• Notes in Spanish Intermediate

    Ben and Marina bring you real Spanish conversations on real-world topics, designed to help take your Spanish up to the next level. This is the genuine Spanish you will never find in a text book or classroom. See notesinspanish.com for more info and accompanying worksheets.

  • PODCAST – Radio D

    Möchten Sie Deutsch auch unterwegs auf unterhaltsame Art lernen? Radio D ist ein eigenständiger Sprachkurs, der sowohl mit als auch ohne Lehrer eingesetzt werden kann. - Der Audiosprachkurs Radio D umfasst zwei Serien mit jeweils 26 Folgen. Ein englischsprachiger Moderator führt jeweils durch die Sendung und thematisiert mit einem Gesprächspartner Strukturen und Wendungen der deutschen Sprache. Auch landeskundliche Aspekte werden einbezogen. - Jede Folge umfasst eine Informations-/Übersichtsseite eine Zusammenfassung unterschiedlicher Äußerungen, die für Ihren Wortschatz wichtig sind.

  • German Language Vocabulary by Dr. Brians Languages: slow version

    If you are a university or high school student of German, please contact us to receive a free copy of our "Mastering German Conversation" Set 1 & 2 courses. This podcast provides audio recordings of vocabulary typical for students of the German language. This is the slow speed version. The transcript for this audio can be downloaded from www.drbrianslanguages.com.

  • Iohannes Cienfuegos' Podcast

    Omnibus proponam audiendos sonos quibus lingua Latina Graecaque auditur.

  • Ojibwe Language Show

    Ojibwe Language by the Elders - Leonard Moose - Mary Moose

  • Notes in Spanish Gold

    Learn Spanish with Real Spanish Conversations for advanced and inspired intermediate learners, including full analysis of all the best language and vocab in each show. Get the accompanying worksheets at www.notesinspanish.com

  • Kevin陪你说英语


  • German Hacks – Fair Languages

    With the German Hacks minimal effort maximum effect approach you’ll be able to concentrate on the important points of effectively speaking German. We hack the language, take out the parts that you won’t need most of the time or that are simply not efficient. Instead we will learn simple concepts and rules of thumb that will get you through everyday conversations easily. German Hacks is for the 80% of learners who simply want to communicate in German and don’t have the objective to become a specialist in German studies not to say the next Goethe or Schiller. And if you think about it, this is also true for most Germans.

  • Drive time

    Un programa interactivo, dinámico y didáctico, que incluye traducciones, expresiones, pronunciación, errores comunes, noticias, business...




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