About

    46 minutes 5 seconds
  • 25 May 2023, 4:05 am

    6 Signs You’re Disconnected From Your Power and How to Get It Back: Life-Changing Advice From the Remarkable Dr. Thema Bryant

    51 minutes 21 seconds
  • 22 May 2023, 4:05 am

    4 Simple Ways to Stop Giving a Sh*t About What Other People Think of You

    58 minutes 26 seconds
  • 18 May 2023, 4:05 am

    How To Help Anyone In Your Life Who’s Struggling - Fantastic Strategies From A Yale-Educated Psychologist

    1 hour 19 minutes
  • 15 May 2023, 4:05 am

    The Best Years of Your Life Are Ahead of You: A No BS Approach to Feeling Stuck

    50 minutes 39 seconds
  • 11 May 2023, 4:05 am

    FBI Trained Expert Explains How to Read Body Language

    1 hour 11 minutes
  • 8 May 2023, 4:05 am

    Stop Trying to "Trust Your Gut." Do This Instead. Works Way Better!

    44 minutes 21 seconds
  • 4 May 2023, 4:05 am

    How to Make Hard Choices: Practical Tips for When Sh*t Gets Real

    41 minutes 54 seconds
  • 1 May 2023, 4:05 am

    Are You an “Over” or “Under” Functioner? A Hilarious and Helpful Guide to YOUR Stress Style

    50 minutes 24 seconds
  • 27 April 2023, 4:05 am

    You’ve Got Money All Wrong: A Step by Step Guide to Living a Rich Life

    1 hour 17 minutes
  • 24 April 2023, 4:05 am

    Incredible Research From Harvard: 4 Simple Tools to Conquer Your Fear

    53 minutes 42 seconds
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