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  • 7 minutes 33 seconds
    Warren Buffett’s Top Holdings and Thoughts on EV Market

    In this clip of Market Mondays, hosts Ian Dunlap, Troy Millings, and Rashad Bilal dive deep into Warren Buffett's top ten holdings and discuss the implications of his investment strategies. As the Oracle of Omaha becomes a net seller of Apple stock, the hosts explore which companies he continues to invest in and why they might be a wiser choice for long-term investments. From American Express to Moody's, and the surprising addition of Occidental Petroleum, they shed light on Buffett's diversified portfolio and his leanings towards financial services and insurance companies like Chubb and GEICO.

    The conversation takes an interesting turn as they discuss the potential future of the electric vehicle (EV) market, particularly China's role in it. Ian and Troy debate whether China's EV companies, such as BYD, might overtake Tesla if the latter doesn't adapt quickly. They also touch on the challenges and costs associated with owning an EV, sharing personal experiences and examining the broader economic implications, including tariffs and reliance on petroleum.

    Additionally, the hosts discuss the impact of political decisions on the automotive and tech industries, noting how tariffs and international relations might shape the future of EV production and innovation. The episode concludes with a broader discussion on the changing landscape of global industries, the performance of companies like Rivian and Nikola, and the evolving standards of what makes a compelling, high-performing vehicle in today's market.

    Join us for a packed episode full of insights, debates, and expert analysis on the ever-changing world of investments, automotive innovation, and global economic trends.

    #MarketMondays #WarrenBuffett #Investing #Stocks #Finance #Apple #AmericanExpress #Moody's #OccidentalPetroleum #EV #ElectricVehicles #China #Tesla #BYD #Tariffs #Economy #InvestmentStrategy

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    29 May 2024, 1:00 pm
  • 2 hours 4 minutes
    MM #210: NVIDIA's Stock Split: When Should You Buy, Other A.I. Stocks, & The Inner Workings of the Treasury

    Join us for an insightful Market Mondays discussion as we tackle some of the most pressing questions in the financial world today. Is the market rigged to stay at an all-time high, or should we brace for a pullback? We'll delve into where the market is headed from here and share our end-of-year targets for the S&P 500 and Nasdaq.

    We'll also discuss AMD's stock price in the wake of Nvidia's 10:1 split. Is this the best time to buy NVDA, and should we consider selling AMD and TSM from our portfolios? We’ll explore whether Nvidia could eventually become the number one company in the world and if it should be added to the Dow.

    In this segment, we interviewed Wally Adeyero and Rep. Lauren Underwood about the Treasury Department's latest moves. Should we expect a market crash or correction following the presidential election, and how will the market react based on the outcome?

    We'll also evaluate investment opportunities in companies like Archer and discuss the impact of SpaceX on Tesla, comparing which of the two might be a better investment. Additionally, we'll identify the three most overhyped sectors in investing right now: EV, biopharma, and weed stocks.

    In our "Dead or Alive" segment, we analyze the prospects of companies like KLAC, KO, Ralph Lauren, TPR, FSLR, EOG, CNC, and INCY. Lastly, we'll consider whether Trump genuinely believes in crypto after his previous criticisms and discuss the implications of delaying the retirement age to maximize Social Security benefits.

    #MarketMondays #Investing #StockMarket #Nvidia #AMD #TSM #S&P500 #Nasdaq #Election2024 #Retirement #Crypto #Finance #WealthManagement #SpaceX #Tesla #Archer #OverhypedSectors

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    28 May 2024, 4:45 am
  • 11 minutes 7 seconds
    Vice President Kamala Harris Discusses Economic Opportunities and Historic Inequities

    In this enlightening clip of EYL, hosts Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings engage Vice President Kamala Harris in a deep dive into the current administration's efforts to foster economic opportunities for all, particularly focusing on communities of color. VP Harris discusses several pivotal issues, starting with the economic opportunity tour initiated from her interactions with entrepreneurs at the White House, aimed at amplifying awareness about available resources.

    The Vice President highlights the administration's success in reducing Black unemployment to historic lows and discusses their broader agenda to not just create jobs but also to enhance opportunities for wealth generation across communities. She acknowledges the guidance and influence of Ambassador Andy Young and emphasizes the combined focus on civil rights and economic agenda to achieve true equality.

    Further delving into historical disparities, VP Harris addresses systemic issues like redlining, biased home appraisals, and the inequitable implementation of the GI Bill benefits among Black veterans. She also outlines concerted efforts towards improving access to capital through initiatives like the Economic Opportunity Coalition and adjustments to policies affecting student loans and medical debt, aiming to lessen economic burdens and promote fairness.

    Troy Millings steers the conversation towards the role of urban renewal policies and their detrimental effects on communities of color, to which VP Harris responds with insights into how the administration's infrastructure bill aims to mend such historical fractures, citing specific plans for Atlanta’s infrastructural rejuvenation that seeks to reconnect communities and boost local economies.

    Join us on this informative journey that not only sheds light on government initiatives but also ignites hope for equitable economic futures.


    #EYL #VicePresidentHarris #EconomicOpportunity #TownHall #KamalaHarris #CommunityDevelopment #InfrastructureBill #EquityAndInclusion #UrbanRenewal #HistoricInequities #EconomicGrowth #SocialJustice #PolicyChange #GovernmentInitiatives

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    24 May 2024, 1:00 pm
  • 7 minutes 40 seconds
    The Roadmap to Building Detroit's Future

    Join hosts Troy Millings, Rashad Bilal, and guest Kofi Bonner in this enlightening episode of Market Mondays Medium as they delve into the intricacies of urban development, community growth, and the 'for more than profit' model. Our special guest, Kofi Bonner, the CEO of Bedrock, shares his vision and experiences in transforming Detroit and Cleveland into thriving, inclusive cities. Learn about the importance of understanding how cities work, municipal finance, and the public-private partnerships essential for long-term urban development. Whether you're an aspiring urban developer or simply interested in the future of our cities, this episode offers valuable insights and inspiration. Don't miss out on hearing about real estate's transformative power and the role of strong community involvement in sustainable city growth.

    #UrbanDevelopment #CommunityGrowth #ForMoreThanProfit #KofiBonner #BedrockDetroit #RealEstate #CityPlanning #PublicPrivatePartnerships #Detroit #Cleveland #MarketMondays

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    22 May 2024, 1:00 pm
  • 1 hour 51 minutes
    MM #209: Future of AI, Robinhood's Plan To Change Finance, Politics, & Next-Level Stock Trading ft Vlad Tenev

    Welcome back to Market Mondays! In this episode, we dive into some hot topics and timely discussions:

    1. **Chat GPT 40 Demonstration**: What do you think of the recent Chat GPT 40 demo? How innovative is this update for the company?

    2. **Dow Hits Record High**: The Dow closed above $40,000, marking a five-week win streak. What are your top 5 favorite companies in the Dow for starting a new portfolio?

    3. **Warren Buffett's Portfolio**: With Warren Buffett being a net seller of Apple stock, which companies in his top 10 holdings do you like the most? (Apple, Bank of America, American Express, Coca-Cola, Chevron, Oxy, Kraft Heinz, Moody’s, Chubb, Davita)

    4. **China and the EV Market**: Do you believe China will ultimately lead the EV space?

    5. **Netflix's NFL Games**: Netflix announced two NFL games on Christmas. If you had to go long on two companies and short two for the next few years, which would they be?

    6. **Our DC Trip**: Insights and lessons learned from our recent trip to Washington, D.C.

    7. **Futures Trading Tip**: What's your futures trading tip of the week?

    8. **Research Tools**: What are your three favorite research tools to gain an edge in the market?

    9. **Gold Prices**: With gold at a record high, what's a good price to buy in?

    10. **Option Trade of the Month**: What option trade do you like for this month?

    We also have a special interview with Vlad Tenev, where we discuss:

    - Robinhood's recent Q1 earnings report

    - Record net deposits and asset inflows

    - The Robinhood Gold Card and its unique features

    - Growth in Robinhood Retirement

    - Strategies for expanding product offerings

    - Robinhood's vision for financial autonomy and customer engagement

    - Focus on the active trader market and increasing wallet share

    - International expansion plans

    - Evolution of Robinhood's role in the crypto trading space

    Don't miss this insightful discussion!

    #MarketMondays #Investing #StockMarket #Robinhood #Crypto #FinancialFreedom #InvestFest #Gold #OptionsTrading #WarrenBuffett #DowJones #EVMarket #Netflix #ResearchTools #FinanceTips #FutureTrading

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    21 May 2024, 3:00 am
  • 4 minutes 15 seconds
    Crisis at Peloton: Can The Company Ever Recover?

    In this clip of Market Mondays, hosts Rashad Bilal, Troy Millings, and Ian Dunlap discuss the recent developments at Peloton following the resignation of CEO Barry McCarthy. The conversation dives deep into Peloton's decision to cut 15% of its workforce and the strategic shifts the company is making amid challenging times. The hosts critically analyze whether there remain any viable investment opportunities in Peloton’s stocks given its current market performance and future prospects.

    The hosts also explore comparisons with other companies and the broader market implications of such corporate restructuring. They debate the effectiveness of reducing payroll and marketing expenses as a strategy for financial stability and growth. Furthermore, Ian Dunlap offers a candid assessment of Peloton's financial health, comparing it unfavorably with other tech giants and addressing the skepticism around the company's forward-looking market projections.

    #MarketMondays #Peloton #CorporateRestructuring #InvestmentOpportunities #StockMarketAnalysis #TechCompanies

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    17 May 2024, 1:00 pm
  • 6 minutes 37 seconds
    Analyzing Major Earnings from Disney to Rivian

    Join us in this clip of Market Mondays as hosts Ian Dunlap and Rashad Bilal dive deep into the latest financial earnings from some of the biggest names in the business. From entertainment giant Disney experiencing positive changes and expecting significant earnings upsurges, to the surprising performance of Uber and the energy drink dynamo Celsius, our hosts share their insights and predictions.

    Not stopping there, Ian and Rashad discuss other top performers and underdogs in the stock market, including a critical look at Rivian's challenging numbers and an in-depth analysis of the energy sector with a spotlight on Duke Energy and NRG. Each company's financial health and market trajectory are explored to provide viewers with the information needed to make informed investment decisions.

    Whether you're an investment guru or just getting started, tune in to gain valuable market insights that could help guide your next financial move.

    #MarketMondays #FinancialAnalysis #StockMarket #InvestmentTips #EarningsReport #Disney #Uber #Celsius #Rivian #DukeEnergy #NRG #FinancialEducation

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    15 May 2024, 1:00 pm
  • 2 hours 9 minutes
    MM #207: Return of GameStop Craze, Meme Stocks Skyrocket, Urban Devolvement & 7B Plan for Detroit & Cleveland

    Join us this week on Market Mondays as we delve into pressing topics shaping the tech and financial landscapes. In this episode, we discuss:

    1. **The Future of Apple**: Are we seeing the decline of Apple, or is this just a shift in their market strategy? We analyze the current challenges and opportunities facing Apple.

    2. **Apple & OpenAI Partnership**: With Apple and OpenAI close to integrating ChatGPT into iPhones, we explore the key takeaways from this collaboration. Who stands to gain the most from this deal, and what can other companies learn from this tech alliance?

    3. **GameStop's Surprising Surge**: The GameStop stock frenzy returns, spurred by a significant tweet. What does this mean for traders and the market at large?

    4. **E*Trade Closure**: The shutdown of E*Trade marks a significant shift in online trading. We'll discuss the implications for investors and the broader financial landscape.

    5. **Stock Market Insights**: We cover a tough week for Intel, with a 40% year-to-date drop, and provide insights into whether it might be time to buy. Plus, we preview earnings for major companies like Alibaba, Lionsgate, Sony, and more, giving our predictions on who will exceed expectations.

    6. **Trading Tips and Market Predictions**: Get our future trading tip of the week and learn why Chipotle's market cap has surpassed Starbucks', exploring what other fast-food giants are contenders for the top spots.

    Additionally, we have a special segment with esteemed real estate executive Kofi Bonner, discussing his impactful work in urban development, his experiences in the NFL, and his strategic focus on revitalizing downtown areas in major cities.

    **Tune in for expert analysis and strategic insights that could help shape your investment and business decisions!**

    #MarketMondays #Finance #TechTalk #StockMarket #RealEstate #Investing #BusinessStrategy #TechNews #EarningsReport #TradingTips

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    14 May 2024, 3:00 am
  • 11 minutes 19 seconds
    John W. Rogers Jr. Went From Getting Stocks As A Childhood Gift To Starting First Black Mutual Fund

    Welcome to another enlightening clip of Market Mondays! Today, our hosts Ian Dunlap, Troy Millings, Rashad Bilal, and our prestigious guest, John W. Rogers Jr., delve into the riveting backstory of how Ariel Investments was born and soared to a $15 billion enterprise under his leadership.

    John shares his unique upbringing, influenced heavily by his family's deep-rooted engagement in entrepreneurship and social justice. From receiving stocks as birthday presents instead of toys at the age of twelve to inheriting a profound mission of building black wealth, John's journey is nothing short of inspirational. His father, a courageous Tuskegee airman and his mother, the first African American woman to graduate from the University of Chicago Law School in 1946, instilled in him the virtues of resilience and foresight.

    Discover how being exposed to the stock market at an early age fueled John's passion for investing. He recounts crucial lessons learned from mentors like the first African American stockbroker on LaSalle Street, Stacy Adams, shaping his strategies and perspective on investments. Hear about his educational journey at Princeton, where he adopted a contrarian investment philosophy influenced by the classic "A Random Walk Down Wall Street" by Burt Malkiel.

    John W. Rogers Jr. does not just talk about stocks and markets; he shares powerful narratives about overcoming adversities, citing historical market crashes and opportunities that arise in times of maximum pessimism. He highlights how Ariel Investments embraces a long-term, value-oriented investment approach, drawing parallels between historical resilience through tumultuous times and steady economic growth.

    Our hosts touch upon Ariel's favorite stock picks, including Madison Square Garden Entertainment and the significance of such investments in today's economic landscape. John W. Rogers Jr. also elaborates on what it means to be a contrarian investor, emphasizing independent thinking and the courage to invest during times of fear and uncertainty.

    Lastly, John reflects on the technological and entrepreneurial revolutions he's witnessed since founding Ariel in 1983, inspired by Chicago’s business legends like John Johnson of Ebony and Jet magazines and George Johnson of Afro Sheen.

    Don’t miss out on this compelling narrative of success, resilience, and strategic foresight on Market Mondays – your go-to channel for empowerment through financial literacy.


    #MarketMondays #JohnWRogersJr #InvestingLegends #ContrarianInvesting #FinancialLiteracy #ArielInvestments #StockMarket #Entrepreneurship #BlackWealthBuilding #InvestmentStrategy #EconomicJustice #HistoricInvestments #LongTermInvesting #MadisonSquareGarden


    Tune into Market Mondays for more stories and strategies from the world of finance, helping you make informed decisions and grow your legacy. Subscribe now for updates on new episodes and expert insights.

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    10 May 2024, 1:05 pm
  • 5 minutes 57 seconds
    Leadership Lessons from Melody Hobson & The Future of Crypto Investments

    In this insightful clip of Market Mondays, join hosts Ian Dunlap, Rashad Bilal, and Troy Millings with guest John W. Rogers Jr. as they delve into the remarkable journey of Melody Hobson, a standout figure in finance who rose to the top ranks at Ariel Investments. John W. Rogers Jr. shares exclusive anecdotes from his early interactions with Melody, highlighting her exceptional work ethic and leadership qualities that propelled her career forward from a young age.

    The discussion transitions into the realm of cryptocurrency as the hosts explore its place in investment portfolios today. With a cautious lens, John W. Rogers Jr. offers his expert take on the sustainability and practical value of cryptocurrencies compared to traditional assets like stocks and commodities.

    This episode is packed with valuable insights on leadership development, investment strategies, and personal growth, making it a must-watch for aspiring entrepreneurs, investors, and anyone looking to learn from the paths of industry leaders.

    #MarketMondays #LeadershipSkills #InvestmentTips #CryptoAdvice #Entrepreneurship #FinancialWisdom #ArielInvestments #MelodyHobson #CareerSuccess #JohnWRogersJr #IanDunlap #TroyMillings

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    8 May 2024, 1:00 pm
  • 1 hour 57 minutes
    MM #206: Stock Option Blueprint, Business Lessons from Kendrick & Drake Battle, & Apple’s $110B Stock Buyback

    In this episode, we tackle a broad spectrum of burning questions in the finance world. From Starbucks' significant stock decline to the surging success of Apple following impressive earnings and a record buyback, we dissect what these movements mean for investors.

    🔍 **Episode Highlights:**

    - Analyzing Starbucks' steep price drop: Is it time to buy?

    - Celebrating Apple's recent triumphs: Predictions and insights.

    - Decoding stock options with expert Troy.

    - Warren Buffett's massive sell-off of Apple shares: Implications for your portfolio.

    - Peloton's latest corporate shake-up: Risks or rewards?

    - Lessons in business and marketing from the Drake and Kendrick rivalry.

    - Insights from the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting.

    - Investment advice on stocks like Amgen, Gev, ENPH, and more.

    - Walmart's automation plans: The future of retail investments?

    - Earnings outlook for companies like Celsius, Disney, and Duke Energy.

    - Changpeng Zhao's sentencing: The fallout for Binance.

    Don't miss our deep dive into these topics, designed to equip you with the knowledge to navigate the complexities of the market!

    📊 **Stay tuned for more updates and expert analyses only on Market Mondays!**

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    #MarketMondays #Investing #StockMarket #Finance #BusinessInsights #Starbucks #Apple #WarrenBuffett #Peloton #DrakeVsKendrick #BerkshireHathaway #Walmart #TechStoc

    ks #RetailInvesting #Binance

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    7 May 2024, 3:00 am
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