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    But do I HAVE to set a goal for my art practice?

    If you're an artist who has given up on setting goals for your art practice because they never seem to turn out - this episode is for you!

    I know a lot of artists who are resistant to setting goals. I get it. It seems impossible without sacrificing your creative process. 

    Setting goals is not just about achieving them, it's about who you become in the process of going after them. 

    In this episode, I give you practical tips to help you reach your artistic goals without drowning in overwhelm or stiffling your creative process.

    Setting and achieving goals is a skill that can be learned and mastered. Anyone can do it yep, even a super creative, hard to tame artist like you!

    When you are ready to level up your painting practice and get weekly mentorship, join us in Growth Studio. You'll be part of a truly amazing group of artists:

    22 June 2024, 10:30 pm
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    A Painter’s Palette: Erin Raedeke Discusses Color and Emotion Ep315

    Let’s talk about color and process with Erin Raedeke. In this episode, Erin shares how she went from using timid neutral colors to canvases filled with bold hues in her sun filled still lifes. Her use of color seems to be a metaphor for her life. Erin is an accomplished painter known for her perceptual and observational work that recreates personal memories from childhood.

    Here are a few highlights from our chat:

    Personal Stories in Art: Erin's paintings are like pages from her life. She chooses objects from her Gen X childhood to re-examine the moments that impacted her as an adult.

    Fear and Fascination with Color: Erin’s relationship with color has evolved over time. Initially intimidated by the complexity of mixing and using bold colors, she now expresses her feelings powerfully with bold color choices.

    The Art of Still Lifes:  Erin creates still lifes that do more than just show objects. She uses them to tell deep stories, connecting objects to the narratives within everyday scenes.

    Creative Process and Curiosity: Erin's process is driven by curiosity and experimentation. Her approach involves setting up scenes from life and allowing her curiosity about colors and forms to guide the development of each piece. She doesn’t hesitate to completely change the painting if she has a better idea.

    Upcoming Solo Show Prep: Erin shares her preparations for an upcoming art show. She plans to use new ideas to explore her inner feelings and the world around her.

    This episode is perfect for anyone interested in how artists use their life experiences and emotions to create meaningful art. Join us to get inspired by Erin Raedeke's journey and her approach to painting.

    Full show notes here




    Connect with Erin:

    Instagram @erinraedeke

    23 May 2024, 4:05 pm
  • 30 minutes 2 seconds
    How to be a prolific painter (in 3 simple steps)

    A lot of artists come to me wanting to know how to paint more.

    How to paint better.

    They want to be prolific painters.

    So in this episode, I walk you through how to become a prolific painter in three, very straightforward steps.

    If you’ve ever felt like you’re stuck or not achieving as much as you could, this episode is for you.

    Personally, I’m not a big fan of doing things just for the sake of doing them. I like to have a reason and a clear purpose. Of course, I paint because I like to paint but having a clear purpose keeps me centered when things get tough or I don’t “feel like painting.”

    I’d rather not leave painting up to my whims. It’s too important to me.

    Main Takeaways from this episode:

    • The quality of your thoughts directly influences the quality of your paintings; mastering your mental landscape is key to improving your art.

    • Being a prolific painter isn't just about quantity; it's about consistently creating meaningful and deliberate artwork.

    • Aligning your emotions with your artistic goals enhances creativity and productivity, making the art-making process more fulfilling.

    • Relentless Action: Painting success comes from consistent, purposeful action—setting clear goals, choosing desired emotions, and persisting through challenges.

    • Developing a strategic approach to your art practice can transform your effectiveness as an artist, leading to more significant personal and professional growth.


    When you are ready for more, join Growth Studio, I’ll help you feel confident so you can make, show, and sell your artwork. Visit But for now, enjoy the episode!


    16 May 2024, 12:49 pm
  • 1 hour 22 minutes
    Painting the Everyday: Amy Scherer’s Vision of Suburban Beauty - EP 313

    Amy Scherer is a contemporary painter who works out of her home studio just outside of Seattle.

    In this episode, Amy and I talk about making art even when the people around you don't quite get what it is you do. Ever have any one come into your studio and ask - "Wait, where's the TV?" 🤦‍♀️ IYKYK, right?

    Amy lives in the suburbs and most of the people she's around just don't understand what she does, and that yes, there really is an actual artist living among them!

    For Amy, what helps her stay sane is teaching other artists how to paint. She absolutely loves the chance to geek out on art with other artists! It gives her the opportunity to share her ideas on color theory, composition, and all the nuances that make a great painting.

    So OF COURSE in our conversation, we geeked out on ALL THE THINGS:

    • how to arrange subjects in a painting.
    • why seeing the world as an artist matters.
    • tips on how to manage time between making art and daily life.
    • why making mistakes is important for growing as an artist.
    • the challenges of being seen as a real artist when you live in the suburbs.
    • being true to yourself in your art.
    • how being kind and understanding can help people love art even more.
    • how Amy keeps her passion for art alive.
    • how she balances creativity with her other responsibilities.

    Hope you enjoy this episode! If you do, let me know your biggest takeaway at @savvypainterpodcast

    And while you're there, check out Amy's work: @A_Scherer_


    26 April 2024, 4:36 pm
  • 24 minutes 17 seconds
    Feeling stuck in your painting practice? Try this.

    Ever felt like you're in a rut with your work?This week we I share practical strategies for boosting your creativity.

    In this episode, you'll learn three ways to make creative thinking part of your everyday practice. It's quick and easy but highly effective.

    The more you practice creativity, the more effortlessly it appears in your painting.

    We'll talk about how to think about other artists work so that it inspires unique ideas in your own (without copying their ideas). Letting your mind wander - yep DAYDREAMING is your best friend for creating unique ideas and tapping into your authenticity.

    Listen to this episode for some straightforward tips on revitalizing your artistic practice in a relaxed and simple way.

    18 April 2024, 12:18 pm
  • 21 minutes 24 seconds
    Afraid to show your paintings? Listen to this.

    Getting your work out there is scary for a lot of artists. Sometimes it’s because we’re afraid no one will like it, but more often it's because we are so worried about whether or not the paintings will sell.

    That creates a ton of pressure.

    This episode is for you if you want to show your work but secretly resist taking actions to get it out there.

    I give you 3 ideas to make it easier:

    Showing your work makes you a better painter: you get to see how people react to your work. Art is communication, part of communication is listening to the response.

    Putting your art out there helps you find the people who will truly love and appreciate your unique voice. These are the collectors who will support you as an artist. Help them get to know you.

    Sharing your work, even if it’s scary (especially if its scary) boosts your confidence. The more you do it, the easier it gets ( I promise!)

    Start small, go slow until you build your confidence. Sales is just one of the byproducts you get when you purposefully practice sharing your work with other humans.



    10 April 2024, 12:31 am
  • 27 minutes 50 seconds
    The 10 Most Important Lessons I've Learned As An Artist

    In this special episode of the Savvy Painter podcast, we're celebrating an incredible milestone: 10 years of being part of your art journey! Over the last decade, I've had the joy of connecting with so many amazing artists, sharing stories, struggles, and, most importantly, lessons. So, I thought, what better way to celebrate than to share my top 10 lessons from 10 years of Savvy Painter? These are the gems I've gathered from talking with hundreds of artists and diving deep into the art world. Let's dive in!

    1. What's on Your Canvas Reflects What's in Your Mind: The biggest game-changer for me was realizing how directly our thoughts shape our art. It's all about noticing how your feelings and thoughts come alive on your canvas through your brushstrokes.
    2. Be Intentional with Your Work and Time: Having a plan isn't just about avoiding distractions; it's about setting intentions for your art and focusing on them. Even something as simple as a sticky note with your goal can make a huge difference.
    3. Your Work Matters: Always remember that your art makes a difference. Even when doubts creep in, know that what you're creating has value, both to you and to the world.
    4. Perfection Isn't Good Enough: Chasing perfection can actually hold you back. Connect with people through your art instead of getting caught up in making every detail flawless.
    5. Be Selective About Who You Let into Your Studio: Not every voice deserves a say in your creative space. Keep out the negativity and focus on the positive influences that help you grow as an artist.
    6. The Four Stages of Your Practice: Embrace the cycle of making art, showing it, selling it, and then resting. Recognizing and honoring each stage is key to a fulfilling art practice.
    7. Community Is Key: Never underestimate the power of being part of a community of artists. It's comforting to know you're not alone in your artistic journey.
    8. Advocate for Your Work: Believing in your own art is the first step to getting others to believe in it too. Learn to talk about your work with confidence and love.
    9. Stay Out of Your Collectors' Wallets: Pricing your art isn't about guessing what others can afford; it's about valuing your work appropriately and letting the buyers decide for themselves.
    10. Love the Art and the Artist Who Creates It: This journey is all about love—loving the process, the creation, and, most importantly, yourself as the creator. Your art is a love letter to yourself, so cherish it and the person who brings it to life.

    Celebrating 10 years with you has been such an honor. Your stories, feedback, and the community we've built together have made Savvy Painter more than just a podcast; it's a shared space of inspiration and growth. Here's to many more years of painting, learning, and growing together.

    Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey!

    25 March 2024, 5:28 pm
  • 35 minutes 21 seconds
    How To Reconnect With Play And Joy In Your Art - Ep309

    Let's chat about embracing experimentation, playfulness, and bringing a childlike sense of curiosity into your creative process! In this episode, Antrese Wood shares her experiences and insights on how fear of failure and perfectionism stifles creativity, and offers strategies to overcome these obstacles.

    How do we do that? Bring back play and experimentation into your creative process.

    Play and experimentation leads to authenticity, growth, and learning. Our fear of failure and perfectionism blocks creativity, so we discuss concrete techniques to recognize and work through these fears. Embracing mistakes and imperfections as part of your process, and maintaining a sense of curiosity and joy, are keys to creating meaningful and emotional art.

    Here's what you learn how to do today in this episode:

    • Embrace experimentation and playfulness in your creative process to unlock authenticity and growth.
    • Recognize when fear of failure or perfectionism is driving your actions and stifling creativity.
    • Name and acknowledge your fears, then paint your way through them by reconnecting with your purpose as an artist.
    • Remind yourself that "perfection is not enough" – technical mastery alone does not create emotional connection.
    • When you make a "mistake," say "how interesting" to shift into a mindset of curiosity and exploration.
    • Check out the teachings of Benjamin Zander (composer/teacher) for inspiration on embracing imperfection and connecting with audiences.
    • Keep your adventurous, childlike spirit alive in your artwork.
    • Create space and habits that allow for joyful, uninhibited creative expression.

    Show notes and links are here

    15 March 2024, 12:54 pm
  • 1 hour 23 minutes
    Noah Saterstrom: On Building a Sustainable Art Practice- Ep 308

    Noah Saterstrom and Antrese Wood delve into the intersection of art, space, and personal evolution. Noah shares insights into his art practice, shedding light on how artists navigate their creative process and the challenges they face. Here are some key takeaways:

    • Exploring New Spaces: We discuss the impact of transitioning to a larger studio space and how it influences artistic practice.
    • Navigating the Art Market: Insights into the challenges of selling art in different economic climates, and the creative strategies artists employ.
    • Creative Process and Evolution: A deep dive into Noah's artistic journey, the evolution of his work, and how social media has transformed the way artists share and sell their art.
    • The Importance of Failure in Art: Noah emphasizes the role of failure in the creative process and how it drives innovation and growth.

    This episode offers you a unique glimpse into the life of an artist navigating the intersections of creativity, market dynamics, and personal growth.


    Full show notes on

    Connect with Noah: @NoahSats


    7 March 2024, 12:09 pm
  • 28 minutes 39 seconds
    Building Unshakeable Trust - Ep. 307

    Building unshakeable trust in yourself is a gamechanger and it affects more than just your artwork.

    Learn why and how you can start building it today.

    • Self-trust allows you to take risks, explore, and play in your painting without worrying about seeming scattered. You trust your creativity.
    • With self-trust, you know you can choose one idea without fear of losing others. You feel calm and free while creating.
    • Self-trust helps you feel calm and open when showing your work, talking about it, and discussing pricing.
    • Without self-trust you doubt choices, compare yourself, second-guess, become stagnant, jump between projects, feel caged by past successes.
    • Ways to build self-trust: recognize what you like/dislike, practice keeping tiny promises to yourself, have grace when you make mistakes, turn down the volume on your inner critic.
    • Building self-trust is a practice - your brain has decades of lying to you that you can't be trusted. But you can rebuild trust in yourself.
    29 February 2024, 1:53 pm
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    Q and A with Antrese - Your questions answered! - Ep306

    In this episode, I answer questions about my evolution and growth over the past couple years. I'm back from a lengthy break with fresh perspectives to share.

    A few takeaways from this episode:

    • I obtained several advanced coaching certifications and feel they complement my artistic side. My vision for the podcast and community is even stronger now.
    • Progress in art and life is not linear.  I encourage reframing frustrations as opportunities to grow rather than indications of failure.
    • Find balance across periods of your life, not daily. Different priorities may have more focus (and time) during different seasons of your life. It's supposed to be that way.
    • Time management is a learnable skill. Set boundaries and create small creative spaces amidst obligations.
    • What's next for Savvy Painter? Going forward, I have 10x more conviction in my vision of supporting artists through this podcast and community. I see frustrations in art and life as invitations to grow so that I can make an even bigger impact. I'm more convinced of that than ever.
    • This is just the beginning.

    Got questions for the next Q and A episode? Send me a message on Instagram or shoot me an email - I'd love to hear them! 

    22 February 2024, 1:20 pm
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