• Generation Instant Gratification with Brigitte Secard

    Generation IG is a pop-culture documentary film/book/project created to wake up our world with zero hands to the forehead and maximum hilarity, illumination, and incisiveness. Join us each week as we count down to filming by addressing one of the twelve themes of this project: sex, celebrity, addiction, war, happiness, love, self-help, money, death, racism, politics and religion. Prepare yourselves for a bold and LOL exploration of our cultural hot-buttons that will challenge you, inspire you, keep you up nights thinking, rock your socks, and perhaps occasionally piss you off and cause you to yell at your radio/computer. Provocative, incendiary and joyously fearless, Brigitte will be exploding political correctness and tackling the major issues everyone else seems to be talking around. This show is a giant call out, igniting the naked truth of what is truly going on in our society...  taking listeners on an adventure that will allways move you to see the world and yourself like never b

  • Sanford Vampire and Shadowlore Meet Up

    For vampires, psychic and sang, and members of the Shadowlore yahoo group, to discuss topics related to vampirism and energy exchange. To donate membership dues and help us continue to provide this resource, email me at VivienneDavalon@gmail.com and I'll send a paypal invoice. We have lots of listeners to the podcast archives, and we could use the help to continue to pay meet up fees and skype fees, but I can't get a paypal button to work here. If you want to join the meet up group for regular updates, access our files and other resources, visit us at http://www.meetup.com/vampires-929/. Generally, I start off by presenting on the topic, ask my co-organizers to add their thoughts, and then open it up for comments and discussion. We all learn a lot from each other. Online reading resources are listed on a page in the files section of the meetup: http://vampires.meetup.com/929/. These include links to many useful articles. We want to continue to reach out to more like minded people

  • とうもろこしの会 presents 僕は怖くない

    「怖い、暗い、キモい」の3Kと言われるオカルト。 そんな世間のイメージを払拭すべく、オカルトをもっとポップでキッチュ、親しみやすいものとして楽しんでもらう為の番組です。 毎回、素敵に恐ろしいゲストを迎えてお贈り致します。

  • Betwixt and Between

    Not fitting in is a pretty common state of being for most Pagans and Witches, but what do you do when you're not quite dark enough for the all-Underworld-all-the-time crowd, but you're definitely not Wiccan enough for the Merry Meet crowd? When you really love coming together in real life with like-minded practitioners, but your schedule is dictated by playdates, laundry loads, and the precious moments of adult conversation or pursuit of some kind of career beyond wiping noses and bums? And when your practice of the Craft itself is at its most fulfilling and powerful when you are in the in-between places--dawn, twilight, midnight, a foggy beach, the edge of a forest, a space in the hedge? It's hard to describe, but it's exhilerating: the creative tension when and where you are about to cross over, from one world to the next, one time to the next, one role to the next. Life is constant change and flux, and in this miasma we shape ourselves and our reality. Come explore it all as we have

  • Avsnitt – Det ska gudarna veta

    En podcast om religion

  • landonsaunders's Podcast

    Heartbeat by Landon Saunders. A collection of archived radio spots. Find out more, including some of the literature mentioned, at www.landonsaunders.org.

  • Outcry Ministries

    If We Don't Cry Out, The Rocks Will!

  • The Illinois Report

    The Illinois Report is created as a forum to expose and oppose the continued theocratic nonsense prevalent in the Midwest, particularly Illinois. We report on violations of church and state separation, creationist propaganda, and unethical priestly behavior. The Illinois Report will tear apart religious doctrine with reason, logic, and the scientific method.

  • JoshuaJudgesRuth

    At JoshuaJudgesRuth I look at the history of ancient Israel through the eyes of the Old Testament. It's a verse by verse account of the Old Testament, covering the history of the people and places in the text as we go. And for sure we're going hear all of those stories they didn't share in Sunday School. Joshua Judges Ruth will also hit upon theology and archeology as the text allows. Basically, I'm a layperson fascinated by the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible, or Tanakh) and I want to share this fascination with the podcast world.

  • The Meaning of the Glorious Koran by Unknown

    The Koran (Qur’an) is regarded by Muslims as the word of God (Allah) as revealed to the prophet Muhammad. It is divided into 114 chapters (surahs), arranged roughly by length. This version, The Meaning of the Glorious Koran, is a widely used English translation of the Koran by a Muslim Englishman. Many Muslims, however, including Pickthall, believe that true translations of the Koran from the original Arabic are impossible, and see translations into other languages only as useful interpretations.


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