• Across The Cosmos

    Cutting through the veil of religious orthodoxy to get to the truth.

  • Mormon Quotes - A Short Faithful Devotional Podcast

    About 6 years ago I began going through a Faith transition. It radically transformed my approach to Mormonism. I was able to discover ways to move forward past much of the pain and struggles that this process caused, in productive and empowering ways. Throughout the years I have been blessed to be familiar with a large amount of incredible and thoughtful people who share our tradition, and through strong spiritual seeking I have come to the conclusion that Mormonism is where God wants me to be. I am grateful for those who have helped me become more familiar with those areas of our religion that are more expansive and inclusive than I had previously been aware of.

  • UTBB Podcast

    A skeptical, sometimes humorous, and mostly rational show hosted by enlightened Southerners.

  • The Religious Studies Project

    The Religious Studies Project (RSP) is an international collaborative enterprise launched in January 2012, hosted by Christopher R. Cotter (Lancaster University, UK) and David G. Robertson (University of Edinburgh, UK), and supported by the British Association for the Study of Religions. It features a weekly interview (of around 30 minutes) with leading scholars of Religious Studies and related fields. Our aim is to provide engaging, concise and reliable accounts of the most important concepts, traditions, scholars and methodologies in the fascinating contemporary study of religion, without pushing a religious or nonreligious agenda or resorting to presenting “fact files” about “World Religions”. RSP material is disseminated under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. and can be distributed and utilised freely, provided full citation is given.

  • Mormon Stories - LDS

    Mormon Stories is an attempt to build understanding between and about Mormons through the telling of stories in both audio and video formats.

  • Alan Watts

    Alan watts speeches from Youtube. Alan watts speeches from Youtube.

  • Roots of Faith

    This program features the biblical teaching of Ross Nichols of Roots of Faith.

  • Det ska gudarna veta

    Vi är tre religionslärare som en gång i månaden (cirka) gör ett avsnitt där vi pratar om religion ur olika perspektiv.


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