Devour The Podcast

David Anders Jr, Jamie D Jenkins and Bo Ransdell

Offering a blend of sarcasm, snarky commentary and genuine discussion, Devour the Podcast brings horror fans/critics David,Jaime and Bo together once a week to dissect, discuss, debate and spiral out of control into the wonderful world of tangents that often have nothing to do with the original topic being discussed. Are you looking for horror news? Well we've got it, as we tackle a slew of news topics every week, discussing, poking of and ranting about all the interesting stories we can find. In our It Came from the Instant Queue segment, we tackle a film available through the Netflix Instant Watch service, rating each film on a 0-5 scale (0=Avoid at all cost, 5=Must Watch) and sacrificing our precious time and brain cells on some of the worst crimes committed against cinema. Occasionally we find something good too! Our Feature Presentation segment features a film we feel deserves a more in depth discussion, and because of that we offer up a “Pre-review” at the beginning of the segmen

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