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An ongoing exploration of history’s most unusual and the macabre themes. Each 13-episode season unpacks a new topic in fresh format and style. Presented and executive produced by Aaron Mahnke. Season 1: "Sideshow", is all about the history behind one of America's most bizarre institutions, the traveling sideshow.

  • 32 minutes 50 seconds
    The Wild West 13: Hollywood

    We didn’t become fascinated with the Wild West until Hollywood gave us gunfights at high noon and heroic outlaws. 

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    22 December 2023, 8:01 am
  • 24 minutes 23 seconds
    The Wild West 12: Outlaws

     When we think of the Wild West, we conjure up certain characters in our imaginations. But none are more iconic than the outlaw.

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    8 December 2023, 8:01 am
  • 25 minutes 37 seconds
    The Wild West 11: Gender in the West

    Hollywood portrays the Wild West as a tough man’s world. Yet, there were some who refused to be labeled. 

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    24 November 2023, 8:01 am
  • 24 minutes 31 seconds
    The Wild West 10: Women’s Work

    The post office has a saying about mail delivery in all kinds of weather. Meet Mary, a mail carrier in the West whose story is nothing short of a Western novel. 

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    10 November 2023, 8:01 am
  • 25 minutes 38 seconds
    The Wild West 9: Doomtowns

    Gold. New lives. Second chances. The West provided many opportunities. But conquering the land often came at a high cost. Here’s the story of one of the most well-known families on the frontier: the Ingalls. 

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    27 October 2023, 7:01 am
  • 25 minutes 13 seconds
    The Wild West 8: Transit

     Getting from East to West was difficult, especially for those who chose the Oregon Trail. Survival meant timing their passage and path just right. Those who didn’t served as a dire warning to others.  

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    13 October 2023, 7:01 am
  • 26 minutes 24 seconds
    The Wild West 7: Uprising

    With westward expansion came the Homestead Act. What followed was nothing short of horrific for the people already occupying the land.

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    29 September 2023, 7:01 am
  • 23 minutes 28 seconds
    The Wild West 6: Tales of the West

    From Stetson hats to barbed wire, this episode sheds some light on little-known Wild West icons and how they came to be. 

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    15 September 2023, 7:31 am
  • 27 minutes 25 seconds
    The Wild West 5: Mountain Meadows Massacre

    The French, Spanish, and the Americans believed that heading west was a divine calling. This is the story of when beliefs cross the line into territory more dangerous than the land itself.

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    1 September 2023, 7:01 am
  • 24 minutes 46 seconds
    The Wild West 4: East Meets West

    The Gold Rush became a beacon of hope for many. They headed West to seek their fortunes. But Americans weren’t the only ones looking for a better life.  

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    18 August 2023, 7:01 am
  • 30 minutes 12 seconds
    The Wild West 3: Trail of Tears

     One of the most horrific times in history came when treaties and deals with Native Americans were broken. In 1836, US troops rounded up Cherokee tribes with acts of extreme violence and forced them across the country. 

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    4 August 2023, 7:01 am
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