• Accelerate Health with Dr. John Bartemus; achieve wellness from a Functional Medicine perspective

    Dr. John Bartemus will share the latest research and clinical findings in Functional Medicine and Chiropractic to help you achieve and maintain optimal health and wellness. Do you suffer from thyroid problems, adrenal fatigue, leaky gut, dysbiosis, hormone imbalance, trouble with weight loss, or any of the host of common chronic diseases plaguing the developed world? Then this is your hub for information on how to take back your health naturally.

  • NutriMedical Report

    Dr Bill, MD is a long time lecturer and current educator with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and the American Academy of Environmental Medicine. The NutriMedical Report brings to you, the listener, empowerment through knowledge to live well, grow spiritually, and make informed choices about your health and your life. At NutriMedical.com you will have access to personalized targeted superior quality nutritional supplements with the much sought after NutriMedical label.... insuring that each and every product is specifically quality controlled.

  • Doctor You!

    Transforming lives through health and wellness

  • Journey to a Healthy Lifestyle

    Therése Paul is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Life and Wellness Coach who has dedicated over 20 years to helping people change their lives by improving their overall health. Therése is the owner of “Define Health Wellness Coaching LLC” and has helped thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds in a variety of settings including clinics, schools, homes, and hospitals but she really enjoys coaching on the bike or hiking trail the most! Her clients have described her as having "...an uncanny ability to put you at ease and build self-confidence in the context of reviewing progress toward life goals” and "...encouragement goes beyond practical suggestions and creative problem solving."


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