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Short horror stories

  • 37 minutes 24 seconds
    SLAY Episode 60: Let’s Ride

    Teddy Two-Fingers kidnapped Delilah Droman from her father’s mansion in Barron Heights. Teddy is holding her captive at his “nightmare factory,” located deep underground in parts unknown, where he and Hiamana are training her to be the factory’s foreman.

    Delilah is trying to find a way to escape or to get a message to Lincoln, as she believes Lincoln will rescue her.

    Lincoln was at Stoolie’s Bar & Grill, looking for Lupo and Booty Shooty, accomplices of the recently deceased Thoko Chikondi. Lincoln hopes they know where Teddy’s hideout is. Teddy, somehow, called Lincoln at the bar and poured salt in Lincoln’s wounds, driving Lincoln to start drinking the free shots offered by Maylene, a bartender there.

    Lincoln did not tell Magda, Ariella, or Billy where he was going, and he shut off his connection with Magda’s meshwork ear cuff. He’s been gone for hours, and they have no idea where he is.

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    19 May 2024, 7:00 am
  • 40 minutes 4 seconds
    SLAY Episode 59: Hello, Lincoln

    Teddy is training Delilah to work in his nightmare factory. She is learning her duties as “the foreman” of the operation.

    Lincoln wants to find Delilah, but he has no leads. On the advice of his father, Jacoby Franks, Lincoln set out to “follow the pain.” Lincoln told Billy, Magda, and Ariella that he’s doing this alone, and ignored their efforts to help.

    When Delilah was taken from Droman’s mansion, Teddy put a bullet in Billy’s arm. Morgan Stone worked on the wound first, then, at the Old Stone Church, Magda tended to it, letting a wriggling carofactor slide in to repair the damage. 

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    12 May 2024, 7:00 am
  • 37 minutes 34 seconds
    SLAY Episode 58: In The Red

    Lincoln and Billy lost Delilah to Teddy Two-Fingers, so Kellius Droman sent them packing. Billy took a shot to the shoulder that should have killed him — how did he survive?

    Meanwhile, Teddy is about to put Delilah to work as the “foreman” in his nightmare factory. What do her duties entail?

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    5 May 2024, 7:00 am
  • 37 minutes 51 seconds
    SLAY Episode 57: Delilah

    Kellius Droman and Morgan Stone set off to deal with Teddy Two-Fingers at an undisclosed location, but Teddy, Haimana, and Agneetha attacked Kellius Droman’s Barron Heights mansion with magic and a flame-throwing aerial drone that set Droman’s living guardian trees and much of the mansion ablaze. Lincoln and Billy, who were there guarding Delilah Droman, fought against Agneetha and Haimana’s murderous giant flying centipedes. 

    Lincoln had downed a bottle of whiskey, which slowed his reaction time, and let a drone get the drop on him. The drone fired a jet of flame that should have set Lincoln ablaze, but Billy somehow bent the flame toward himself and absorbed it, bringing it into his own body and making him so hot his clothes burned away. Billy was about to use this new power against Agneetha when a shot rang out — a bullet hit his shoulder, dropping him.

    Keg-sized killer beetles ripped the floor out from under Delilah. Lincoln dove after her but lost her in the smoke. She was taken by Agneetha, Teddy, and Haimana, who shot across Barron Heights and vanished into the night. 

    Lincoln, unable to chase them, rushed to help Billy.

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    28 April 2024, 7:00 am
  • 32 minutes 23 seconds
    SLAY Episode 56: Babysitters

    Kellius Droman found out where Teddy Two-Fingers had been hiding. Lincoln demanded to go with Droman to whoop some ass, but Droman refused to take Lincoln with him. Instead, he ordered Lincoln to go to his mansion to protect his daughter, Delilah. 

    Already distraught after seeing his son, Sam, on The Shelf, Lincoln grew despondent. As Droman magicked away to battle Teddy, Lincoln gave up. He downed a bottle of bourbon and headed for the mansion.

    Billy, feeling terrible for his friend, tagged along to give Lincoln moral support.

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    21 April 2024, 7:00 am
  • 35 minutes 1 second
    SLAY Episode 55: Father & Son

    Lincoln astral projected to The Shelf, where his young son, Sam, has been held captive for five years. Can Lincoln find a way to free his only child from that hellish dimension?

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    14 April 2024, 7:00 am
  • 36 minutes 4 seconds
    SLAY Episode 54: Samuel

    The stone medallion that Lincoln and Billy acquired from the Troglodyte in Tollingwood is a conduit that will allow Lincoln to travel to The Shelf to see his son, Sam. 

    After five years in that purgatory-like realm, is Sam still alive?

    And if he is, what will he think of seeing his father for the first time in years, a father who has been unable to rescue him?

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    7 April 2024, 7:00 am
  • 34 minutes 7 seconds
    SLAY Episode 53: Goth Kid

    Teddy Two-Fingers missed his shot at kidnapping Delilah Droman, who he wanted as his “foreman” in his malevolent nightmare-harvesting operation. Can he find a replacement candidate?

    Delilah’s father, Kellius Droman, hired Lincoln as Delilah’s bodyguard. When Kellius hunts Teddy Two-Fingers or trains Billy, Lincoln must stay at the Droman Mansion and protect young Delilah. Surprisingly, Lincoln and Delilah have hit it off. She trusts he can keep her safe, while he benefits from her optimism and youthful energy that he can’t experience from his own child, Sam, who remains trapped on The Shelf — where Teddy put him.

    Billy’s training with Kellius goes on at Kellius’s facility, the “Nonagon,” in the mystical city of Cordis. Billy needs to find his “loom,” the structure upon which he can channel the powerful, innate magic that courses through his body.

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    31 March 2024, 7:00 am
  • 30 minutes 49 seconds
    SLAY Episode 52: The Troglodyte in T-Wood

    Ariella sent Lincoln to collect a bounty on the Troglodyte from Tollingwood, the Lumencia neighborhood Billy lived in with his grandmother. The troglodyte owes debts that must be paid with either gold or his head, but it’s the medallion he wears that Ariella wants.

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    24 March 2024, 7:00 am
  • 36 minutes 6 seconds
    SLAY Episode 51: Walk of Shame

    Shaken by Kellius Droman’s brutal killing of Thoko Chikondi, a despondent Lincoln set out in search of a drink or two at Stoolie’s Bar & Grill.

    Back in Season One, Magda and Billy set up an online T-shirt store for a fictitious candy bar — P.J. Phuq’s Phuq-Ton O’ Nuts. Sales have been trickling in.

    The Old Stone Church’s main income is the money brought in from Linc guarding Delilah Droman, but it’s not the only business. The quest for bounties that pay in treasure continues.

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    17 March 2024, 7:00 am
  • 32 minutes 45 seconds
    SLAY Episode 50: Br'er Rabbit

    Lincoln killed the Loa in Louisiana but had to face off against her familiar, a giant python intent on dragging Lincoln to the bottom of the swamp.

    On that mission, Magda used the bauble recovered from the Lich in Lynchburg to mentally join Lincoln, seeing what he saw, hearing what he heard. It was the first time Magda had been involved in a hunt since her and Lincoln’s disastrous encounter with Vestinian.

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    10 March 2024, 8:00 am
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