• Podnungswidrig

    In diesem Podcast wird in erster Linie die StVO bearbeitet. Jede Folge behandelt einen Paragraphen. Aber es werden auch gerne Fragen allgemeiner Art aus dem Verkehrsbereich beantwortet. Für alle die sich viel im öffentlichen Straßenverkehr bewegen ist ein Abo ein Muss. Also Fahrschüler, Berufskraftfahrer und Pendler unbedingt reinhören.

  • Expert Series Interviews - MaxSold

    Downsizing, relocating and settling an estate can be a stressful, sometimes overwhelming experience not only for those who are actually moving but for those families trying to coordinate a move for a loved one. Check out our Expert Series Interviews to learn how experts can help.

  • Bình An Tâm Trí - Hương Hoàng

    Podcast Bình An Tâm Trí

  • Papo de Eletricista

    O Papo de Eletricista é o primeiro podcast do Setor Elétrico. Toda semana Bruno Eletricista entrevista um ou mais profissionais do setor sobre algum tema relevante. No ar aos sábados, às 17h, no site, no Facebook e no YouTube.

  • Jurfix.de: Der Rechtsquickie

    Überraschendes und Kurioses aus der Rechtswissenschaft in 60 Sekunden

  • Torah Lectures

    A place of biblical study structured for one seeking textual & in-depth understanding from its original Hebraic & Kingdom perspective.

  • Striped Pig Distillery: Social Beverages

    Learn about the history of alcohol and cocktails with the always entertaining Johnny, head distiller of Charleston's first libation creator, Striped Pig Distillery. Johnny welcomes a different co-host to his bar each episode who he'll enjoy some cocktails with while discussing a new and interesting story. Listen in, laugh, learn and have drink (responsibly and legally). It's the history of alcohol, let's have a good time!

  • Building Thought

    In a changing world, it can be hard to keep up with society. Systems change all the time and without a basic understanding of these systems people have to rely on other’s expertise for help. Building Thought was created with two goals in mind: First, to help individuals build knowledge about society's systems; Second, to help those individuals use that knowledge to think for themselves. Building Thought discusses tips and tricks in understanding the fundamentals of education, finance, tax, entrepreneurship, government systems, law, etc. Furthermore, the show also offers advice and strategies for someone to start using their knowledge to think for themselves and for the right reasons. BuildingThought

  • Gabriella | dare to be Kind

    Gabriella is an author and activist who speaks to thousands every month. For the last three years, Gabriella has been a featured guest on many networks, such as ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX and has been seen by millions on Dr. Phil. Plucked from a Pakistani orphanage at three, she grew up in Holland and learned about bullies and racism the hard way. Today she reveals how to use understanding and empathy to defeat fear and mistrust, how to embrace your uniqueness to live an empowered life, and how you can be a hero to someone by daring to be Kind TM. Her talks will leave you feeling upbeat, refreshed, and ready to live joyously in today’s increasingly challenging world.

  • Smart Personal Defense

    Thanks for checking out the Smart Personal Defense podcast, where we discuss information, tools, and techniques to help you develop a comprehensive personal defense strategy. I’m Bruce Withrow, defensive firearms instructor and host of the Smart Personal Defense podcast. I’m interested in incorporating self-defense into my lifestyle - as unobtrusively as possible. I believe that personal defense is more than just learning a martial art or carrying a firearm. Instead, it’s a way of life. BUT! That doesn’t mean you have to spend every moment you’re awake looking for boogeymen in every shadow either. Each week I’ll be bringing you information, interviews, and tools you can use to develop a “smart” personal defense plan. Join me as we look at how to integrate self-defense into our lifestyles by combining an array of disciplines and tactics into our normal activities.


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