• Work Strong America: Fighting the Skills Gap and encouraging Skilled Trades, Carpentry, Machinists, Welding and others, Similar

    Welcome to the Work Strong America Podcast! We encourage America's next generations of men and women consider careers in the skilled trades.We talk about the skills gap, education challenges and solutions as well as interviewing business owners and industry insiders. This weekly podcast gives you the tools you need to be successful, and also teaches you the entrepreneurship and business skills to grow into the leader this nation needs you to be!

  • No Soft Targets Radio

    The goal for the “No Soft Targets Radio Show” is to talk about personal protection from the perspective of an executive protection or security professional. We plan to have guests from the professional protective security world, as well as guests in the defensive firearms training industry, and a few regular segments that mesh the professional protective security world with civilian personal protection world.

  • Expat Living Abroad. International Real Estate Developing & Investing. Personal Finance.

    Featured on HGTV's "House Hunters International" (2004 - 2012). To this day no other real estate professional/real estate organization has been featured on "House Hunters International" for 8 consecutive years! => Go to the "Playlist" tab to see and listen to our many shows! This is the official Podcast Channel for the Compass TV Network & Compass Group International. Here, we will show you how to create the "Ultimate International Lifestyle!" Subscribe and "set yourself FREE!" Live in multiple countries, generate income, and fulfill your dream of "finding your Happy-Place!" - Working and Living Abroad in 2nd/3rd World Countries. - International Real Estate (buying your personal residence). New hotspots and countries/cities to avoid! - Personal Finance & asset protection. Creating a portfolio of (income generating) real estate abroad! I will show you how to create your "Plan Z!" When all else fails...Plan Z will be there. - Health & Fitness. We're planning on living past 100 - we're

  • OzLeisure Beginners Guides

    There are many ways in technology can be a daunting experience - it can appear to be confusing, with heaps of technical jargon and concepts that are just not easily understood ... unless they are explained, and explained properly and in detail. We all learn at different speeds and in different ways, but one thing is common: we have to learn before we know anything. The OzLeisure.com.au beginners guides are designed to make it easy to understand how technologies work; using videos with a voice-over, these episodes are designed to take the fear out of technology, and make learning easy for everyone. Aimed at the novice and beginning users, these video guides are the ideal way to learn.

  • Fronteers Videos

    Contains videos from our past conferences, meetups and jam sessions. For and by front-end developers.

  • Modermodemet (Video)

    En teknik-pod om allt som har med teknik och trender i branschen att göra. Vi möter spännande personer och annorlunda gäster för nya infallsvinklar. Helt enkelt allt som har med teknik att göra, med glimten i ögat och en knivsudd av humor.

  • Akademiet-TV

    Her kommer alt som blir publisert på våre websider. Alle klipp levert rett inn i iTunes! Hvis du besøker vår webside har du muligheten til å kommentere innholdet

  • Legal Talk

    Legal Talk

  • Build Your Freedom

    Zack Young - Entrepreneur, Coach & Digital Strategist. Oh and a Travel Fanatic.

  • Walk a While with RichardJCox.com

    Come and walk with me for a while and lets talk about some important areas of life...


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