• Religion to Philosophy

    These 5 talks differentiate Religion and Philosophy and give clarity about what they actually mean.

  • ISKCON Boston Video

    Lectures on vaishnava philosophy, bhakti yoga. Events in ISKCON Boston Temple.

  • Satsangi Bhushan Katha by HariKeshavDasji - Amdavad Mandir

    Satsangi Bhushan Katha by HariKeshavDasji - Amdavad Mandir

  • Kandaranubhuthi

    The Tamil text or hymns written by the saint Arunagirinathar on Lord Karthikeyan (Murugan).

  • Satsang with Sitar

    Satsang discussing all aspects of yoga, the vedas, tantra and tantric philosophy. Storytelling from hindu and buddhist mythology, and musings on spiritual living and speculation on the mysterious nature of the universe. Occasional guided meditations, advice on pranayama and asana practice.

  • Dhiraj Akhyan by RamKrushnaDasji - Amdavad Mandir

    Dhiraj Akhyan Katha by RamKrushnaDasji - Amdavad Mandir

  • Aitareya Upanishad

    In this Upanishad, in addition to imparting the fundamental oneness of the Lord and the Beings, the value of dispassion is also highlighted.

  • Illaram

    This talk guides us towards a purposeful family life. It shows how family life can be made conducive to achieving our spiritual goal.

  • Vasudev Mahatmya - Bhuj Mandir

    Vasudev Mahatmya - by ShreePrakashDasji - Bhuj Mandir

  • Thiruvasagam Benediction

    The entire collection of Swamiji's talks is available at the a href=https://www.poornalayam.org rel=nofollowPoornalayam/a website.


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