• Sealaska Heritage Institute Tlingit Language Audio Podcast

    This language podcast is dedicated to supporting language learners, teachers, and speakers. It was produced by Sealaska Heritage Institute—a regional, Native nonprofit serving the Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian—in partnership with SERRC—Alaska’s Educational Resource Center. Compiled by SHI Language Coordinator Katrina Hotch, a language learner, and funded by the Department of Education Alaska Native Education Program. Content of this podcast does not necessarily represent the policy of DOE, and you should not assume endorsement by the Federal Government. For more Sealaska Heritage language resources please visit www.sealaskaheritage.org

  • Speaking Russian

    Learn the basics of Russian, simple words and phrases, in this podcast with Elvira from www.russianeasy.com. Find me on Twitter (@SpeakingRussian), Facebook and Pinterest.

  • Learn Chinese with Video Podcast

    The easiest way to learn Chinese at your own and convenient pace

  • German Language Mining Podcast

    German Language Mining Podcast offers the best tips and tricks to master the German language – with Language Coach Carsten Peters

  • Conversational English for Brasileiros

    FOR MORE LISTENING PRACTICE AND TO LEARN MORE VOCABULARY, PHRASAL VERBS, AND QUESTION-ANSWERING SKILLS, BE SURE TO SEE MY OTHER PODCAST AT http://brasilianheart.buzzsprout.com/ Conversational English for Brasileiros has words and phrases written and recited by a native American to help brasileiros with understanding and pronunciation of English words and phrases.Text available at http://www.brasilianheart.com/blog/ God bless you in your efforts to learn or perfect your English, and have a great day!!! \o/

  • Belajar Bahasa Jepang - RADIO JEPANG NHK WORLD

    NHK, satu-satunya badan penyiaran umum Jepang, menyediakan kursus bahasa Jepang yang dapat diandalkan ini dengan podcast gratis. Anda dapat dengan mudah memulai belajar tata bahasa dan kosakata dasar dengan mempelajari kisah Anna, yang belajar bahasa Jepang di sebuah universitas di Tokyo.

  • DJたまこのたまにきく♪ラジオ


  • Learn Czech

    Do you want to learn Czech? Listening to podcasts is a great way to do that! But not the only one! Follow me on Twitter (@czechinprague), look me up on Facebook or YouTube and find plenty more on www.czech-in-prague.cz!

  • Se Habla Español

    Aprender español escuchando la voz de personas famosas. Learn spanish by listening to the voices of famous people.

  • Speak Spanish with Maria Fernandez. Easy Spanish lessons & drills to help you become fluent in no time!

    Easy Spanish lessons with real-life conversations, vocabulary audio flashcards, verb drills, learning tips, and more. Sit back and start speaking Spanish today!


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