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    The framework helping devs build LLM apps

    LlamaIndex is a data framework for building LLM applications. Check out the open-source framework or get started with the developer community, LlamaHub.

    Looking for a deeper understanding of RAG? Start with our guide.

    Wondering how to import `SimpleDirectoryReader` from LlamaIndex? This question has you covered.

    Jerry Chen is a partner at Greylock. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

    Read Jerry Liu’s posts on the LlamaIndex blog or connect with him on LinkedIn.

    16 July 2024, 4:20 am
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    Why we built Staging Ground

    Learn more about Staging Ground on our blog or in the help center.

    Find Kyle on LinkedIn, GitHub, and Twitter.

    Spevacus is a full stack developer and Stack Overflow moderator. They’re a participant in Charcoal, a user-run group that fights spam and rude/abusive content across the Stack Exchange network.

    12 July 2024, 4:20 am
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    We chat search from both sides now

    Stack Overflow and Elastic are collaborating to improve the search experience using vector search and generative AI. Learn more about the new AI features for Stack Overflow for Teams, including Enhanced Search.

    Learn more about the Elastic platform, including vector search. Developers can start building here.

    Connect with Paul, Steffi, and Gregor on LinkedIn.

    Stack Overflow user chepner won a Lifeboat badge for answering How do I use __repr__ with multiple arguments?.

    9 July 2024, 4:20 am
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    What can devs do about code review anxiety?

    Carol is an applied clinical and intervention scientist: she develops and tests cognitive, behavioral, and social interventions that activate key mechanisms to elicit change. Learn more about understanding and mitigating code review anxiety (the full version of her article is here).

    You can also check out the code review anxiety workbook.

    Pluralsight’s Developer Success Lab is a team of scientists studying how developers work, learn, and innovate. 

    Explore more of Carol’s work on code review anxiety, her bio, or her other work, from developer productivity and stress management to coding with GenAI. 

    Connect with Carol on LinkedIn or Mastodon.

    5 July 2024, 4:20 am
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    Happy people make better products

    Still thinking about developer happiness and productivity? Read Eira’s article about the real 10x developers among us.

    Connect with Ben Borra through his website or LinkedIn.

    Asked and answered: Stack Overflow user Jian earned a Great Question badge with How do I close a frozen SSH session?

    2 July 2024, 4:20 am
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    How to build open source apps in a highly regulated industry

    Before Medplum, Reshma founded and exited two startups in the healthcare space – MedXT (managing medical images online acquired by Box) and Droplet (at-home diagnostics company acquired by Ro). Reshma has a B.S. in computer science and a Masters of Engineering from MIT.

    You can learn more about Medplum here and check out their Github, which has over 1,200 stars, here.

    You can learn more about Khilnani on her website, GitHub, and on LinkedIn.

    Congrats to Stack Overflow user Kvam for earning a Lifeboat Badge with an answer to the question: 

    What is the advantage of using a Bitarray when you can store your bool values in a bool[]?

    28 June 2024, 4:10 am
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    A very special 5-year-anniversary edition of the Stack Overflow podcast!

    Cassidy reflect on her time as a CTO of a startup and how the shifting environment for funding has created new pressures and incentives for founders, developers, and venture capitalists.

    Ben tries to get a bead on a new Moore’s law for the GenAI era: when will we start to see diminishing returns and fewer step factor jumps? 

    Ben and Cassidy remember the time they made a viral joke of a keyboard!

    Ryan sees how things goes in cycles. A Stack Overflow job board is back! And what do we make of the trend of AI assisted job interviews where cover letters and even technical interviews have a bot in the background helping out.

    Congrats to Erwin Brandstetter for winning a lifeboat badge with an answer to this question:  How do I convert a simple select query like select * from customers into a stored procedure / function in pg?

    25 June 2024, 4:05 am
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    Say goodbye to "junior" engineering roles

    How would all this work in practice? Of course, any metric you set out can easily become a target that developers look to game. With Snapshot Reviews, the goal is to get a high level overview of a software team’s total activity and then use AI to measure the complexity of the tasks and output.

    If a pull request attached to a Jira ticket is evaluated as simple by the system, for example, and a programmer takes weeks to finish it, then their productivity would be scored poorly. If a coder pushes code changes only once or twice a week, but the system rates them as complex and useful, then a high score would be awarded. 

    You can learn more about Snapshot Reviews here.

    You can learn more about Flatiron Software here.

    Connect with Kirim on LinkedIn here.

    Congrats to Stack Overflow user Cherry who earned a great question badge for asking: Is it safe to use ALGORITHM=INPLACE for MySQL?

    21 June 2024, 4:05 am
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    Making ETL pipelines a thing of the past

    RelationalAI’s first big partner is Snowflake, meaning customers can now start using their data with GenAI without worrying about the privacy, security, and governance hassle that would come with porting their data to a new cloud provider. The company promises it can also add metadata and a knowledge graph to existing data without pushing it through an ETL pipeline.

    You can learn more about the company’s services here.

    You can catch up with Cassie on LinkedIn.

    Congrats to Stack Overflow user antimirov for earning a lifeboat badge by providing a great answer to the question: 

    How do you efficiently compare two sets in Python?

    18 June 2024, 4:05 am
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    The world’s most popular web framework is going AI native

    Palmer says that a huge percentage of today’s top websites, including apps like ChartGPT, Perplexity, and Claude, were built with Vercel’s Next.JS. 

    For the second goal, you can see what Vercel is up to with its v0 project, which lets developers use text prompts and images to generate code. 

    Third, the Vercel AI SDK, which aims to to help developers build conversational, streaming, and chat user interfaces in JavaScript and TypeScript. You can learn more here.

    If you want to catch Jared posting memes, check him out on Twitter. If you want to learn more abiout the AI SDK, check it out 


    A big thanks to Pierce Darragh for providing a great answer and earning a lifeboat badge by saving a question from the dustinbin of history. Pierce explained: How you can split documents into training set and test set

    14 June 2024, 4:10 am
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    A peek behind the curtain with Stack Overflow’s sales engineers

    You can learn more about these three features on our Overflow AI site.

    If you want to connect with Tiago, you can find him on LinkedIn. The same goes for Alexa.

    A shoutout to Stack Overflow user Mahozad for earning a LifeBoat badge with their answer to the question: 

    How can I add Jetpack Compose & xml in the same activity?

    11 June 2024, 4:05 am
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