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Hi, I'm Rob! If you listen to my show, you'll notice my best friend Jeff Meacham. We've been workout buddies for almost 20 years. Jeff and I have many things in our lives that we're passionate about. We love to workout, together if possible. We love food. I'm not sure if cookies count as food, but I'm sure Jeff would be happy to hear if they do. And finally, we love 80's actions movies! Basically anything with Stallone. As the host of the show, my mission is to deliver quality guests, who will inspire you to improve your life. I don't care if you're vegan, paleo, a body builder or a triathlete, we have something for everyone. Who the heck are you, Rob? Good question. I'm a personal trainer in Los Angeles, CA. I wasn't always a personal trainer. I started my career in LA as an actor. That's how Jeff and I met. We attended SUNY Purchase Acting Conservatory and became fast friends(oh and workout buddies). Since then I've given up on the whole acting thing. I was tired of just getting
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