• Pratah Smaranam

    This text is attributed to Shankaracharya. It explains the Central theme of Upanishads. These 4 talks explain this text in detail.

  • Shani Mantra

    Hindu Mantras for healing and wellness. Mantra Chanting is an age old technique used for spiritual healing, and empowerment.

  • Chinmaya Vrindavan Vedantic Lecture Podcast Series

    Swami Shantananda has dedicated his life to Chinmaya Mission work and Vedantic teachings. He is presently the resident Acharya of Chinmaya Mission Tri-State Center, located at Cranbury, New Jersey - also known as Chinmaya Vrindavan Ashram. He is a direct disciple of Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda, the founder of Chinmaya Mission. As a speaker, Swami Shantanandaji’s talks are filled with wonderful insights into life, and people respond instantly to his wisdom and affectionate nature. In 2001, as his personal tribute to Pujya Gurudev, to commemorate the 50th-year celebrations of Chinmaya Mission, Swamiji undertook and completed 50 Gita Jnana Yajnas all around the world. In this podcast series, we are bringing to you selective lectures of Swamiji. Hari Om!

  • Om Nama Shivaya - Shiva Mantra Chants recited by Sandeep Khurana

    Om Namaha Shivaya - Shiva Mantra Chants recited by Sandeep Khurana

  • Aparoksha Anubhuti

    This is a text written by Shankaracharya. It gives the essence of Vedanta and then elaborates on the topic of contemplative meditation (Nidhidhyasanam). These 35 talks explain this text in detail.

  • Moksham

    This talk explains the true nature of liberation.

  • Vedanta Sara

    This Vedanta Sara text written by Swami Sadananda, who lived 500 years before, this text gives total vision of Vedanta from the beginning to the end. This text is more elaborate than Tattva Bodha and covers almost all important ideas of Vedanta.

  • Harikatha Summer 2012

    This is a podcast with lectures on vedic wisdom from Paramadvaiti Swami, a monk in the hindu-vaisnava-tradition.

  • Vidurniti - Amdavad Mandir

    Vidurniti - by HariKeshavDasji - Amdavad Mandir

  • Uddhava Gita

    This is a teaching given by Lord Krishna to his disciple Uddhava. This forms a part of Srimad Bhagavata Purana. In the Uddhava Gita, Lord Krishna imparts self-knowledge and the sadhanas needed for attaining this knowledge. In these ongoing talks, the Uddhava Gita is being explained in detail.


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