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  • 30 minutes 59 seconds
    Winning Through Failure with Brendon Burchard

    Navigate FAILURE and cultivate GREATNESS with the #1 and #2 Mindset and peak performance coaches IN THE WORLD!

    With the incredible Brendon Burchard by my side, we're tackling a theme that resonates deeply in both our lives and the journeys of countless others: the art of turning failure into a stepping stone towards greatness.

    Brendon and I dive deep into personal practices and universal principles that have helped us rewrite our narrative of setbacks to fuel our progress including:

    • Understanding Failure: Dive into a new perspective where failure is seen not as a setback but as a vital part of your growth and success journey
    • The Role of Care in Success: Discover why caring deeply about your endeavors is crucial and how this emotional investment drives you to seek excellence
    • Managing Fear and Mindset: Learn strategies to handle the fears associated with failure
    • The Power of Mental Rehearsal: Explore how to use visualization not as a tool for fear but for crafting a path to success
    • Reframing Failure: Learn how to reinterpret failure into a lesson packed with valuable insights

    This episode will change how you view challenges and setbacks. It's about equipping you with the mindset to harness every stumble as a foundation for your next big leap. 

    Join us as we share personal anecdotes and professional strategies that illustrate how “failing forward” is an essential skill for anyone aiming to lead a life of impact and fulfillment.

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    20 June 2024, 8:00 am
  • 53 minutes 43 seconds
    Riding the Giant Waves of Belief with Garrett & Nicole McNamara

    Learn how to LIVE YOUR DREAMS even in the midst of adversity in this captivating episode with me and Garrett and Nicole McNamara, where overcoming the impossible becomes the norm. 

    Join us as Garrett, a legend who has surfed the world's largest waves, and Nicole, the strategic mind behind the odysseys, share invaluable insights on RESILIENCE, FEAR, and ACHIEVING the seemingly unachievable. 

    Set against the backdrop of their thrilling lives, this conversation is not just about chasing monumental waves, but also about navigating the colossal challenges and triumphs of life.

     Here's what you'll learn in this powerful episode: 

    • How to confront and leverage fear in pursuit of your dreams, and how these principles can apply to any daunting challenge in life. 
    • How to stay true to yourself despite societal pressures AND get the blueprint for personal authenticity 
    • Learn how this extraordinary couple handles the highs AND lows of their unique lifestyle, like navigating serious health scares and the inherent dangers of big wave surfing 
    • Real-life application on how to manifest your destiny and how to use visualization to shape your path to success 
    • Insights into how Garrett and Nicole’s partnership—both professional and personal—fuels their achievements and how similar supportive relationships can be cultivated in your own life 

    Learn how to transform adversity into strength from me and this power couple who live their extraordinary truths every single day. Whether you're navigating personal challenges or aiming for your peak performance, their journey offers critical lessons in how to ride the waves of life with courage and unyielding partnership.

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    18 June 2024, 8:00 am
  • 1 hour 32 minutes
    Reprogram Your Mind to Create Your Desired future! Feat. Dave Meltzer

    Reprogram Your Mind for Success with this FLASHBACK MASHUP episode featuring insights from David Meltzer, Dr Joe Dispenza, Jamie Kern Lima and Me!

    Dive deep with us this week as we explore transformative strategies to help you rewire your thoughts and supercharge your path to personal and professional success.

    Here’s what you’ll discover:

    Master your mindset and learn techniques to convert obstacles into opportunities and dreams into realities

    Uncover the strategies to programming your subconscious mind to align with your greatest ambitions, making success not just a goal but an inevitable outcome

    Gain insights into raising your emotional intelligence 

    Learn how to implement sustainable Success Habits that maintain mental clarity and focus, driving continuous growth

    By the end of this episode, you’ll be equipped with the tools to start reprogramming your mind to align with your  highest aspirations. 

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    15 June 2024, 8:00 am
  • 23 minutes 57 seconds
    The Undiscussed Keys to Entrepreneurial Success

    This is the masterclass in leadership and entrepreneurship mastery you’ve been waiting for! 

    In this episode I’m sharing my most crucial strategies and personal insights that have significantly shaped my journey. I’ve used every one of these to get INCREDIBLE RESULTS over the years, and because so many of you have asked, I’d like to share them with you.

    This episode is a must-listen for anyone ready to elevate their business and leadership skills to unprecedented heights.

    Here’s what we’re diving into today:

    • Embracing the Entrepreneurial Mindset: I’ll show you the crucial difference between working on your business and getting caught up working in it. This is key to scaling your growth without losing the essence of what makes your business thrive.
    • Innovative Business Strategies: We're going deep with some lesser-known, powerful strategies for scaling and sustaining your business growth. I’ll share how viewing your business as a comprehensive product can open new doors.
    • Leadership Excellence: Drawing from my own experiences and the impactful books that have shaped my views, I’ll help you enhance your leadership qualities and sharpen your entrepreneurial vision.
    • Cultivating a Robust Business Culture: Learn how to foster an environment that champions innovation, commitment, and continuous improvement, not just among your team but within your overarching business operations.

    This episode will prepare you to redefine success on your terms, enhance your impact, and drive meaningful progress in every endeavor.

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    13 June 2024, 8:00 am
  • 54 minutes 18 seconds
    Why AI Could Be the Best Teacher You Ever Have w/ Sal Khan

    AI is accelerating at a dizzying pace and you’ve got to be prepared for what’s to come. It’s not a matter of if, but when… and it’s going to be sooner than you expect!

    In this electrifying episode, we’re discussing the boundless potential of artificial intelligence and its transformative impact on education and beyond with none other than Sal Khan, the visionary behind Khan Academy. As an advocate for revolutionary educational practices, Sal shares his insights on how AI is not just a tool for learning but a gateway to reshaping educational paradigms.

    From our discussion, you'll gain revealing insights into:

    • How Salman took The Khan Academy from a simple online tutoring program to a global educational powerhouse

    • How AI is revolutionizing the way students learn

    • Our thoughts on how AI could democratize access to quality education for students worldwide

    • Potential challenges and ethical considerations as AI becomes more integrated into our educational systems
    • Sal's personal journey and the visionary steps he's taking to merge technology with education, inspiring a new generation of learners and educators

    Sal's perspective not only enlightens on the current state of educational AI but also invites us to think critically about its future implications.

    Join us for a conversation that promises to enlighten, inspire, and challenge the way we perceive the intersection of technology and education.

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    11 June 2024, 8:00 am
  • 1 hour 28 minutes
    Become Limitless and Create Your New Reality with Dr. Joe Dispenza

    Maximize your potential and turn setbacks into comebacks with this FLASHBACK MASHUP episode featuring insights from Dr. Joe Dispenza, Tom McCarthy, Colin O’Brady, Granger Smith  and Me!

    This episode isn’t just about changing how you think—it's about transforming how you live. Join me as we dive deep into the mechanics of growth and personal evolution with insights that will reshape the way you face challenges and pursue your dreams.

    Today, we're peeling back the layers on how fundamental shifts in your thinking can dramatically alter your trajectory. You'll discover:

    • The undeniable power of positive thinking and how it shapes your reality
    • Strategic steps to turn theoretical knowledge into actionable change in your life
    • The secret to maintaining motivation and focus amidst distractions and setbacks

    Whether you're feeling stuck or just looking for that extra spark to ignite your journey, this episode is your springboard to leap towards a future where your potential knows no bounds.

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    8 June 2024, 8:00 am
  • 30 minutes 13 seconds
    Is Your Will to Win For Sale?

    Is your will to win for sale?

    The real differentiator from those who win in life and those who don’t is often the unyielding WILL to win. This episode is all about understanding and harnessing that indomitable spirit. I’m speaking to you 1:1 about what it takes to hold fast to your dreams against all odds.

    Today, I challenge you with this question: Is your will to win for sale? This isn't just about overcoming adversity; it's about recognizing that the journey towards success isn't just paved with challenges but also with the temptation to give up when those challenges become overwhelming.

    Together, we explore:

    - The pivotal role of resilience and grit in achieving success

    - How true winners negotiate the price of their dreams upfront, committing to endure whatever it takes

    - The critical importance of attaching your efforts to profound, personal motivations—those elements that make the journey worth every hardship

    - Strategies to strengthen your resolve and keep your eyes on the prize, regardless of the setbacks

    This episode is a call to evaluate your determination and to inspire you to see your battles through to the end. It's about deciding once and for all that your vision for a victorious life is NON-NEGOTIABLE.

    It’s time to fortify your will to win!

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    6 June 2024, 8:00 am
  • 1 hour 5 minutes
    How to Become a Great Leader with David Novak

    Unlock the Secrets of Leadership Mastery with Ed Mylett and David Novak!

    Leadership isn't just a role; it's a journey of constant learning and adaptation. This week, I'm excited to host David Novak, the legendary co-founder and former CEO of Yum! Brands, on a deep dive into the dynamics of transformative leadership.

    Together, we'll explore not just the fundamentals but the nuances that distinguish GOOD leaders from GREAT ones. Here’s a sneak peek at what you'll discover in this episode:

    The synergy between Active Learning and effective action

    How to turn knowledge into results

    Why continuously seeking fresh ideas is crucial for leadership growth

    The critical role of creating a vibrant leadership culture within your organization

    Vision and recognition: How these elements fuel motivation and commitment among teams

    The real reasons talented employees might leave and how to address these issues proactively

    The transformative power of mentoring and coaching, and why storytelling remains a vital skill for every leader

    These insights are packed with actionable strategies that can help you elevate your leadership game, whether you're leading a family, heading a startup or steering a multinational corporation. Prepare to be inspired, learn profoundly, and start implementing the kind of leadership practices that not only drive success but also foster genuine admiration and loyalty.

    If you're committed to excelling in leadership, this episode is your roadmap to achieving excellence and influencing others positively. Get ready to transform your approach and cultivate a legacy of effective leadership!

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    4 June 2024, 8:00 am
  • 1 hour 33 minutes
    How to Become a Super Communicator And Change Your Life

    WORDS have POWER. This FLASHBACK MASHUP episode will teach you how to HARNESS that power by becoming a master communicator.

    You’ll hear profound teachings from me and one of the greatest communicators on the planet, John Maxwell.

    This episode is packed with valuable strategies that will up your communication and leadership game by leaps and bounds.

    We’re bringing you our practical and actionable communication skills including insights on:

    - The 3 Stages of Communication

    - How to Increase Your Influence


    - The power of telling a GREAT STORY

    - Key Lessons from 13,000 Speaking Engagements

    - The difference between talking about FAILURES vs. SUCCESSES

    - Build a Powerful Movement in Business & Life

    I've always said that the ability to communicate effectively is a major component of what separates the good from the great. Whether you're leading a team, building a business, or just trying to make meaningful connections, how you express yourself and connect with others is crucial.

    Grab a pen and paper and dive into this communication MASTERCLASS!

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    1 June 2024, 8:00 am
  • 36 minutes 10 seconds
    The 9 UNCOMMON Keys to Winning

    In today’s episode, I’m revealing how high achievers focus their minds for peak performance AND I’m giving you my not-so-common 9 KEYS TO A WINNER’S MINDSET.  

    You were born to DO SOMETHING GREAT and these 9 KEYS are a big part of how you’re going to realize your full potential. 

    Your mindset can be your greatest ally or the thing that holds you back more than anything else. When you ADJUST YOUR THINKING to create a favorable framework you often remove the biggest barriers. 

    In this episode you’ll: 

     - Learn the significance of defining what winning means to you personally, and why it's critical to your success.

     - Discover how cultivating a sense of inevitable success can transform your efforts and outcomes.

     - Gain insights into how to gather motivational fuel from both positive and negative sources to fire up your drive. 

     - Learn an entirely new way to approach to goals. 

    - Learn to manage the highs and lows effectively, maintaining focus and emotional control through all situations. 

     This is a toolkit for anyone ready to elevate their life's game plan. The insights shared here will help you recalibrate your goals and supercharge your journey.  

     These 9 KEYS TO A WINNER’S MINDSET will not only redefine your achievements, but also enhance the way you perceive challenges and opportunities!

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    30 May 2024, 8:00 am
  • 55 minutes 55 seconds
    Navigate the Storms of Life & Success with Dean Graziosi

    Click the link below to grab your Free Ticket To Tony & Dean's "The Game Has Changed Virtual Live Event" 👉

    Learn the science of achievement and master the art of fulfillment in this power-packed episode with my good friend, Dean Graziosi!

    We're exploring why so many struggle to find fulfillment amidst the hustle and bustle of our fast-paced world AND revealing practical strategies that you can begin implementing in your life starting today to turn it all around including:

    • Understanding the evolving nature of the American Dream and how to adapt your aspirations to today's world
    • Discover the critical role of purpose in achieving lasting fulfillment and how to identify what truly drives you.
    • Strategies to get unstuck, start moving, and keep pushing forward, regardless of the obstacles.
    • Embracing failure as an invaluable teacher and a stepping stone to greater success.
    • Insights into handling the challenges posed by both the short-term and long-term economic climate.
    • Uncover common characteristics shared by those who achieve uncommon success.

    Dean and I are here to push you beyond your limits, to help you find your true calling, and to start living a life filled with joy and peace.

    This episode is your guide to transforming your life into one of profound achievement and deep fulfillment. Dive in and make the shift that could change everything!

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    28 May 2024, 8:00 am
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