• Learn Korean

    Learn Korean with Jini

  • Mr. Schrader's StudyCast

    Study Casts are audio files (usually .mp3) that I have created to help my students. These files may be to help study for a test, fill out a worksheet, or get more information to my students.

  • Finding Fairmont

    The town of Fairmont, West Virginia, is tucked into the green hills of Appalachia. Pioneers, bootleggers, and miners have all carved its collective story. This remarkable podcast documentary explores the past - through dozens of oral history interviews with local Fairmonters - and asks the question, “What makes Fairmont special?” The stories are intimate, personal, hilarious, and heartwrenching. This is history in a different light. Rather than a textbook focus on names and dates, this podcast tells , quite literally, the stories of Fairmont’s people. The podcast also features a 60-minute walking tour through Downtown Fairmont. Take a special journey - into the soul of this small town.

  • EDUC Today - An Education Podcast

    EDUC Today is a 30-minute weekly podcast that discusses and explains different educational issues affecting the teachers and students of today. From choosing your degree program to deciding whether to pursue a doctoral degree, this podcast is for everyone interested in becoming informed and educated on innovations and issues involving the academe.

  • Educa2Cast

    Educa2Cast, um podcast sobre educação para toda família aprender, curtir e participar!

  • Jornalismo Digital.org

    Discussões sobre jornalismo na internet e novas formas de contar histórias.

  • Mission to Learn – Lifelong Learning Blog

    The Radio Free Learning podcast from Mission to Learn spotlights innovations and resources for lifelong learning.

  • National Museum of Language Podioma

    A podcast from the programs and people at the National Museum of Language in College Park, Maryland. Topics include languages, the museum, and linguistics. The museum opened in May 2008 and is directed by a small but dynamic organization. See languagemuseum.org for more information.

  • PodPensar » PodPensar – Feed

    Podcasts sobre ciência, ceticismo, ateísmo e muito mais

  • Dealer HD

    DHD Profiles is a podcast dedicated to best practices from experts in the automotive industry. They'll share techniques that improve your existing marketing strategies and keep you focused on success.


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