• Talk In Arabic Podcast - All Dialects. Naturally Spoken.

    Welcome to the largest and most rapidly growing, community-driven database of spoken dialect material for Arabic learners online. Make sure to visit the website for hundreds more audio lessons, HD video and more: http://www.talkinarabic.com/start-here

  • Mission Berlin | Učite nemački | Deutsche Welle

    Mission Europe je kurs jezika za početnike zasnovan na krimi pričama Mission Berlin, Misja Kraków i Mission Paris. Ukoračite u svet jezika u učite nemački, poljski ili francuski!

  • Talk in French's podcast

    Learn the French Language and the French Culture with Talk in French Podcast. In each episode you will have some new informations about the French Culture (the myth about French Women, French Foods....), some french expression, words with their english counterpart to learn French on the go and a short explanation about French Grammar.

  • SwedishLingQ - Greetings and Goodbyes

    This podcast is brought to you by LingQ.com where you can learn languages from the best podcasts on the web.

  • Portuguese Basic Tips

    Podcast of the website Todo Mundo Pod - A podcast about Brazilian Portuguese and tips for foreigners / Podcast do website Todo Mundo Pod - Um podcast sobre português brasileiro para estrangeiros

  • Happy English Podcast

    Learn English with the Happy English Podcast. Fun, practical, and useful English lessons for students of all levels and ages. Learn American English idioms, phrasal verbs, pronunciation, confusing vocabulary, grammar and more! Get Happy, Get English. Happy English! Visit myhappyenglish.com to hear all of the episodes.

  • OnWords

    An exploration and celebration of language and all of it's many quirks, KMUW commentator Lael Ewy.

  • Videos (Desde el baño)

    Los videos están para complementar el contenido del podcast "Desde el baño": temas relacionados con el vocabulario y expresiones de la Argentina. Empezaron siendo parte de él, pero decidí subirlos por separado. Perdonen la calidad, hago lo que puedo con la cámara digital que tengo.

  • Brianna S

    Podcast by Brianna S


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