• 123ayurveda

    Podcast traitant de la médecine indienne : l'ayurvéda. Présentation des théories, des concepts-clés et interviews d'experts. L'ayurvéda est un système de santé naturelle venant d'Inde et connu en Europe pour ces massages et ces soins.

  • Deborah Stotzky

    Yoga can tone, strengthen and sculpt our bodies. It can release our mind and spirit. When we embrace the power of a regular yoga practice, we gain a three fold advantage: physical fitness, freedom from stress and a sense of well-being that permeates all areas of our lives.

  • Love Your Fertility Journey With Rosanne Austin

    Love Your Fertility Journey is a podcast, a community, and a movement. It is our aim to empower professional women who are struggling with fertility to move beyond fear and frustration into hope and boundless confidence, so they can love their lives, no matter what. The goal is to help you break free from the grip of “what-ifs,” isolation, comparisons, and self-doubt that can turn your world upside down as you are trying to conceive. We will help you get there with inspiring, honest talk and powerful, practical strategies for stepping off the roller coaster and into your very best self, regardless of what the journey throws your way. Your host is Rosanne Austin, expert coach, speaker, author, and infertility survivor. Having experienced infertility while she was a successful trial lawyer, Rosanne knows exactly what it takes to smile back in the face of infertility with unshakable confidence. She will provoke you to think differently about yourself and your journey. Her work is loved by

  • Tooth Be Told Podcast

    Hosted by Dr. Jeff Levenson, DDS.

  • Real People, Real Stories: The Brian Soucier Podcast

    Brian Soucier is a family man. A father to four boys and married to his soulmate. A plant-based athlete, entrepreneur, speaker and author who has dedicated his life to service. However, the happiness you see has not always been the case. Brian has suffered from anxiety and depression for most of his life. He was victim to bullying at a young age coupled with low self esteem and major insecurities. Only through God, exercise, eating right, and making healthy choices has he been able to manage much of his challenges. Brian has dedicated his life to unlocking the mysteries of overcoming adversity. Throughout his travels he was introduced to people who profoundly impacted his world view. After witnessing the documentary Cowspiracy he dedicated his life to creating a better environment for his children to grow up in. Follow Brian as he interviews some of the most dynamic people and diverse topics effecting humanity. The art of story telling has been diminished by an age of distra

  • Self(s) Healing

    The Lenair Self(s) Healing Center and Rhonda Lenair offer two services through the Self(s) Healing Experience (SHE): in-person and via the phone.

  • Being Well With Lauren

    Do you want to be inspired, motivated & challenged to lose weight, feel happy, or increase your sense of well being? Well have a cuppa with Lauren ( AKA The Whispering Mother ) & feel well every day. Listen to Lauren as she shares her personal stories, her thoughts, & meditations on happiness, wellbeing & life in a softly spoken voice. Lauren chats casually, as she sips a cuppa, creating the virtual ambiance of an intimate chat between close friends. It is easy to feel drawn into her animated stories, relaxed my her calming voice, & touched by her soothing insight. Lauren Ostrowski Fenton is a 50 year old single mum of four young children including twins. Lauren is a personal trainer, You Tuber, & life coach specialising in relaxation, fitness, weight loss, sleep therapy, happiness, & stress management. Lauren has competed in natural body building, triathlons, & ultra distance events. Lauren welcomes & encourages listener interaction & letters. Lauren runs regular self improvement c

  • Inner Health, Outer Wealth Video | Expansions | Current Events | Dreams | Healing Techniques | Affirmations Podcasts #

    * Know which Current Events to keep an eye on. * Overcome fear, worry and self-doubt! * Change your relationships and improve communication. * Eliminate Mind-Control and Programming! * Deepen your personal concept of spirituality. * Create amazing internal power and confidence. * Attract what is truly the Best for you. * Create radiant health in all parts of your life * Increase your income with positive mind-patterns - and much more!

  • Tierra Negra

    La sustentabilidad vista como un modelo posible, libre de jipismo, y vista desde resultados medibles. Alternativas para una vida que se opone a las visiones apocalípticas.

  • Peace Meditations and Talk

    Meditations that will fast track you to a higher consciousness . Quick, fast, and in a hurry! Peace Talk is striving for open and honest discussion about the beautiful and diverse planet we occupy by interviewing guests who are on different paths. I hope to share their knowledge, intuition, humor, and information to inform, entertain, enlighten and educate the listener. I truthfully and sincerely explore their gifts of knowledge, their variety of experiences, and share this with my listener. I also thank my guests for giving their time to allow us to explore life through their eyes for a moment! www.PeaceMeds.com Start from the first meditation and work your way to guru in a matter of weeks! Heal yourself, and heal all of us! We will also from time to time have people of interest to chat with! Never a dull moment! And sometimes Open Lines with Be (Nice or) Leave Thank you for joining. Please make yourself comfortable. If you choose light a candle, or put on relaxing background mus


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