• Vida Sonora

    Vida Sonora é um programa que conta as histórias de todas as coisas do mundo. Lugares, pessoas, objetos, ideias, anos. Tudo que existe tem uma origem, uma história que está escondida e nosso objetivo é trazê-la à tona em uma experiência de áudio imersiva.

  • [국민라디오] 박원석 최민희의 민정당

    민주주의와 사회정의를 디자인하라! 열정남-뇌섹녀의 고품격 정치팟

  • Meitat chen, meitat porc - France Bleu Périgord

    Meitat chen meitat pòrc, l'émission en occitan de France Bleu Périgord.

  • Speakfaithfully

    Weekly interviews with people regarding projects and topics that have to do with social justice and social progress.

  • Dorthe Chakravarty

    Podcasts hvor historikere, museumsfolk, forfattere og andre med gode historiske historier får taletiden. Se mere på www.dorthechakravarty.dk

  • Yesteryear's News Today

    A weekly podcast where we discuss the weeks news events from years long past Beginning with the week of January 1st 1901 and working our way through the next century one year at a time Each week a new year

  • Sábado Distrito Federal (Podcast) - www.poderato.com/ignacio0403

    En este podcast hablamos de todo un poco desde música, filosofía, historia,cultura y hasta albures jajaja. Aunque principalmente estaremos hablando de lo que pasa en nuestra ciudad y dando nuestro agudo comentario sobre política sin pelos en la lengua. Algo muy variado y entretenido. Todo en el marco principal de la Ciudad de Mexico

  • Vice Podential Podcast

    Through the course of The Vice Podential Podcast we will meet liars, traitors, heroes, villains, geniuses, religious radicals, idiots and more all of whom were at one point Vice President.

  • The Theory of Social Revolutions by Brooks Adams

    Brooks Adams (1848- 1927), was an American historian and a critic of capitalism. He believed that commercial civilizations rise and fall in predictable cycles. First, masses of people draw together in large population centers and engage in commercial activities. As their desire for wealth grows, they discard spiritual and creative values. Their greed leads to distrust and dishonesty, and eventually the society crumbles. In The Law of Civilisation and Decay (1895), Adams noted that as new population centers emerged in the west, centers of world trade shifted from Constantinople to Venice to Amsterdam to London. He predicted in America’s Economic Supremacy (1900) that New York would become the centre for world trade. The Theory of Social Revolutions was written in 1913. (Wikipedia)


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