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The Horny Housewife is the couples locker room talk, take notes. Your host Jordyn Hakes is raw, unfiltered and a bit salacious, discussing all things sex, the realities of marriage, & answering YOUR burning questions while always protecting anonymity....

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    191- How to make him want me again, Too young for vanilla sex & Sensory Play; Flogging

    Todays topic; SENSORY PLAY- flogging, temp play, audio erotica & more..... Todays listener question include a wife in search of mildly toxic ways to get her husband to "want" to initiate again. Another listener is a husband (26) who has been with his gf ten years- sex is not as often as he would like and there is a lack of communication surrounding sex; they have no kids and I sure do have an opinion=) Lastly we have a female listeners whose man kisses his best friends GIRL on the lips....he says they have a "special bond" and I think he is a special kind of ~shit~. TUNE IN NOW=))

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    15 July 2024, 7:00 am
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    190- BJ vs Sex, Do Women or Men Age Better & Painful Sex Probs

    Do men like blowjobs or sex better!??! How does aging change our perspective and who gets sexier with time?! Let's discuss. Todays listener Q's include a wife who notices her man make a bathroom trip every single time before the deed- and she has a feeling he isn't peeing. Another listener is struggling with PE and learned about edging; only issue is his wife admitted sex has become routinely painful! Make sure you check out the patreon for bonus weekly EP + audio erotica!

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    8 July 2024, 7:00 am
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    189- faking orgasms, a beginners guide to anal beads & 5 tips to achieve a G-Spot Orgasm

    Lets talk faking orgasms- why do women do it- even when we mean well and know whats right...sometimes faking it happens, and i'll tell you why=) #confession Today we have a listener q follow up- a man whose wife is dancing the line in terms of 'emotional affair' imo and he's clarifying whats really gone down and what panned out post confronting her after listening to my response! Today's listener questions include a postpartum wifey whose husband is ready to be intimate but there is a problem; she feels NADA, not only is she worried things might be different down there- but there is also a big lack of sensation going on! What is a wifey who wants to get down but isn't really in the mood to do?! Today's topic of ze hour; 5 tips to aide in your quest for a G-spot Orgasm..spoiler; its mental baby.

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    1 July 2024, 7:00 am
  • 1 hour 8 minutes
    188- emotional affairs, keeping your wife horny & Q&A; the listeners ask ME =)

    Today we chat your probs ( a boderline emotional affair, a wife who ditches the sexy vibe post date and how to keep her goin) plus today i am answering a personal Q&A asked by the listeners on social media. Everything from how the pod started, how i met my husband to what is a kink i used to be ashamed of and have I ever had a threesome. Tune in now =)

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    24 June 2024, 10:04 pm
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    187- Cuckquean roleplay, a bi-curious husband & breeding confidence in your woman.

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    17 June 2024, 7:00 am
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    186- post nut clarity, a voyeur fantasy & the listeners tell all; "my type."

    I polled the listeners & you told me your type; you did not hold back ( get ready to have your feelings possibly hurt=) )Today revisiting a past listener question about losing interest in a "fantasy" post climax; and other "post nut clarity" situations. The men educated us and told us what really goes down after (&during) the deed mentally.

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    10 June 2024, 7:00 am
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    185- the lack of blowjobs, cum fetish's & astrology in the bedroom ft. Stefanie Iris Weiss


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    3 June 2024, 7:00 am
  • 1 hour 2 minutes
    184- delayed ejaculation, a poly couple with opposing "taste", & what ACTUALLY turns women on!

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    27 May 2024, 7:08 pm
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    183- Does Distance Make the Sex Hotter or Out of Sight Out of Mind?

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    20 May 2024, 7:00 am
  • 49 minutes 19 seconds
    182- Anorgasmia, Sex-less Marriages and How To; Nipple Play

    Let's talk nipple play! For all nipples; sensitive and not! Todays listener questions include a woman who has never had an orgasm (possibly due to past relationship trauma) and now is in a new fun sexy relationship and she desires TO GET OFF; whats an anorgasmic girl to do?! Another listener has been in a long marriage where the last 4 years have been sexless; he is ready to confront the issue- how to? One husband was caught subscribing to only fans and lost trust in his relationship ands gone down hill since; he wants to share his desires/fantasies but worries she wont be able to handle; how does he communicate his desires? Like audio erotica? Want more episodes from THH? JOIN THE PATREON. Bonus content uploaded weekly.

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    13 May 2024, 7:00 am
  • 53 minutes 45 seconds
    181- A Working Woman's Low Libido & The Importance of Aftercare

    Today lets talk Aftercare- it isn't just for the BDSM community or just post coital check in after kink play. Aftercare is for everyone; and the benefits are aplenty. The smallest addition of aftercare can deepen intimacy and breed confidence in your relationship at any stage. Todays listener questions include; a man that is experience the slow down of sex that comes with kids and being together 7 years; he wonders if this is the time to discuss opening the relationship. One husband has the role of super dad down, his wife who works very hard for her family is struggling- to feel desire, to feel energy, to be present with her kids...all the things. She has mentioned divorce and it smells of self sabotoge. Super dad loves his wife and wants to know how he can change her perspective and get his lover back. Lastly a woman who loves mixing it up for her man is wanting to know how to go about sex with a husband who has a bad back- specifically an injured back- sex feels limited and she still wants to have fun! Tune in for more=)

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    6 May 2024, 7:30 pm
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