• Shrink Your Ecological Footprint

    A weekly show and talk about sustainable communities, eco-friendly life hacks, healthy recipies, green gadgets and lots more. Our listeners may also directly participate in this podcast by submitting links to del.icio.us bookmark sharing under the tag footprintpodcast. Aside from reading news both national and international, we will be attending local events and providing first-hand accounts, photos, video and interviews from people making an effort to shrink their ecological footprint and inspire others to do the same.

  • Essential Oil Educator : Health, Wellness, and Essential Oil Education

    Inspiring interviews with essential oil enthusiasts, practioners and scieintists. Each week join us for an in depth discussion with a health, wellness or business expert to hear their stories and knowledge. Each guest will answer a get-to-know you question then tell their stories and desribe their essential oil and wellness experiences.

  • Younger Life LIVE!

    Imagine an experience that’s all about you living younger longer. That helped your friends, loved ones, and neighbors appreciate deeper, more meaningful relationships. That encouraged you to wake up each day refreshed, inspired, and ready to embrace new ideas. Now, discover it. Younger Life Live. Weekdays @ 9AM only on AM 1420 WIMS and at youngerlife.org.

  • Chi Kung Stories

    A brief translation of Chi Kung can mean the Art of Understanding your Vital Energy. My name is Lourenco de Azevedo and I'm a Chi Kung Teacher Based in Portugal. What I share here is my days, as a teacher and human being, as I try to get a deep understanding of this practice by applying it in my everyday living.

  • Healing from the Inside Out

    Every yoga class and teacher says "listen to your body." In practice with me, I teach you HOW to pay attention to your body by tracing the sensations through your nervous system and really FEEL what happens with posture and breath. These yoga practice podcasts are my way of helping you build a home practice. My greatest pleasure comes when a former student shares with me what they learned from their home practice. I have taught over 200,000 students nationwide, and inevitably, when I return to guest teach somewhere, someone pulls me aside to say my voice rings inside their heads. And not just while on the mats, but in every day life. As a yoga educator with a master’s degree in teaching, I aim to educate my students. I want to pull out of you what you already know by showing you how to listen to yourself and your body. My hope is that you learn ONE simple thing in each class with me. I want you to walk away with homework to practice that lesson everywhere in your life, continuing y

  • Acupuntura

    Guía Útil de Acupuntura

  • Acupuncturist On Fire

    AJ is one of those people who is hungry for knowledge about topics that interest him. Being an Acupuncturist , he is constantly seeking out information about acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, nutrition, and all things that being an Acupuncturist encompasses. Knowledge is power that can help him heal his patients while at the same time grow and perfect his business. There are many sources of information that AJ turns to in order to continue learning and growing. He reads books, attends seminars, reads articles in magazines and on the Internet, listens to podcasts, and reaches out to other Acupuncturists to pick their brains. AJ had his AH-HA moment recently in the middle of a conversation with a very knowledgable and wise Acupuncturist who had been practicing for many years. He realized that the knowledge from this man, as well as many other equally as knowledgeable Acupuncturists, could benefit other Acupuncturists and Acupuncture students. There are many great podcasts out there, b

  • Wild Eden Nature Sounds by Dr Eric Fassbender

    The tracks in this podcast are mostly 5 minute demos. You can find the full length tracks and albums of this podcast at http://www.feeltherelaxation.com Listen to the soothing sounds of birds, ocean waves and wind chimes during a thunderstorm. Use our sounds to relax, de-stress, treat post-traumatic stress disorder or soothe your baby. Use them as a sleeping aid, to reduce anxiety or as an accompaniment for meditation or yoga. Whatever you do, we want you to Feel the Relaxation! Nature Sounds, Sounds of Nature, Birds, Bird Songs, Bird Song, Bird Sound, Australian Bird Songs, Australian Bird Sounds, Crickets, Insects, Nature Sounds MP3, Nature Sounds CD, Ocean Waves, Sounds, Creeks, Rivers, Field Recordings, Soothing Nature Sounds, Running Water, Dripping Water, Rain, Waterfall, Crickets, Relaxation, Meditation, Yoga, Soothing Baby, Sleep, Sleep Aid, Anxiety Relief, Stress Relief, Stress Management, De-Stress, Zen Music, Relaxing Music, Meditation Music, Sleeping Music, Naturaufnahm

  • Don't Wig Out

    The first show ever about female hairloss, health and Hollywood. Hosted by Amy Gibson and Georgia Van Cuylenburg Airing on Monday nights 8pm pst. at ubnradio.com channel 1


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