• Les experts de l'été de France Bleu Limousin

    Besoin de conseils pour affronter le soleil, pour ne pas aller se baigner sans un minimum d'information ? Vos loisirs ont des réponses cet été sur France Bleu Limousin !

  • 10分で1億円売る男山口久志の人生は「即決」でうまくいく

    10分~30分という極めて短い時間で 数千万円、数億円の不動産を販売する 「即決営業のプロ」 山口久志がお伝えする営業の極意。また、この世で最も貴重な『時間』をいかに上手に使うかを徹底的にお伝えしていきます。営業スキルを磨きたい方も人生で一旗揚げたい方も要チェックです。公式HP→http://prompt-decision.net/

  • Building on online e-commerce store

    A weekly audio journal sharing the inspired, awkward, fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants journey of becoming an entrepreneur. Leah is building an online e-commerce store - a subscription box for jewellery. www.luckyme.gifts

  • Ask Harry Rinker on WorthPoint

    Harry Rinker, one of WorthPoint's experts, is a prolific author and has been a frequent television and radio guest. His credits include: Oprah, Home Matters, Martha Stewart Living, Inside Edition, NBC, ABC,CBS, and the Wall Street Journal Report.

  • Swap The House

    This is the official podcast for Swap The House where we will discuss issues about house swapping. We will also talk to relevant people within the housing industry and we'll hear from people who have successfully swapped their house.

  • TV通販のコッチ側 〜夢を売る仕掛け人たち〜


  • CheckOut - Le podcast du e-commerce

    Votre rendez-vous bimensuel dédié à l’e-commerce Français. Sous la forme d’un podcast audio, CheckOut est co-animé par Daniel Broche, fondateur de Discounteo et acteur impliqué à la FEVAD, Mathilde le Rouzic, fondatrice de Quaelead (Uncadeau.com & Jeveuxdesbijoux.com) et enfin Maxime Garrigues, directeur associé chez X-PRIME Groupe.

  • NoMoreBSReviews: Honest Internet Marketing Product Reviews in a Largely Dishonest Industry

    NoMoreBSReviews.com was founded by Ian Pribyl in February 2012 to provide honest, objective reviews for affiliate marketing and internet marketing products. Most of the reviews you'll find when researching internet or affiliate marketing products are overwhelmingly positive, and contain an affiliate link and/or promise for bonuses because the person reviewing the product receives a commission if you buy through them. This has skewed the internet marketing and affilaite marketing industries to be overrun and crippled with fake, positive reviews from people looking to steal a little hard-earned money off of the average person researching a product. NoMoreBSReviews was created to battle exactly that. I give 100% honest, no-holds-barred reviews for affiliate marketing training and internet marketing products. Most of my reviews are overwhelmingly negative because most of the products in this industry make false promises that couldn't possibly be fulfilled, are out-of-date, or are just o

  • Shop Resale 24/7 Podcast

    Shop Resale 24/7 Podcast

  • Consumption: how and why we buy» Podcast episodes

    In the past 20 years, the population of North America has increased by about 20%. But the number of shopping malls has more than doubled. Seriously. What are we buying in all of these stores? Why? And with what? Paris Hilton has better recognition amongst Canadian teenagers than Steven Harper. How did this happen? CONSUMPTION is a monthly podcast exploring these issues of contemporary consumerism and pop culture in a quirky and irreverent fashion.


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