• Plato's Republic by Plato

    Plato's Republic is a Socratic dialogue which deals mainly with the definition of justice, the characteristics of a just city state and the just man. Although it was written more than two thousand years ago, many of the ideas and thoughts expounded here are still very much relevant to modern society.

  • Learn Hindi Daily Show – I Speak Hindi

    Learn Hindi a little each day using the ISpeakHindi.com podcast. Visit http://www.ISpeakHindi.com to see the vocabulary that was covered, look up a word in the Hindi-English/English-Hindi dictionary, or find additional Hindi learning resources.

  • Learning With Myself

    I'm learning English and want to share my experience with other learners around the globe.

  • ESL Unscripted | Exploring the lives of English language learners, teachers, expats and non-native speakers around the world. |

    Designed specifically for busy English language learners, ESL Unscripted dives into the lives of native and non-native English speakers, teachers, businessmen and women, expats and travelers from around the world in order to discover the secrets of successful English language learning and life. Presented in the most authentic, raw and unscripted way possible, every episode is packed with unique stories and our teacher episodes explore the who, what (and what not!), when, where, why and how of quick, focused language study. Along the way, hear the vocab., phrasal verbs and idioms you've been studying for so long come to life in real context! Hear English as it is spoken in the accents of the world and learn about the culture and lives of our guests! From Korea and Japan to Thailand, India, the UK, America, Argentina and everywhere in between, join ESL Unscripted for an epic journey filled with laughs, love and language! To find out more, visit www.eslunscripted.com and check out th

  • Marktplatz – Ekonomide Almanca | Almanca öğrenin | Deutsche Welle

    İleri seviyedekiler için ekonomi Almancası. „Marktplatz“ sizi mesleki yaşamınıza ve diğer ekonomi konularına hazırlayan bir dil kursu.

  • Learn French with French Podcasts - Français avec Pierre

    Learn French listening to French podcasts made by French teacher Pierre. You can often have the podcast transcripts in the BLOG http://francaisavecpierre.com . Whenever there is a transcript available, I will put the blog post URL in the podcast episode description, please check it out. You can learn and improve your French listening to the podcasts with lots of interesting topics, French lessons and a lot more. Learn French the fun and easy way!

  • English Bites

    English Bites is an informative and entertaining TV show and web site that can help you improve your knowledge of the English language. English Bites is brought to you by Australia's largest and most trusted broadcaster, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and is shown daily on Australia Plus, which is available in 21 million homes in 41 countries across Asia, the Pacific and the Indian subcontinent and in more than 200,000 hotel rooms. NOTE: Some lessons are available in dual language (Indonesian).

  • Cours de Japonais

    Bienvenue sur ces Cours de Japonais Podcast! Ils sont destinés aux débutants francophones, et ont vocation à être pratiques pour pouvoir rapidement utiliser la langue japonaise. Vous pouvez vous abonner sur itunes store. Les supports de cours écrits sont disponibles sur www.bovebeluguet.net


    Learn Hebrew from a Messianic Jewish perspective in these free lessons. | Read the language of the Torah, the Old Testament, for yourself, with our instruction. | Encounter the Jewish Jesus, Yeshua, in this course. | Download your Student Manual and order the DVDs from our website, www.holylanguage.com | Our lessons are absolutely free, but we DO request that you make a donation at holylanguage.com that reflects the value that this course has added to you.


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