• KofeTalk

    KofeTalk is an entertaining show about how to be achieve financial success. Each episode we dive into financial subjects and discuss how to be successful. Look for our podcast in the Podcasts app or in the iTunes Store

  • LJNRadio: Volunteering At

    If you're unemployed and looking to keep your skills sharp and resume full - you'll need to volunteer. Of course, you might be employed, but looking to give back or maybe you're a retiree trying to stay involved. Whatever your situation is, Volunteering At will take the listener into the organizations who are looking for volunteers!

  • Berks County Living Live!

    Berks County Living Live! Behind the scenes of Berks County Living Magazine.

  • Divapreneur Community Blogzine

    Random community members are interviewed and teach us how to start, manage and succeed in business. Community updates and commentaries.

  • LJNRadio: Points of Interest

    Points of Interest in the World of Employment explores various topics of interest to those seeking new employment and employed individuals. Expertise and real-life experiences are shared to help employees and managers achieve success in the workplace.

  • Smart Shopper Australia

    Everything you need to know about finding a bargain from grocery buying ‚Äčto big ticket purchases we will show you how to shop smart and save money

  • LJNRadio: Mock Interview

    Mock Interview brings in job seekers and HR professionals or hiring managers to conduct a mock interview for a specific job within a variety of industries. To conclude, the expert constructively critiques the candidate's performance.

  • Walmart NJ Videos

    This is the video platform for news wrapper reports produced on behalf of Walmart Stores in New Jersey.

  • LJNRadio: Life vs. Work

    Life vs. Work examines the delicate balance of running a business while ensuring the satisfaction of employees and management. From home life to health to time constraints, we consider what measures can be taken to understand the human side of human resources - and still be productive.

  • IKEA BUSINESS Main St. Makeover

    One town. Ten small businesses. Ten real makeovers in just ten days! Get inside the winners of the ground-breaking IKEA Main St. Makeover contest. See how a group of entrepreneurs in Old Town Lansing, MI transformed their business district with the help of real IKEA designers and just $5,000 worth of IKEA furniture, each. The results are nothing short of astounding. Discover tons of useful design solutions, and see how a group of indy business owners banded together to improve their home town.


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