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  • 54 minutes 12 seconds
    It’s that me, Espresso: 8 Weight Loss & Positive Mentality Tips
    You ever feel stuck in a rut? Same. Luckily, I drank wayyy too much espresso and dropped some fire tips on how to regain clarity, regardless of what your goal is, with practical tips & tricks from yours truly. Aka shesss backkk - enjoy fellow spirit animals!
    17 July 2024, 11:34 pm
  • 1 hour 5 minutes
    5 Postitve Ways To Start Your Day And Align Your Mind + Weekly Questions At The End

    Do you need more light and positivity today? You've come to the right place, this episode is all about finding your flow as we chat about being honest with yourself first and building authenticity which leads to finding true peace and presence in your day. Bonus at the end of this episode: we've got some weekly questions and the last one, is juicy couture. Enjoy! xoxo - Chelsea

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    9 May 2023, 1:45 pm
  • 36 minutes 3 seconds
    Bride Wars: 12 Tips For 2023 Brides Planning A Wedding, Met Gala, and Matt Rife

    Like, who plans a wedding in a pandemic tho? I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say people with no choice. What's up and welcome to my life aka I was so traumatized by the pani (panic attack pandemic anyone?) Anyways, I vowed that I shall no longer like to talk about it because on here we keep it positive, but today I break my silence in order to give you the most EPIC wedding of 2023. Ayo is reel (not a typo) and welcome back kids, grab a snack, some tea, maybe a little water or wine, and let's get into all things bride (including but not limited to....the Met Gala and Matt Rife. I know. Today we get REEL deep. ) Always live, unscripted, and it's like, I'm your personal little angel on your shoulder saying everything you wanted to say today, in your pocket. Enjoy! xox - Chelsea |

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    3 May 2023, 8:00 am
  • 38 minutes 49 seconds
    Weight Loss Motivation: May Wellness Challenge

    Hello, hello. Did you miss me? Back this week to throw down my personal May Wellness Challenge. I'm personally in my hot healing summer, but hot girl summer also applies here.... with only 7 weeks until summer, I think we could also use a healthy reset or some motivation to help us stick to our goals. In today's pep talk, I am giving you 10 steps to help get you back on track and a 30-day wellness challenge. Enjoy! xox - Chelsea

    1 May 2023, 5:03 pm
  • 42 minutes 3 seconds
    Positive Morning Pep Talk: 5 Ways To Wake Up Energized
    Vibing out on my sundeck this morning & sharing the wellness habits that truly helped me shift back into a positive state of mind. Xoxo - Chelsea
    24 April 2023, 7:54 pm
  • 46 minutes 34 seconds
    Dreams To Reality: 10 practical ways to take your dreams and bring them to fruition by simply, being YOU.

    As a monetized blogger, monetized podcaster, monetized self-published author, marketing consultant, business strategist, and Media Director for a high-level digital marketing agency, I know a thing or two about creating a life you truly don't need a vacation from, while also following your passions along the way. Let's dive into how to take your dreams to reality by aligning with your true self (yes, weirdness included) Here are 10 practical ways to take your dreams and bring them to fruition by simply, being YOU. Enjoy! xoxo - Chelsea

    20 April 2023, 3:57 pm
  • 26 minutes 39 seconds
    Daily Motivational Positive Pep Talk: Never Give Up On A Dream, The Time Will Pass Anyways

    Have you ever had a goal or dream no one else could see but you? Or maybe you feel like you don't have dreams or it's too late to start or impossible to achieve? Let's change that! Today we're talking about how to take your ideas to reality. Come on in, have a seat, grab a drink, and let's have a chat. xoxo - Chelsea


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    6 April 2023, 3:22 pm
  • 15 minutes 55 seconds
    Faith over fear: 5 tips to follow your passions today

    Are you ready to level up your life? Or monetize "that" business idea you keep putting off? Here are 5 tips to help you take that leap of faith. Enjoy! xoxo Chelsea

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    5 April 2023, 10:27 pm
  • 34 minutes 40 seconds
    5 Positive Motivational Tips To Start Your Day

    I'm the one they call the queen and the TEA is hot, although, that will be dropping in my next book. Launching this summer - anyways, enough about me, how are you, babe? That's ok, you came to the right place. Let me help elevate your mood while we chat about 5 ways to get your energy levels back up, new moon energy is SO real, and here are 5 ways to get motivated and level up your positivity game. Let's go! xoxo - Chelsea

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    4 April 2023, 10:34 pm
  • 1 hour 31 minutes
    5 Gym (and general) Motivation Tips To Actually Make You Do Something Today (ending with some girl talk advice at the end!)

    Struggling to do anything? This is the podcast episode for you. Starting with letting aspirations lead the way, if you want to improve, aspire anew. (make sure you quote the Queen on that one) but truly, when you don’t want to work out that’s when you need to the most!

    Now that I have completed my first month back in the gym after a 3-year break (and SERIOUSLY did not want to go yesterday) I am throwing down some helpful tips to get you back on track and actually get you moving. What started as a gym sesh pep talk, can actually just be applied to anything you want to work towards today. Bonus: 3 questions from listeners answered at the end, don't forget to write in and follow me on TikTok. xoxo Love, Chelsea

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    3 April 2023, 2:32 pm
  • 47 minutes 25 seconds
    Sober Curious Edition: 100 Day Challenge aka Summer Is In 12 Weeks

    Is summer really only 12 weeks away?! I am SO excited but even more excited to focus on my health and adding value and positive energy to my life. I was feeling burnt out for a very long time and I dedicated this month (March) to getting back to the gym, when I realized, it's been 3 years (yes, three) since I've been in a gym!!

    Now, why is this a shock? Before the pandemic, I'd mainly visit the gym each morning (not to be skinny, not to burn myself out or over-exercise) but for mental clarity, and energy and to start my day off right before I started work. Work on yourself, before you work for anyone else became my motto and eventually, became the reason, I ended up working for myself, as a Marketing Consultant.

    Since I've been back in the gym this month and feeling (keyword: feeling) much better, I wanted to throw down my personal 100-day challenge and share my ultimate goals for the year, so you can set your own personal 100-day challenge, or simply, follow along with me in real-time as we crush this challenge together. No rules are the new rule. Just do what makes sense to you and let's focus on building confidence, energy, vitality, happiness, and most importantly, let's do this in a healthy sustainable way.

    I start off by sharing my first experience doing this challenge and how adding in 'no alcohol' really changed the game for me and I open with SOUL much gratitude for my listeners and share a voice memo from one of my listeners about her experience with alcohol. So let's get into today's girl talk/ motivational pep talk!


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    31 March 2023, 2:08 pm
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