• Social Enterprise Conversations

    With Social Enteprise Conversations the goal is simple – to stimulate conversation in the third sector. As smartphones and tablets have become further integrated into our lives, the accessibility of podcasts is now much greater, and much easier than it has ever been.

  • Everyday Democracy

    Podcasts with Everyday Democracy feature interviews with everyday people creating change in their communities. Listen to their stories and become inspired.

  • Pursuing Passion Podcast

    Living in a rapid-paced world full of ups and downs makes it easy for anyone to lose passion for their dreams. No matter who you are or where you are from, you have at least one dream that is stirring on the inside of you. Yes, the dream could have been pushed to the back of your mind with the recent economic downturn or even replaced by unexpected circumstances, but inside of you is a dream. While your neighbor’s dream may be different than yours, one thing remains true: our world is a better place when a dream is pursued with passion .As a team, we live to help communities develop into their full potential and because people are at the heart of every community, we know we can help communities grow if we reach their people. Out of a simple desire to see the world be a better place, we want to help everyday people like you and me passionately pursue their dreams. Our podcast is going to be filled with raw, genuine discussion on how to live life to the fullest while facing the world we

  • Texas Conference for Women

    The largest women's conference in the state with more than 6,000 attendees, offers community and connection, information and inspiration, motivation and momentum.

  • Action Voices » Community Podcasts

    Action Voices Community Podcasts is the voice of community activists in Southern Africa. This programme is supported by the Bench Marks Foundation.

  • Field Notes Podcast

    Field Notes is a podcast featuring Charles Bier, the senior director of conservation science at the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy. Bier describes his experiences working as a scientist in Pennsylvania. Bier provides conservation planning and scientific support across the organization and has a broad background in ecology and biodiversity issues. The Conservancy has been enhancing the region’s quality of life by protecting and restoring Western Pennsylvania’s exceptional places. Since 1932, the Conservancy helped establish ten state parks conserved more than 232,000 acres of natural lands and protected or restored more than 1,500 miles of rivers and streams. The Conservancy operates and preserves Frank Lloyd Wright's masterpiece Fallingwater, in Mill Run, Pa. In addition, the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy enriches our region’s cities and towns through nearly 140 community gardens and greenspaces that are planted with the help of 13,000 volunteers. www.waterlandlife.org

  • What's Good

    Chideo's "What's Good" podcast features in-depth discussions with visionary leaders of charities and passionate celebrities who are working to make the world a better place. Each episode takes us inside the stories of people and projects that inspire us and demonstrate the incredible impact that we all can have in the face of any challenge. Chideo is part of The Charity Network.

  • When Christians Speak Talk Radio

    When Christians Speak Talk Radio is an online station designed to give a voice to those crying out in today’s wilderness “Prepare ye the way of the Lord.” The world’s climate and the events of present day are causing humanity to re-evaluate what they hold true and what they hold dear; and because of this Reverend Ray Rose developed When Christians Speak in early 2013 to answer the world’s cry. W.C.S. follows the normal radio show format with a host and various guest speakers for the purpose of spreading the Good news of Jesus Christ and addressing the many topics and issues that we face each and every day. The hosts of W.C.S. shows are men and women who have come to know the saving Grace of the Lord and desire to reach out to God’s people that they too may come to encounter the Love and redemptive power of Christ. This is achieved through exhortation, prayer, worship and personal testimonies. Rev. Ray himself is a stroke survivor who often shares of God’s keeping power and knows firsth


    A podcast curriculum to prepare contractors to provide premier service to clients while empowering best practices in their business.


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