Billionaire Boys Club


In 1980s Los Angeles, a group of prep school boys got together to make investments together, get rich quick, and live large. But headed by a handsome and charismatic leader named Joe Hunt, the members of the self-proclaimed “Billionaire Boys Club” get sucked deeper into twisted schemes of kidnapping, torture, and revenge. The boys must stick together, or risk prison - or worse.From the makers of The Wonderland Murders, Young Charlie, and The Dating Game Killer, this six-part series is co-hosted by Tracy Pattin and Emmy-nominated actor Timothy Olyphant.All episodes are available ad-free on Wondery+ or on Amazon Music with a Prime membership or Amazon Music Unlimited subscription.

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    Listen Now: Blame it on the Fame: Milli Vanilli

    When Frank Farian first laid eyes on Rob Pilatus and Fab Morvan, he saw everything he wasn’t. They were handsome, young, and Black. But Frank had something they didn’t. He had power.

    So, Frank offered them a devil’s bargain. Almost overnight, Milli Vanilli’s debut album went five times platinum and scored a Grammy nomination. But when the lie at the center of their success started to unravel, Rob and Fab would discover the hard way the difference between star power and real power.

    From Wondery, Blame It on the Fame is a story about the lie that shot to #1 and what it cost to tell the truth. Hosted by Amanda Seales.

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    13 May 2024, 12:00 pm
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    Where to find Episodes 2-7 of Billionaire Boys Club

    In the first episode of Billionaire Boys Club, you met a gang of social-climbing prep-school grads led by the handsome and charismatic Joe Hunt. Together, they formed an elite investment group to further their only life goal: to get filthy rich. Nothing would stand in their way. So when one of their investors vanishes, the boys will need to close ranks and cover their tracks – or lose everything.

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    1 February 2024, 8:00 am
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    Boy Genius | 1

    It’s the 1980s-- the “decade of greed”. Capitalism is king, and young upwardly mobile professionals are on the rise. In Los Angeles a small group of college grads band together to form an elite investment group called The Billionaire Boys Club. They have a simple mission, get to the top no matter what it takes. Their leader, Joe Hunt, is a master of mind games who will stop at nothing on the road to success. But when one of their clients vanishes, Joe and the boys need to scramble to cover their tracks.

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    18 August 2020, 7:05 am
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    Introducing: Billionaire Boys Club

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    30 July 2020, 11:57 pm
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