You and Your Cash
You and Your Cash
What is You and Your Cash? To the point it is a podcast that tackles two subjects that are close to your (and everyone else’s) hearts those being YOU - there is not other thing more important than you right? And YOUR CASH. Well, that's really important too. Although here we’re not just talking about the folding stuff in your pocket. We’re also referring to the things that cost you time or money or even time AND money every day. It’s a sad truth that so much of the monetary systems we use every day have been set up to milk us dry and rob us blind in seemly perfectly legal ways. Yet these have become so ‘normal’ that we don’t really notice anymore. Business rip us off when they provide shoddy products or services. People lose our money when they miscalculate how much they either want to take from us or don’t give us when we are supposed to receive them. The list is endless - which is a way is good because the job that Simon and mark do is to uncover the wrong that are being done agai
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