• SOFA Speaks Special Operations For America

    Gary Stubblefield, Chairman of Special Operations For America and a 20+ year military veteran welcomes you to SOFA! SOFA is a Super PAC dedicated to recruiting, supporting, and getting military veterans elected into the House and Senate at the Federal Level. Just a few decades ago, many of our representatives had military experience and even full military careers before going into politics; whereas now only a minority percentage do. - See more at: http://radioactivebroadcasting.sbc-inc.net/directory-page/itemlist/category/219-sofa-speaks-special-operations-for-america#sthash.KQwA48O0.dpuf

  • Poker Advocacy

    Rich Muny: Rich "TheEngineer" Muny is the Poker Players Alliance (http://theppa.org) Vice President of Player Relations and a member of their board of directors. He is also an engineer and a poker player. The show is dedicated to advocating for poker in all its forms and for the rights of those who play the game, featuring guests from across the poker community. Show Airs Live From OnTilt Radio 8pm est Every Tuesday Night

  • London Conference on Cyberspace

    A series on the London Conference on Cyberspace. Bringing together governments, businesses and civil society to discuss how to protect and preserve the opportunities that the development of digital media offers us all.

  • Yo Vinnie's Legal Insanity

    Everyday former CourtTV and HLN anchor takes a look at what's right and what's WRONG with our system of justice and takes you beneath the robe. Vinnie will expose the truth about what is happening... and tell you what the judges and lawyers are afraid to say but he ISN'T!

  • Glacier National Park

    Experience Glacier National Park's pristine forests, alpine meadows, rugged mountains, and spectacular lakes. With over 700 miles of trails, Glacier is a hiker's paradise for adventurous visitors seeking wilderness and solitude. Relive the days of old through historic chalets, lodges, transportation, and stories of Native Americans. Connect and reconnect with Glacier National Park virtually though our Podcasts and online virtual tours at our Web site (www.nps.gov/glac). Come, visit us in beautiful Montana, and discover what awaits you.

  • 内閣総理大臣<ビデオキャスティング>


  • BJA BWC Podcast Series

    The BWC Podcast Series was created as an accompaniment to the BJA National Body-Worn Camera Toolkit. This new podcast series is an interview style podcast series focusing on important issues regarding implementing body-worn cameras (BWCs) in the law enforcement environment. The podcast series will focus on diverse aspects of the implementation and includes input from law enforcement, prosecutors, defenders, advocates, unions, civil rights, and more to cover the most pressing issues concerning BWCs. For more information on implementing BWCs please see the BJA National Body-Worn Toolkit at www.bja.gov. To learn more about the BJA BWC Podcast Series, visit http://www.bja.gov/Publications/podcasts/podcast.html

  • BJA Justice Podcast Series

    The BJA Justice Podcast Series was created to provide the latest information on justice innovations, practices, and perspectives from the field of criminal justice. These podcasts showcase a variety of topics spanning the justice system from matters such as innovations in policing and prisoner reentry to issues of combating substance abuse and managing relations with tribal nations. Each podcast interviews an expert in a chosen field who shares his or her thoughts and insights on issues that are critical to our communities and our nation. To learn more about the BJA Justice Podcast Series, visit https://www.bja.gov/Publications/podcasts/podcast.html.

  • Army Podcasts: Cav Country

    Cav Country provides news and operation updates from the U.S. Army's 1st Cavalry Division.

  • KNEA 미디어

    한국원자력문화재단은 국민에게 원자력에 대한 객관적이고 과학적인 정보를 올바로 전달하여, 원자력 이용에 대한 국민의 공감을 이끌어냄은 물론, 원자력문화를 증진시켜 사회 공익에 이바지하고 있습니다.


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