• Kalachandji's Audio

    ISKCON Dallas

  • Hruday Prakash - Bhuj Mandir

    Hruday Prakash - by ShreePrakashDasji - Bhuj Mandir

  • Hastamalakiyam

    This text is written by Hastamalaka, a disciple of Shankaracharya and explains the central theme of the Upanishads, in twelve verses. The 5 talks explain all the 12 verses of this text.

  • Swami Sivananda

    Swami Sivananda's Original Voice: Kirtans, Mantra-Chanting, Instructional Songs, Short Talks and Lectures. Highly inspiring. Historical Recordings of Swami Sivananda, 1887-1963, one of the great Yoga Masters of the 20th Century, Founder of The Divine Life Society. The inspiring and guiding force behind Yoga Vidya, Sivananda Yoga Vedanta International, Integral Yoga Institue, Bihar School of Yoga and many other Yoga movements.

  • Kalachandji's Audio Archive

    Transcendental Vani of the Dallas Temple

  • Eight - Fold Yoga

    The yoga sutras were written by Rishi Patanjali. These 6 talks give the essence of the Sutras.

  • Gist of Gita

    These are ongoing classes. The first 9 chapters of the Bhagavad Gita have been covered, until now. The main ideas of each chapter and the important verses in each chapter are explained in this series of talks.

  • Classes and Bhajans

    This podcast contants Classes and Lectures that I record at the Dallas ISKCON Hare Krishna temple. I also record what I can when I travel to other temples.

  • New Books in Hindu Studies

    Interviews with Scholars of Hinduism with their New Books


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