War on the Rocks

Ryan Evans

  • 23 minutes 47 seconds
    Is Russia's Window for Gains this Summer Narrowing?

    Michael Kofman dropped into WOTR HQ to chat with Ryan about the war in Ukraine. From Russia's culminated offensive on Kharkiv, to battlefields of the Donbas, to ongoing fighting in the south, to Russia's displaced Black Sea Fleet, Mike parses through the data to try and assess where the war is heading next. 

    14 June 2024, 6:00 am
  • 40 minutes 38 seconds
    CTOing in the Defense Department with Schuyler Moore and Justin Fanelli

    It's become more and more common for organizations in the Defense Department, from the military services to geographic combatant commands and beyond, to have chief technology officers. What do they do? What challenges do they tackle? Why are they becoming increasingly important as the U.S. military tries to maintain its technological edge over China and other shrewd and savvy rivals using tech to create asymmetries? To help grapple with these questions, I sat down with Schuyler Moore, the CTO of U.S. Central Command, and Justin Fanelli, the CTO of the U.S. Department of the Navy.

    10 June 2024, 2:33 pm
  • 35 minutes 13 seconds
    A Conversation with Secretary of the Air Force Frank Kendall

    Secretary of the Air Force Frank Kendall was kind enough to spend some time with Ryan talking about the reorganization of the Department of the Air Force and modernization. They also discussed the challenges new entrants have breaking into working with the Defense Department. And they closed with a brief discussion about resistance to plans to move some Air National Guard members from six states into the Space Force.

    22 May 2024, 6:45 pm
  • 30 minutes 13 seconds
    From Polar Presence to Port Security: A Conversation with the Coast Guard Commandant

    Nick sat down with United States Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Linda Fagan to discuss the Coast Guard’s global activities, from the Arctic to the Indo-Pacific to the growing digital security challenges to America’s ports.

    10 May 2024, 6:16 pm
  • 18 minutes 2 seconds
    What Will Ukraine Do To Stay in the Fight this Year?

    The U.S. Congress finally passed the security supplement, authorizing a large amount of funding and support to keep Ukraine in the fight. This package buys Ukraine another year of time. What will Ukraine do with that time? What is the situation at the front? Michael Kofman answers these questions and more.

    6 May 2024, 3:59 pm
  • 41 minutes 47 seconds
    Ukraine and a Fractured World

    Ryan sat down with three friends to talk about the war in Ukraine through the lens of a new edited volume on the topic. Enjoy this conversation with Andrea Kendall-Taylor (former CIA), Hal Brands, and Alexander Bick (former National Security Council staff), which surfaces some important disagreements and debates about the war and international order. Oh, and also buy War in Ukraine: Conflict, Strategy, and the Return of a Fractured World (https://www.amazon.com/War-Ukraine-Conflict-Strategy-Fractured/dp/1421449846). Please note this was recorded shortly before the U.S. Congress passed the security supplemental, which included aid for Ukraine.

    1 May 2024, 2:28 pm
  • 35 minutes 53 seconds
    Crossing the Threshold

    Nick sat down with Eric Brewer, Dana Stroul, and Gavin Clough to discuss how the conventional, proxy, and nuclear threats Iran poses are evolving. Who was deterred and who wasn't by the latest Iranian and Israeli strikes? What did we learn about Iranian capabilities? And how will this affect Iran's thinking about a bomb?

    26 April 2024, 6:00 am
  • 20 minutes 5 seconds
    Spacepower and the Private Sector

    On the sidelines of the National Space Symposium, we threw a little party and recorded a podcast, because why not? Our special guest was Assistant Secretary of Defense for Space Policy John Plumb and the main focus of the conversation was the Defense Department's new strategy on space commercial integration.

    19 April 2024, 1:30 pm
  • 58 minutes 19 seconds
    Mike Kofman and Rob Lee on Drones in Ukraine

    This deep and fascinating conversation is one of a two-part discussion that you can listen to on the Russia Contingency, a members-only podcast hosted by Michael Kofman. Become a member here: https://warontherocks.com/membership

    10 April 2024, 4:51 pm
  • 30 minutes 23 seconds
    Ammunition, Energy and a Sense of History: The Czech Ambassador on Ukraine and More

    Nick sat down with Czech Ambassador to the United States Miloslav Stašek for a geographically wide-ranging conversation that moved from Munich to the Middle East to the Texas automotive industry. Amb. Stašek discussed the progress of his government’s ammunition initiative for Ukraine, relations within the Visegrád Group and the expanding scope of U.S.-Czech ties.

    8 April 2024, 6:00 am
  • 27 minutes 49 seconds
    The Laboratory Building the Future of the Army

    Ryan popped into Austin to see what the Army Applications Laboratory was getting up to. Its director, Dr. Casey Perley, was kind enough to sit down with Ryan and break it down for him. If you care about military innovation, defense tech, and the future of the Army, this episode is for you.

    3 April 2024, 6:03 pm
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