Unseeable forces control human behavior and shape our ideas, beliefs, and assumptions. Invisibilia—Latin for invisible things—fuses narrative storytelling with science that will make you see your own life differently.

  • 50 minutes 10 seconds
    The Goodbye Show
    In their final episode, Invisibilia searches for the right way to say goodbye.
    27 April 2023, 10:40 pm
  • 32 minutes 44 seconds
    Revisiting Love and Lapses: A Conversation with Code Switch host B.A. Parker
    Sometimes the holidays are filled with the people you love. Other times, they're marked by an absence. In this special holiday episode, new Code Switch co-host and former Invisibilia producer B.A. Parker tells a story about family, loss and preserving memories before it's too late. Then Parker joins Kia and Yowei to reflect on the making of this story, and what it means to her now.
    16 December 2022, 2:01 am
  • 34 minutes 58 seconds
    Power Tools
    Bad bosses. Obnoxious coworkers. Unfair compensation. There are so many reasons people feel disempowered in the workplace. But how can our feelings about power enable or disrupt the larger dynamics we hate at work? This week, Yowei Shaw seeks answers from a power researcher and a union organizer.
    7 October 2022, 9:45 pm
  • 32 minutes 48 seconds
    Freedom Diving
    After months of working from home and retreating from the world, Kia Miakka Natisse is stuck - in her house, and in her head. In an attempt to break out of the funk, she's searching for wisdom at the bottom of the ocean with South Africa's first Black freediving instructor, Zandile Ndhlovu.
    30 September 2022, 7:00 am
  • 47 minutes 38 seconds
    Therapy Ghostbusters
    In San Jose, California, a community clinic was stumped as to why their clients were seeing ghosts. This week, a story about grappling with ghosts of our past and one clinic's attempt to heal intergenerational trauma.
    23 September 2022, 7:00 am
  • 27 minutes 50 seconds
    A Little Bit Pregnant
    This week on Invisibilia, could the rebrand of a familiar pill open up a new way to control fertility in a post-Roe America?
    16 September 2022, 7:00 am
  • 41 minutes 44 seconds
    The P-Word
    Alex is a comic who feels perfectly comfortable commanding a packed, rowdy audience, but consistently submits to what other people want in everyday life. This week, a look at how uncomfortable feelings about power can backfire on ourselves and the people we love. We get the help of a power expert - a dominatrix - to untangle Alex's power dynamics, and find out what it takes to treat a power allergy.
    9 September 2022, 7:00 am
  • 1 minute 40 seconds
    Invisibilia Takes Control
    2022 feels like walking a tightrope. We're grappling with control of our bodies, our time, the direction of our country - while trying to not spin out and just doomscroll. So this season, Invisibilia takes on control. The narratives we have about what's in or out of our control. Invisible tools of control. The crutches we use to FEEL in control but that might not be helping.
    6 September 2022, 7:00 am
  • 39 minutes 8 seconds
    Therapy, with Friends
    Would you ever consider going to therapy with a friend?Two best friends who call themselves brothers were drifting apart, so they asked psychotherapist Esther Perel to help — and we listened in. This episode was recorded in collaboration with Where Should We Begin? with Esther Perel and a companion episode can be heard on her podcast.
    4 November 2021, 9:07 pm
  • 44 minutes 42 seconds
    Poop Friends
    Sh*t happens. So why is it so hard to talk about? This week, the ways that poop divides and binds us in our friendships.
    28 October 2021, 6:26 pm
  • 50 minutes 14 seconds
    Friends with Benefits
    A lot of us think that it's a bad idea to get physical with friends. We worry it'll get messy, maybe even ruin the friendship. But if physical intimacy between friends weren't so taboo, what could our friendships look like? In this episode, we explore the gray zone of sex and friendship, following a man who deliberately kept his friendships with women hazy and now wants to apologize, and a pair of BFFs who became close through sex.
    21 October 2021, 6:47 pm
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