• RadioLacan.com | Coloquio Franco-Chino de psicoanálisis: La Palabra y el psicoanálisis

    Organizado por la Universidad de Sichuan en Chengdu ( República Popular de China) y bajo los auspicios del departamento de psicoanálisis de la Universidad de Paris 8.

  • Observatoriet i USR 102,3

    Naturvetenskap & humaniora, högt & lågt, globalt & lokalt - allt och inget om vetenskap med Jonte Samuelsson & Hanna Palm i USR 102,3. Torsdagar 17.00 i Umeå Studentradio 102,3

  • ResilienceMN

    The MN National Guard has the highest suicide rate in the country. After a decade plus of continuous war, thousands of our neighbors suffer from hidden wounds of war: PTSD, Military Sexual Trauma, and Moral Injury. This audio series is documenting the effort of the Veteran Resilience Project to raise the funds necessary to deliver a powerful trauma therapy that has already saved the lives of over 2,000,000 people worldwide and needs to be made available to our vets...NOW. This is truly an urgent mission. Every day 22 veterans commit suicide because the community has failed to take responsibility for sending these brave young citizens to war. Join host Paul Riedner, formerly an Army deep sea diver, interview resilient, thriving Iraq, Afghanistan, and Vietnam veterans. These are stories from the heart of the veteran experience: stories from boot camp, war, deployment, leaders they admired, struggles of reintegration. Some will bust your gut laughing and others will leave you in tears, b

  • RadioLacan.com | Apertura del Congreso de la NLS Dublin 2016 por Florencia F.C. Shanahan e Yves Vanderveken

    Congreso de la NLS 2016 “Signos discretos en las psicosis ordinarias. Clínica y tratamiento” 2 y 3 de Julio The Printworks, Dublin Castle - Dublin, Irlanda

  • JiwickyLand Podcast

    Your favorite science, technology and entertainment podcast with a genuine mix of music, hosted by Dan and Adam in beautiful Asheville NC. We'll play your stuff - tweet us @jiwicky

  • Revolutionizing Our Sexually Dysfunctional Society

    Joycelyn Elders, MD, presented "Revolutionizing Our Sexually Dysfunctional Society: Are Americans Ready to Talk, Listen, and Learn?" on May 7, 2010, as the first lecture of the John Money Lecture in Pediatric Sexology series at the Program in Human Sexuality at the University of Minnesota Medical School.

  • RadioLacan.com | El coloquio EBP/ICP-ECF: El despertar de la adolescencia. Del goce al deseo. Conferencia La adolescencia en

    El coloquio EBP/ICP-ECF, que se titula "El despertar de la adolescencia. Del goce al deseo", fue una actividad dedicada a trabajar el tema del XXI° Encuentro sobre Infancia y Adolescencia que será realizado en noviembre en la ciudad de San Pablo, y cuyo título es "Adolescencia. La edad del deseo."

  • RadioLacan.com | 2º Encuentro Elucidación de Escuela de la ELP. La acción lacaniana de la ELP en lo social

    El 17 de septiembre de 2016, tuvo lugar en el Ateneo de Madrid el 2º Encuentro Elucidación de Escuela, organizado por la ELP. La introducción del espacio estuvo a cargo de Santiago Castellanos y de Miquel Bassols.

  • Make a Mental Note

    Make a Mental Note is a podcast where Dr. Christopher Quarto, a licensed psychologist, interviews counselors, social workers and psychologists in the greater Nashville area and abroad about their practices. The purpose of the podcast is to educate listeners about psychological problems that people contend with and methods of dealing with those problems. Learning is key to healing and mental wellness. Listen to the podcast and make some mental notes!

  • Impact of Relationships on Health

    This study examined sexual risk behavior and mental health in 605 HIV-positive MSM to see if men in primary partnerships had lower levels of sexual risk behavior and less depression and anxiety, compared to single men. Results. Monogamy status and partner type were associated with differences in sexual risk behavior. When non-monogamous men engaged in sex with their primary partners, their sexual risk behavior was lower, similar to monogamous men. In contrast, when these same non-monogamous men engaged in sex with their secondary partners, their sexual risk behavior was significantly higher, similar to sexually active single men. No association was found related to mental health. Conclusions. Non-monogamous men engaged in more sexual risk behavior than monogamous men due to higher rates of unsafe sex with secondary partners. Lower sexual risk behavior was only apparent when sexual behavior occurred between primary partners. This protective health benefit was not apparent when sexual b


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