• Eco Logic

    Podcast by Josh Garcia

  • CRM Archaeology Podcast

    The CRM Archaeology Podcast brings together a panel of cultural resource management professionals to discuss the issues that really matter to the profession. Find out about networking strategies, job hunting, graduate programs, and much more. We’ll often feature interviews with college professors and CRM business owners and experts as well.

  • Now 正念冥想•《七日冥想课程》


  • Towards a Revision of the Sexual and Gender Diagnoses (ICD)

    The World Health Organization is working on a revision of its International Classification of Diseases. While the American Psychiatric Association is busily trying to revise its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the process of revising the ICD is a separate process. Both revision processes have important implications for how we conceptualize, assess, and treat sexual and gender concerns - and what might be covered services by health ministries and/or health insurances. Quite a bit of new research has challenged the current taxonomies of sexual and gender diagnoses. This presentation will review the input from a variety of professional organizations to the ICD revision process. There is quite a bit of debate and the controversial areas will be reviewed. The presentation will be a glimpse into what may or might not be changed in the new revision of ICD.



  • PsychNut: Non-Credit Psychology Courses

    Animated talks about a wide variety of areas in psychology.

  • Eine Zigarette mit Karsten - Der Podcast

    Nun gibt’s die berühmte “Zigarette mit Karsten” auch als Podcast - für alle, die mich nicht sehen, aber hören wollen :) Für alle, die nicht wissen worum es geht: Gratis Flirten Lernen - das ist der Sinn hinter meinem YouTube-Kanal LiebeVollTV. In Zigarettenlänge erkläre ich meine Sicht der Dinge und erläutere verschieden Flirt-Prinzipien und gebe Tipps und Hinweise. Für mehr Infos, einfach hier klicken:www.liebe-voll.net

  • Child and Adolescent Services at PHS

    The PHS clinic, the Center for Sexual Health, has recently developed a program for children and adolescents with a range of sexual issues including sexual behavior problems, gender issues and, in conjunction with the Disorders of Sexual Development Clinic at the KDWB University Pediatrics Family Center, children and adolescents with a disorder of sexual development who need more psychological support and psychosexual education. While a few clinicians have traditionally worked with young clients, now the clinic has more fully developed guidelines and treatment models and thus has the capacity to see many more youth within a comprehensive framework. The expansion not only increases our clinical services but broadens our training for postdoctoral fellows. As the developer and coordinator of the new program, Dr. Dianne Berg will be discussing some of the theoretical and research-related underpinnings of the current assessment and treatment protocols, as well as the protocols themselves s


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