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The Third Wave podcast takes a fresh look at the world of psychedelics, hearing the stories of people both in the psychedelic fringe and in mainstream society. We want to share how psychedelics are transforming the lives of people everywhere, both inside and outside of the psychedelic community.

  • 59 minutes 41 seconds
    Austin Mao - Psychedelic Sanctuary: Inside a Legal Psilocybin Church

    In this episode, Austin Mao, co-founder of the non-profit entheogenic church Ceremonia, sits down with host Paul F. Austin to discuss his profound journey with plant medicines.

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    Austin shares about the experiences offered at Ceremonia, including psilocybin and ayahuasca ceremonies, along with thorough preparation and integration work. He describes the unique status of Ceremonia as one of the few legal retreat centers in the USA offering these psychedelic medicines.

    Austin and Paul explore how psychedelic ceremonies can help one cultivate skills and capacity to better embrace and navigate life’s challenges. The conversation closes as Austin shares his vision for psycho-spiritual healing and guides Paul in a brief version of the group ‘circling’ practice offered at Ceremonia.

    Austin Mao is an entrepreneur, author, poet, and keynote speaker on the intersection of science and spirituality, psychology and shamanism. He is a co-founder of Ceremonia, a non-profit psychedelic church facilitating change makers and creators through what 96% of alumni share as the most profound experience of their lives. He has guided more than 400 founders including Fortune 500 executives, Silicon Valley Unicorn founders, and major blockchain leaders through their transformation towards living a life of inspired creativity, purpose, and peace.

    Austin shares a process of “Modern Enlightenment”—a path to Awaken, Heal, and Manifest—that is informed by the most advanced technologies of psychotherapy and neuroscience combined with ancient shamanistic wisdom and spiritual traditions. He shares a range of direct experience with some of the most prominent business leaders of the modern world, helping them harness their inner power to create greater impact through love and inspired creation.


    • Austin’s profound initial Ayahuasca experiences
    • Cultivating skills and capacity in ceremony to navigate daily life
    • “Integration begins with preparation”
    • Ceremonia’s legal, non-profit psychedelic church status
    • Ceremonia’s impact on the local community
    • Seeking a trip vs. lasting transformation
    • Austin’s vision for psycho-spiritual healing
    • The practice of circling
    • Conclusion & how to connect with Ceremonia

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    21 May 2024, 9:00 am
  • 58 minutes 45 seconds
    Brian Alman, Ph.D. - “Finding Your Own Best Answers”: Healing from Adverse Childhood Experiences

    n this Psychedelic Podcast episode, Paul F. Austin delves into the power of the unconscious mind and healing from ACEs with Dr. Brian Alman.

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    Dr. Brian Alman explores the profound role of the unconscious mind in healing adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). He reveals that unlocking the unconscious can lead to deep healing and growth, shedding light on the impact of ACEs on individuals. Dr. Alman shares his unique approach to therapy integrates conscious, subconscious, and unconscious realms alongside the healing potential of nature.

    The conversation closes with an introduction to Dr. Alman’s new Enlightn app for personalized assessment and treatment of ACEs.

    Dr. Brian Alman is the CEO & Founder of True Sage. A passionate facilitator with a Ph.D. in psychology, and author of 14 books, he is one of the world’s leading authorities in wellness and personal growth. Using knowledge of the conscious, subconscious, and Unconscious, he has significantly contributed to psychology, medicine, education, clinical research, wellness, parenting, business, and sports.

    He was nicknamed “The Doctor of Last Resort” at Kaiser Permanente — the world’s largest nonprofit healthcare provider. By discovering and facilitating the unconscious, inner potential of each person, he has helped hundreds of thousands of people and contributed to making the world a better place. With his inventions, books, training workshops, one-on-one mobile technologies, and online programs, Dr. Alman is now helping people help themselves more than ever before in the fields of weight loss, stress reduction, healing, and healthcare


    • Finding your own best answers: An introduction to Dr. Alman
    • Understanding the unconscious mind and its healing potential
    • Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and their impact
    • Psychedelics, the unconscious, and healing
    • Dr. Alman's approach for deep healing work
    • The healing power of nature
    • Influential teachers and mentors
    • The Enlightn app
    • Conclusion and gratitude

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    13 May 2024, 8:00 am
  • 51 minutes 4 seconds
    Myles Katz - The Inside Story of Synthesis: Lessons of a Pioneering Legal Psilocybin Retreat

    In this episode of The Psychedelic Podcast, Paul F. Austin interviews Myles Katz, founder and executive director of Confluence Retreats.

    Find episode links, summary, and transcript here:

    They delve into the closure of Synthesis, a psilocybin retreat center in Amsterdam co-founded by Myles. From investment decisions to the pandemic’s impact, they discuss the challenges faced and lessons learned. Myles shares his vision for conscious capitalism, introducing Confluence Retreats, a nonprofit psychedelic retreat in Oregon.

    This conversation sheds light on the evolution of psychedelic businesses amidst external forces like financial markets and the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Myles's professional journey has spanned three continents. During this time, he has launched and led five VC/Impact-funded startups dedicated to technological innovation, social responsibility, and environmental sustainability. Specializing in early-stage business strategy, Myles has successfully raised nearly $20 million USD for cutting-edge business models.

    As a co-founder and the Director of Business Development at The Synthesis Institute, Myles spearheaded the development of one of the world's initial legal psychedelic service models. This groundbreaking initiative supported over 1,000 individuals in their mental health journeys until its closure in 2023. His contributions in Oregon have also included significant roles in the state’s landmark psilocybin legalization efforts, serving with the Oregon Psilocybin Training Alliance (OPTA) and on various Rule Advisory Committees for the Oregon Health Authority.

    Currently, Myles is leading the development of Confluence Retreats, a project under the Hi-U Foundation. This initiative seeks to integrate nature-based, multi-day psilocybin retreat experiences into Oregon’s innovative legal framework, collaborating with indigenous communities to restore ancient healing practices to the Cascade Siskiyou National Monument. He also serves on the Advisory Board of Omnia Group Ashland, one of Oregon's premier licensed psilocybin service centers. Furthermore, Myles is a licensed psilocybin facilitator in Oregon, bringing his extensive expertise to ensure safe and transformative experiences for participants.


    • The closure of Synthesis: an overview
    • Synthesis’ growth period and pivoting during COVID
    • Transition to a stewardship model
    • Challenges with the company’s training and retreat programs
    • The impacts of financial markets
    • Introduction to Confluence Retreats


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    6 May 2024, 8:00 am
  • 57 minutes 15 seconds
    Chip Conley - Becoming Modern Elders: From Midlife ‘Crisis’ to ‘Chrysalis’

    In this episode of The Psychedelic Podcast, host Paul F. Austin welcomes Chip Conley, founder of the Modern Elder Academy, to discuss reframing aging and building regenerative communities.

    Find episode links, summary, and transcript here:

    Chip delves into the importance of aging with gratitude in this conversation and shares his journey of creating a midlife wisdom school. Chip also highlights the value of intergenerational collaboration and its impact during his time at Airbnb. He explores how indigenous wisdom influences the academy's approach and discusses how psychedelics can aid in navigating midlife transitions. Finally, Chip shares his vision for regenerative communities, and shares lessons on the ego and the soul that he gleaned from building a boutique hotel chain.

    Chip Conley:

    Chip Conley is on a midlife mission. After disrupting the hospitality industry twice, first as the founder of Joie de Vivre Hospitality, the second-largest operator of boutique hotels in the U.S., and then as Airbnb’s Head of Global Hospitality and Strategy, leading a worldwide revolution in travel, Conley co-founded MEA (Modern Elder Academy) in January 2018 in Baja California, Mexico. Inspired by his experience of intergenerational mentoring as a ‘modern elder’ at Airbnb, where his guidance was instrumental to the company’s extraordinary transformation from fast-growing start-up to the world’s most valuable hospitality brand, MEA is the world's first ‘midlife wisdom school’ and has a campus opening on a 2,600-acre regenerative horse ranch in Santa Fe, New Mexico in April 2024. Dedicated to reframing the concept of aging, MEA supports students to navigate midlife with a renewed sense of purpose and possibility. A New York Times bestselling author, Conley's seventh book "Learning to Love Midlife: 12 Reasons Why Life Gets Better with Age" is about rebranding midlife to help people understand the upside of this often-misunderstood life stage, and gave a 2023 TED talk on the "midlife chrysalis."


    • The Origin story of the Modern Elder Academy
    • Chip’s role at Airbnb and the value of intergenerational collaboration
    • The Modern Elder Academy: Reframing Aging, Navigating Transitions, Cultivating Purpose, and Owning
    • Wisdom
    • How indigenous wisdom informs MEA’s approach
    • Generativity & the importance of age diversity
    • From 'can-do-it' hero to 'conduit' coach
    • Burning Man, regeneration, and how psychedelics can help with midlif
    • Building regenerative communities
    • Lessons from building a boutique hotel chain

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    30 April 2024, 8:00 am
  • 1 hour 17 seconds
    Alexander Beiner - Navigating Complexity: Psychedelics, AI, & Extended-State DMT

    In this episode of The Psychedelic Podcast, Paul F. Austin is joined by Alexander Beiner for a deep dive into nuanced engagement in the culture wars.

    Find episode links, summary, and transcript here:

    Paul and Alexander examine the importance of sense-making and the role of psychedelics in navigating complex environments. Alexander draws from his interviews with thought leaders like John Vervaeke, Ian McGilchrist, and Nora Bateson, shedding light on the Four E's of cognitive science. He explores how psychedelics can enhance discernment and adaptability in the face of a rapidly changing world. Alexander also shares his experiences with extended state DMT and its impact on his understanding of reality.

    This conversation delves deeply into the realms of consciousness and reality, offering visionary insights into how psychedelic perspectives can inform and address the intricate challenges facing the world.

    Alexander Beiner is an author and journalist. He's the author of 'The Bigger Picture: How psychedelics can help us make sense of the world' and an Executive Director of Breaking Convention, Europe's longest-running conference on psychedelic science and culture.



    The story of Rebel Wisdom and unpacking culture wars

    John Vervaeke and Iain McGilchrist

    Adding ‘emotion’ and ‘exaptation’ to 4E Cognition

    DMT entities and the overview effect

    Examining the different medicines can occasion unique mystical experiences

    Idealism and panpsychism

    The importance of cultivating relational ways of being

    Envisioning new systems to facilitate responsible psychedelic use

    Reestablishing a relationship with the land

    Resources and conclusion


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    23 April 2024, 8:00 am
  • 59 minutes 6 seconds
    Russell Kennedy, M.D. - Comedy, Courage, & Calm: Psychedelics & Anxiety

    In this episode of The Psychedelic Podcast, host Paul F. Austin welcomes physician Dr. Russell Kennedy, “The Anxiety MD,” to discuss healing the root cause of anxiety, and the role that psychedelics can play.

    Find episode links, summary, and transcript here:

    Dr. Kennedy shares his personal journey of healing anxiety stemming from his own childhood adversity. He discusses the connection between the mind and body, the impact of psychedelics on anxiety, and transcending the limiting self-beliefs that physiological states of anxiety can produce.

    Dr. Kennedy also provides practical practices to connect with the self and overcome anxiety. Offering a neuroscientific overview of anxiety, he emphasizes the importance of changing the alarm sensation in the body to break protective behavioral patterns that may stem from childhood. Additionally, Dr. Kennedy shares his experience with stand-up comedy and its impact on his life. He concludes by discussing his current projects and focus on helping people find relief from anxiety.

    Dr. Russell Kennedy, also known as "The Anxiety MD," is a visionary physician in the field of anxiety disorders. With a diverse background in medicine, neuroscience, developmental psychology, yoga, meditation, and stand-up comedy, he has redefined the understanding and treatment of anxiety from both scientific and humanistic perspectives. Much of his work is based on overcoming his own lifelong battle with chronic, crippling worry, creating the award winning and best-selling book Anxiety Rx, The Anxiety Rx Podcast, and more recently, MBRX, a step by step mind-body program designed to permanently heal anxiety. Dr. Kennedy is empowering individuals from all over the world to overcome anxiety and embrace a life of calm and fulfilment.



    How psychedelics and studying childhood trauma informed Dr. Kennedy’s perspective on anxiety

    A new theory on anxiety

    The impact of psychedelics on anxiety

    Why so many people struggle with anxiety

    Practices to feel more connected and less anxious

    How to safely bring more awareness to the root causes of anxiety

    Addressing anxiety stemming from preverbal trauma

    Developing the courage to feel

    A physician’s experience as a stand-up comedian

    Dr. Kennedy's current projects and focuses


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    16 April 2024, 8:00 am
  • 1 hour 1 minute
    Jennifer Tessler - Lotus in Bloom: Meditation, Psychedelics, & Contemplation

    In this episode, Jennifer Tessler, Jennifer Tessler, Psychotherapist & Founder of Alalaho, joins Paul F. Austin to discuss contemplative approaches to psychedelic healing.

    Find episode links, summary, and transcript here:

    Jennifer shares her journey of self-discovery through travel, meditation, and psychedelics. She discusses the integration of Dzogchen and psychedelics, and the benefits of psychedelics in supporting spiritual practices. Jennifer also talks about the founding of Alalaho Retreats and their focus on providing comprehensive retreat experiences for individuals interested in exploring psychedelics and deepening their spiritual practice. Jennifer explains the core practices in the experience retreat, which include meditation, somatic practices, journaling exercises, nature connection exercises, authentic relating, and ecstatic dance. She also emphasizes the importance of long-term integration and incorporating contemplative elements in the retreats.

    Additionally, Jennifer shares her vision for offering retreats specifically for clinicians and healthcare practitioners to learn how to deliver psychedelic-assisted therapies. She highlights the need for psychedelic facilitators to have personal experience and expertise in navigating the inner realms. Finally, Jennifer emphasizes the integrity and safety of Alalaho as a container for transformative experiences.

    Jennifer Tessler embarked on an in-depth exploration of reality and the inner workings of the human mind(heart) following a transformative backpacking journey to Asia in her late teens. There, she was introduced to the profound teachings of Tibetan Buddhism and discovered the sacred use of psychedelic medicines for the first time. Over the next 15 years, she devoted herself to the practice of meditation and the study of psychological healing and spiritual growth, spending close to a thousand days in meditation retreat under the close guidance of her Tibetan Buddhist teacher (a renowned Dzogchen master in the Vajrayana school). Her journey also led her to become an integrative transpersonal psychotherapist, blending Eastern wisdom with Western therapeutic approaches.

    In 2017, Jennifer began facilitating psilocybin-assisted retreats and co-directing the UK Psychedelic Society's Experience Retreats program, Europe's first legal psilocybin-assisted retreat program. This initiative eventually culminated in the founding of Alalaho, a pioneering organization celebrated for its integrity and heart-centered approach. Jennifer's efforts are dedicated to nurturing the unfolding of the infinite vitality, wisdom, and potential that lies at the core of our being — just like the blossoming of a lotus.



    LSD in the Himalayas and pivotal journeys to Asia

    Growing up between Paris and London

    Training as a transpersonal psychotherapist

    Understanding Dzogchen

    Tibetan Buddhism lineages and practices

    Dzogchen and psychedelics

    Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche and Crazy Wisdom

    Alalaho Retreats

    Current Focus of Alalaho

    Jennifer's greater vision for Alalaho

    Training for clinicians and healthcare practitioners

    Connect with Alalaho Retreats


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    9 April 2024, 8:00 am
  • 1 hour 2 minutes
    Adrian Lozano - The Heart of Integration: Coaching, Microdosing, & Ethical Group Containers

    Adrian Lozano joins host Joseph Anew on The Psychedelic Podcast to discuss psychedelic coaching, integration, and group microdosing.

    Find episode links, summary, and transcript here:

    In this rich conversation, Adrian shares his journey with psychedelics, from anxiety and depression to living from the heart. He emphasizes the importance of regulating the nervous system and overcoming social anxiety. Adrian also highlights the role of integration and self-regulation in the psychedelic experience. Together, Adrian and Joseph explore the benefits of microdosing and breathwork as tools for personal growth and transformation, and how to build trust with psychedelic medicines.

    Adrian shares how The Coaching Certification Program transformed his professional trajectory. He offers his perspective on the ever-evolving psychedelic field, highlighting the importance of ethics and community. Adrian also introduces his group microdose program, touching on the power of community in psychedelic integration.

    Adrian Lozano is a plant medicine facilitator and integration coach. He has been working with psychedelic plant medicines for over 7 years. Plant medicine was the catalyst for his healing journey and now holds space for others to do the same. Through education, guidance, and support Adrian promotes the safe use of plant medicine with intention. He leads retreats, facilitates ceremonies, and supports individuals with microdosing and integration.



    Living with an open heart: Adrian’s psychedelic path

    Regulating the nervous system

    The power of the breathwork in psychedelic healing

    The importance of integration

    Microdosing and building trust with the medicine

    The impact of the Coaching Certification Program

    The transformation of the psychedelic field

    Ayahuasca vs. psilocybin

    The role of psychedelics in modern life

    The value of personal experience in coaching

    Adrian's group microdose program

    Where to find Adrian's work


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    1 April 2024, 8:00 am
  • 1 hour 7 minutes
    Oz Garcia - Mindset Means Everything: Fasting, Ketamine, & Meditation

    Renowned nutritionist Oz Garcia joins host Paul F. Austin to share his journey from artistry to expertise, diving into the transformative power of fasting for health and longevity.

    Find episode links, summary, and transcript here:

    Oz shares insights on cultivating the right mindset and humility for a fulfilling life, drawing from personal experiences including ketamine therapy for PTSD and long COVID recovery. Oz and Paul delve into the profound intersections of nutrition, spirituality, and healing, exploring topics from sleep and trauma to the evolutionary advantages of altered consciousness.

    This conversation is a deep dive into holistic well-being and the integration of ancient wisdom with modern practices.

    Oz Garcia is recognized as an authority on healthy aging, age reversal, and fortifying the immune system. His client list includes A-List celebrities, Fortune 100 CEOs, and more recently, those dealing with Covid and Post-Covid health issues. Oz Garcia's unique and customized approach to nutrition, functional health, and self-optimization, combined with more than forty years of experience, have made him one of the most recognizable names in the industry. Oz Garcia has lectured worldwide and is known as a trailblazer in the study of nutrition, ensuring quality of life as we age, and learning to survive Covid by creating a strong immune system.

    Oz is the best selling author of five books: The Food Cure for Kids, The Balance, Look and Feel Fabulous Forever, Redesigning 50, and After Covid. He was twice voted best nutritionist by New York Magazine and is frequently called upon by some of the most respected names in medicine and media for his up -to-the-minute views on nutrition and its role in aging and longevity. Oz has served as a Nutritional Advisor for Equinox Fitness as well as a Wellness Partner at Fairmont Hotel Spa in Century City.

    Oz has been featured in Vogue, Elle, Travel and Leisure, W Magazine, Forbes and The New York Times. He has also made numerous television appearances, including on NBC's Today Show, CBS's This Morning, ABC's Good Morning America, 20/20, 48 Hours, Fox News and The View.



    Experiences at Mindvalley and A-Fest

    Exploring the Human Potential Movement

    From artist to nutritionist

    Running as a spiritual practice

    The evolutionary basis of intermittent fasting

    Oz's journey into fasting and nutrition

    Understanding fasting types and protocols

    Mindset is everything

    The humility of being alive

    Healing trauma with ketamine and meditation

    The evolutionary benefits of altered consciousness

    The transformative power of illness


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    26 March 2024, 8:00 am
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    Bob Parsons - From Battlefield to Boardroom: A Billionaire’s Story of Trauma, Resilience, & Healing

    In this episode, Paul F. Austin is joined by entrepreneur Bob Parsons for a candid dive into his journey healing war trauma with psychedelics.

    Find episode links, summary, and transcript here:

    Bob Parsons, American entrepreneur and philanthropist, shares his journey from failing the fifth grade to becoming a billionaire. He discusses his challenges in school and how the Marine Corps helped him develop discipline and a sense of accomplishment. Parsons also opens up about his psychedelic experiences to heal war trauma and the profound impact they had on his life. 

    Bob shares about the ongoing psychedelic research he supports through his philanthropic foundation and concludes by discussing his new book, Fire in the Hole, which candidly explores his life and experiences. 

    This conversation touches on the transformative power of psychedelics to foster deep healing and catalyze significant life changes. 


    Failing the fifth grade and challenges in early life

    Enlisting in the marine corps and serving in Vietnam

    Returning home as a Vietnam War vet

    Transition to entrepreneurship

    Finding psychedelics to treat war trauma

    Philanthropic efforts in the psychedelic space

    Bob’s new book, “Fire in the Hole!”


    Bob Parsons:

    Bob Parsons, best-known as the founder of GoDaddy, is widely recognized for his entrepreneurial and philanthropic efforts. Currently, Bob is the CEO and founder of YAM Worldwide.

    Bob is a U.S. Marine Corps Vietnam veteran and a recipient of the Purple Heart Medal, Combat Action Ribbon, and Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry. He attended college at the University of Baltimore on the G.I. Bill and graduated magna cum laude. His alma mater presented him with an honorary doctorate in 2008 and named him Distinguished Entrepreneur in 2010.

    In 2012, Bob founded YAM Worldwide,  which is home to his entrepreneurial ventures in the fields of motorcycles, golf, real estate, finance, marketing, innovation and philanthropy.

    Over the years, three of Bob’s entrepreneurial ventures—Parsons Technology, GoDaddy, and now PXG (Parsons Xtreme Golf) have been recognized by Inc Magazine as being among America’s fastest growing privately-held companies.

    Along with Renee, his wife and PXG President of Apparel, Bob started The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation in 2012 to reach marginalized populations and causes often underfunded by mainstream philanthropy. The Foundation provides transformational grants to nonprofit organizations successfully working in the areas of homelessness, medical care, LGBTQ youth, education and the needs of wounded veterans and military families.



    Bob's website

    Bob and Renee Parsons Foundation

    Bob on Instagram  

    Bob's book, Fire In The Hole!


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    18 March 2024, 8:00 am
  • 1 hour 7 minutes
    Drs. Katie and Gay Hendricks - A Journey of Commitment: Authenticity, Love, & Relational Transformation

    In this episode of The Psychedelic Podcast, renowned authors Gay & Katie Hendricks join host Paul F. Austin to share their insights on conscious loving and the impact of MDMA on relationships.

    Find episode links, summary, and transcript here:

    Katie and Gay discuss their own journey of meeting and committing to each other, as well as the principles they teach in their work. They reflect on their early use of MDMA to facilitate a deeper connection and self-discovery in relationships. The conversation also explores their work with executives, the importance of commitment and authenticity, and how to balance personal and professional relationships.

    Through unpacking their journey together, Katie and Gay reveal the power of turning concepts into experiential practices. They share their current and future projects, including Gay’s newest book “Your Big Leap Year.”

    Gay Hendricks and Kathlyn Hendricks have been pioneers in the fields of body intelligence and relationship transformation for more than forty years. They’ve mastered ways to translate powerful concepts and life skills into experiential processes where people can discover their own body intelligence and easily integrate life-changing skills. Katie and Gay have empowered hundreds of coaches around the world to add a body intelligence perspective to enhance fields from medicine to sports psychology, education, and personal growth. Together and singly they have authored more than forty books, including such bestsellers as Conscious Loving, The Big Leap, Conscious Loving Ever After: How to Create Thriving Relationships at Midlife and Beyond, and The Genius Zone. They have appeared on more than 500 television and radio programs, including Oprah, 48 Hours and others.

    11 March 2024, 9:00 am
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