• Rough Air Inflight Video

    Entrepreneurship can be a turbulent ride, let Vince Lewis from Rough Air Associates help you find some smooth air. The bi-weekly Rough Air vidcast helps all small and family business owners make sense of today’s business environment, and gives them ideas for managing the rough air!

  • VFX Financial PLC

    VFX Financial PLC Established in 2004, VFX Financial PLC (VFX) is one of the largest non-banking currency brokerages. We handle online foreign currency exchange for business and for private individuals offering a reliable, guaranteed service made possible by our industry leading technology. If you are interested in a free consultancy service regarding your foreign currency management and hedging your currency risk in the volatile market, give us a call on 02079596881 or email bradley.rutty@vfxplc.com to book an appointment, quote “CASTS”. We also help you to send or receive a foreign currency payment at better foreign currency exchange rates than most of the big banks, along with majorly cutting the costs.

  • Jeffrey Pfeffer - HR Thought Leadership Series

    Hear renowned management guru Dr. Jeffrey Pfeffer discuss the issues facing senior HR executives today and how to solve them on the Chequed.com HR Thought Leadership Series.

  • NW Morris County Advice Givers | Business Owners | Entrepreneurs | Interviewing Our Community's Brightest Minds | Raffaele Rugg

    Raffaele Ruggiero. Host of the NW Moris County Advice Givers Podcast, as a business owner himself, had an interest in meeting other smart business owners and fascinating entrepreneurs. When he started to reach out to these people, and started talking to them, he realized others needed to hear their stories too. These were experts in their respective fields, smart and intelligent, not to mention, many had discovered unique ways to impact the lives of their customers, clients and patients. So he asked, “Why not share these stories? Why not interview these people? Create a Podcast? Why not create a site where they could be posted and listened to?” With that, the concept for NW Morris County Advice Givers was born. For more, visit: www.MorrisAdviceGivers.com

  • Boise Real Estate Podcast

    Real Estate Show: No Hype, No Sales Pitches, No Commercials, just solid info & advice on all things real estate with analysis & predictions of local & national real estate markets. Broadcasted live every week from KRBX 89.9fm in Boise Idaho.

  • RockYourPotential - DER Ich-Podcast mit Dr. Karim Kanawati

    Selbstvertrauen - Selbstvertrauen steckt in einem Selbst. Vertrauen in sich selbst zu haben ist der Schlüssel zu Erfolg. Golfspielen kann man erlernen. Also kann man auch Selbstvertrauen erlernen und zwar Jeder! Hier lernst du Erfolgsstrategien von Menschen, die es wirklich geschafft haben, ihre persoenlichen Ziele zu erreichen. Immer mehr Menschen streben nach Unabhängigkeit, Freiheit - sei es finanziell oder einfach nur den Luxus Zeit für sich nutzen zu koennen. Ziele, Wünsche, Traeume sind wertvoll und wichtig, aber ohne die richtigen Erfolgsstrategien mit dem dazugehoerigen Selbstvertrauen ist dies nur die halbe Miete. Dieser Podcast verhilft dir zu dem, was dich wirklich gluecklich werden laesst, für dich und die Menschen, die dir wichtig sind! Dir biete ich Interviews und Erfolgsgeschichten, die du dir kostenlos anhoeren kannst, Menschen aus Sport, Wirtschaft, Gesellschaft und Unternehmertun, die ihr Wissen, ihre Erfahrung und ihren Erfolg mit dir teilen moechten, um dich zu

  • AGY Innovative Marketing

    AGY Innovative Marketing is an innovative online marketing company helping you grow your business faster

  • New Class Rising with Hector Avellaneda

    The New Class Rising Podcast was created of today's struggling Middle-Class. You've always followed life's advice - you've gone to College, put in the hard work, have earned that Corporate J.O.B but now you find yourself struggling to stay afloat in this economy that is only producing a declining standard of living, year after year. Today's Middle Class is buckling under the pressure of Student Loan Debt, Credit Card Debt, Taxes, a higher Cost of Living, Diminishing Wages and a downsized Job Market. At the same time, Government National Debt is the highest in our Country's history, Government spending domestically and abroad is rampid, resulting in nonstop money printing - Inflation, which is a ghost tax on Middle Class income. Prices for food, energy and everyday living expenses are rising faster than ever before and America's Middle Class family who works for a paycheck is red-lining - America's Middle Class is being wiped out. But something extraordinary is happening! While A

  • MMP's 21st Century Television

    21st Century Television is a newsmagazine style and provides education about the latest topics, trends and issues in a variety of industries. 21st Century Television features On-Location field footage illustrating business strategies and technology in their application along with commentary from leading corporate executives and industry experts.

  • What Did William Say?

    What Did William Say is a podcast where William Slaise provides commentary and has conversations with others, about social media, current events, technology and entrepreneurship.


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