Affirmations for Black Girls

Tyra The Creative

The Affirmations for Black Girls Podcast creates a safe space for women who may be suppressing their feelings. It’s a space where they can be open with themselves. Providing emotional support and encouragement to Black girls that have encountered things they don’t yet feel comfortable sharing with friends, family, or the world. AFBG discusses all things relationships, faith, careers, self love and personal development, whilst helping others to reflect on their own life’s journey and think about how they’re feeling in order to move forward in a healthy manner.

  • 22 May 2023, 6:49 am

    Dating In Your Late 20's. Recognizing & Acknowledging Your Own 'Red Flags' When Dating & Refusing To "Put Yourself On The Shelf" After A Break Up.

    38 minutes 3 seconds
  • 14 May 2023, 1:00 pm

    Releasing Doubt, Fear, and Worry by Finding New Ways to Be Present In The Moment. Learning How to 'Savor' Experiences. Practical Steps to Implement into Daily Life to Be More Mindful.

    31 minutes 42 seconds
  • 8 May 2023, 5:51 am

    REWIND: Finding Healthy Boundaries in Dating and Romantic Relationships, Exercising Effective Communication, Exploring Non-Negotiables & Deal Breakers and Learning How & When to Set Clearer Boundaries

    37 minutes 9 seconds
  • 23 April 2023, 4:02 pm

    Burn Out | Learning Ways To Overcome & Work Through Burn Out As A Black Woman with Kelley Bonner of The Black Girl Burnout Podcast

    47 minutes 8 seconds
  • 16 April 2023, 4:38 pm

    Journaling to Increase Your Self-Awareness & Learning How to Release Self-Criticism & Start Choosing Self-Love. Looking Within For Answers To Your Problems.

    33 minutes 20 seconds
  • 10 April 2023, 6:48 am

    6 Life Lessons I Learned From All of My Past Romantic Relationships. Leaning Into Reflection and Self Awareness After a Break Up. Rediscovering YOU through Experience.

    48 minutes 4 seconds
  • 26 March 2023, 1:00 pm

    REWIND: Finding YOURSELF in Singleness, Becoming THAT Girl, Celebrating YOU because YOU ARE the Occasion, and Romanticizing the Little Things in Daily Life

    20 minutes 32 seconds
  • 20 March 2023, 4:34 am

    Why Disappointments are a Gift from God. How Unmet Expectations Provide Clarity & Strength. Weathering the Storm of Disappointment & Learning How to Heal After Major Disappointments in Life.

    49 minutes 7 seconds
  • 17 March 2023, 11:44 pm

    What is 'Soft Girl' Era? How Can I Be A Soft Girl? Entering Our Soft-Girl Era as Black Women, Learning How To Redefine Our Identity, and Embracing Femininity With Confidence.

    54 minutes 52 seconds
  • 6 February 2023, 2:46 am

    REWIND: Finding Joy in a Reset, Practicing Being Mindful of your Physical Space & Mental Space, & Implementing 'Mini Resets" into your Weekly Routine

    26 minutes 22 seconds
  • 30 January 2023, 3:14 am

    Being Comfortable With Being Alone. Changing Your Mindset About Loneliness. Learning Who You Are & Starting Your Self Discovery Journey. Alone Does NOT Mean Lonely.

    41 minutes 53 seconds
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